Operation Smile

My car. Has been. Towed.
Yes, my car has been towed. It is being worked on until approx. Monday. So while sitting at home involved in nothingness I've decided to pick up the detrimental habit of watching TV. I hate ninety percent of the entertainment that TV has to offer. Truly, i don't watch much TV. It annoys me. But whilst watching, over the past couple days I've come across this show that is founded by the Operation Smile team. Seriously, this is so inspirational.


I was just eating my daily bowl of cap'n crunch and was absorbed into the amazing thing these people do for these kids! It made me re-think my troubles, especially downing on myself for not having a car, and realize how blessed i truly am. I have amazing people in my life, i really do. I couldn't begin to name them all.
It tears me apart to think about people with such outstanding trials and difficulties in their lives, things i couldn't even imagine.
I wish i could just make everyone realize how important they are and how much of an impact they can make on the world, if they just try. I hate to see people, especially kids this young, downing on themselves, at such a young age! Your viewpoint on yourself makes such a difference in the person you become.
I'm not saying to think of yourself better than anyone else, but to walk with confidence and a self esteem that shines for all to see. I wish everyone would look at themselves that way.
There is so much in this world tearing people apart and making them feel "not good enough." It is all ridiculous really.
This program really is amazing. It definitely touched me. Their stories, are seriously miracles. I would definitely recommend checking these stories out.
Anyways, that's all for now!
Keep on smiling (:

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