Dream Come True

My Dream Came True.
Mayday Parade was in concert only THREE HOURS away from good old STG. So of course, Kailee Gooch hooked me up big time with floor tickets and we took a quaint little roadtrip to the place. You see, this has been on Kailee & I's bucket lists since we were adolecent teenagers obsessing over this band. So this day makes history folks. And on top of that we spent probably, a solid benji-bill on food alone. So, clearly it was the best day of our lives. The jam-sesh on the way up was ideal.

Oh yeah. And i hugged derek. 


Yes he signed it "Derek <3" Thats a heart. A HEART. Man, baby, am i in LOVE. Lyrical genius right here. It should also be made known i have a video of Mayday Parade waving to me onstage. Don't believe me? Ask me. I got it right here. YEAH. yeah. yeah...............

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