Don't Forget!

Why every blog post must end with the infamous “Smile Darlings” quotations? To answer that question, I would like to admit it is a bit of a cliché choice to add to every entry of my story tellings. And if you never ever take anything into consideration from me again, please just remember this one.

I ran across this a while back:

A smile tells a lot about a person. It tells a story. A smile isn't just about happiness. Its about confidence. It shows that no matter what a person is going through, they are strong. It shows personality. It shows that they are comfortable with themselves. It shows acceptance. A smile shows kindness, that can lead to friendship. It shows love and gratitude towards their surroundings. Its a simple gesture, the simplest of gestures towards another person.

I pity the people I see strolling around town with a constant look of disgust. Whether they are purposefully presenting themselves in such a way or not, doesn't matter much to the people around them. Constant grimacing will not make you an approachable person. Think about all the millions of people around you, waiting to meet you.

Not ONLY will you be presented with exciting new experiences and relationships, but think about changing a life. If you knew, that one acknowledgement, to a person in need... one SMILE at a lonely human being would save their life.... would you do it?

Just think about the world in a different perspective. If everyone was happy and extended a simple welcome, or a helping hand. Rather than being so caught up and worried about your own life, think about all the lives that could be changed.

But most important, 
Never forget to SMILE.

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