Won't Find One Like Mine

Now for a real rant-like blog post.
Have i mentioned how much i adore my family yet?
Well here it goes.

From Left to Right
Makenna, Ethan, ME, Dad, Mother, Dylan, Ty Eli

 My parents... Are amazing.
You see every teenage girl goes through that ''Too cool for you.'' stage where you just absolutely know, that your fifteen year old brain is so RIGHT in everyway. I mean.. common your in high school. You know what life is, and how life works. And your parents are so blind.
Yes girls, i have felt that way before.
And YES i still defend my teenage pride (being an underage minor still)
BUT i will admit, they are yet to be wrong. Sometimes i seriously think they just sit back and laugh at me and how stupid i am. They probaby make secret bets behind my back about proving me wrong.
They are always right. 
And what i love even more is how absolutely in love they are.
I dont think i could ask for anything more, then parents that are in love.
Their love story makes my heart sing! 
I have THE best parents in the world.
Don't doubt me, it is beyond true.
And then there is the sibs. Where to begin.....
I'm the oldest.
Sooooo that could just say it all. But no.
Dylan is only a 18 monthes younger than me. So he was obviously an accident.
But really... were so close it age its really weird. But he is the outdoorsman of the family.
Ethan... well besides the duck face... is all about sports. and call of duty i guess. Who knows with that kid. But hes sketchin' me out because hes only three pounds less than me now! Weight room really did something to him. My little brother is growing up!!! :'(
Ty, is wearing my jacket so no, he is not gay, its my jacket. He's like ethans little twin. He can ride a unicycle and he knows more about my friends/school/sportsteam/boyfriend/personal life than i even do. Why have a blog when i have ty?
Makenna is my only sister. Sometimes i just tell people i have five little brothers simply because its an easier statement. but yes, i do have a sister. and the least i can say is she is DEFINITELY a girl. you cannot doubt the high pitched screams across the hall.
Eli is the baby. And spoiled, is an understatement. 
BUT he is the biggest blessing and we would not be a family without him!!!
I Love these kids(:

Keep Smilin'

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