The Bigger Perspective

Considering the seasonal change and upcoming holidays that are approaching ever so quickly, I thought this one was way more than appropriate to add to the Blog. As I was quickly scrolling through Pinterest recipes for our up and coming Thanksgiving Dinner, one quote specifically caught my eye and I couldn't pass this one up.

I love this quote. Be thankful.

Okay, cliche quote? WONDERFUL. Now think about it. And if your thinking to yourself this is just going to be another religious mormon post STOP RIGHT THERE. Because i'm not here to shove religion down your throat and be a two faced preacher.
Honestly, when is the last time you stopped to think about all the things you were grateful for? When is the last time you simply stopped taking the small everyday, ordinary things for granted? Personally, I think everyone should slow down and truly appreciate the important things in life.
Could you imagine if one day you woke up and everything you had ever taken for granted was gone? Your friends, your home, your job, your family? I know I would be completely lost and confused if my family up and abandoned me, or simply disappeared. What about your schooling, your education  and common sense? How could you survive in this huge and confusing world without the simple knowledge of life that you have learned and obtained throughout your years? What about your health, your body, and your physical strengths. There are people out there, all over the world with physical defects and disabilities. Have you ever in your life taken five minutes to thank God for the ability to walk? to speak? To run along the beach or to feed yourself? To be independent and not rely and depend on another person to take care of you?
There are people, everywhere you go who would give anything, and everything to have what you have. To be who you are. You may think you have little to no potential, and you may or may not think that your life sucks just because you had one bad day. When in reality, there are people a million times worse off than you are. There are people who literally have nothing. Who are stuck in bed with sickness and disease who pray day after day that they could get up and walk along the beach again. There are people who are sick and diseased who don't even have a BED or a family to take care of them.
I know i'm guilty of this, taking for granted the things that i am most grateful for. A lot of the times i only find myself praying, or seeking help when i need, or just want something. I feel like it would do alot of good in the lives of everyone if instead of asking all the time, you took a step back and simply thanked God for everything you have. Or simply just thought to yourself how blessed you really are, or have become. Because even with all the drama and heartache and hurt you may be feeling in your life right now, there is always SOMETHING in your life to be grateful for. Always.

Keep Smiling Kids.

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