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Not to bag on America and the rising generations at all. But boy oh boy I am beginning to realize how ''Traditional" I really am becoming. First and farthermost, i am loving these "Traditional Gentlemen." Truly, i'm a sucker for a boy that opens doors, pulls out chairs and treats women with respect in general. It breaks my heart to see women settle for a man that won't treat her right. What happened to having respect for the opposite gender? What happened to having respect for yourself? Why can't we all learn to just spread the love <3 But i must admit, on the other hand here, it makes my heart sing when i see these perfectly perfect couples who have equal respect for each other. That's my daily rant on love and respect for you kids.

But seriously. Respect goes a long ways. In every setting and circumstance. That's all i have for you tonight.

And don't forget to SMILE! (:

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