You cant love a boy more than THIS!

My Man will always be this kid. It took forever for this boy to get here but he is the greatest blessing in my life, and my families. Easily he is the far most loving character you will ever meet. And everybody loves little Eli. I don't know what i would do without him. Its hard to come home from a rough day of work and not just fall in love with his little smile. Especially when he drinks and eats every single thing i bring home for dinner..... You just cant say no to this face. I love this kid. Eli.

I don't think i've ever fell more in love with a boy then this one! There hasn't been a single day since this kids birth that he hasn't brought a smile to my face. And i must admit, whenever i'm away from home, he's the first one i start to miss! Its really quite sad what I put this boy through. He literally will listen to me talk about all my problems. .......Actually, he plays on my phone while i cry to myself about my problems but you don't understand how truly therapeutic that is! You should all be jealous you don't have this in your life because baby brothers are the bees knees.

Don't Ever NOT Smile (:

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