A Day in the Life

Considering the up-rise of technology and lack of handwriting skills, I'm creating a blog. Just to try it out, I mean why not? I can't guarantee it will be used more than my twitter (@madstuhh) or instagram (@madstuhh) but this is my attempt to post some pictures, look back on old memories and hopefully create a habbit. Its my own little experiment, being somewhat of a diary..except relatively public. Either way this is my little blogger experience that you may or may not enjoy! I'll let you know before hand, this mostly will be for my benefit, to look back and reflect on past instances throughout my life. Although, whoever may be reading this, is more than welcome to view my thoughts. I love playing around with my camera and laptop, so i'm hoping this will be more beneficial than my journal rotting away with a bunch of nonsense in it.

Anyway, I have so much i could tell you about my eighteen years of experience here livin' so i'll summarize my life enjoyments in a few brief words instead of terrorizing this blog with a novel.

Family & Religion. Friends, Photography, Fashion, Design, Vintage, Architecture, Novels, Collecting, Era of 1940, Gentlemen, Apparel, Muscles, Creativity, Smiles, Pink, Classy, Dreams, Music, Jewelry, Food, Appearance, Sports, Nature, Humor, Impressions, Hair, Originality, Posture, Wisdom, Beauty, Antique, Role Model, Art, Leaders, Health, Travel, Luck, Attitude, Respect, & Love. 

There may or may not be a story to go along with each, but the word nevertheless means something to me in my life, at this moment. 

Stay Classy, Stay True & Smile.

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