Preference 2013

I was absolutely NOT going to go to Preference this year.

Then Dylan got asked. Yes, Dylan, my little brother. So i smoooooooooooshed my way into his group, through my creative tactics and asked his good friend Mr. Andrew. And ya know, in the beginning we actually were going to be normal, and have a group, but the day OF THE DANCE, Dylan landed this neat little BIG Samauri.... so the four of us kind of ditched the whole group and did our own thing. Which i truly believe was a milliont times more fun. Off roading, tons of food and... well.... definitely an interesting time. Andrew is a CHARACTER. I highly recomend every girl ask a cowboy on a date at some point in their life. I've never laughed so hard, really!

Oh yes, and i also ran into this one at the PFAS downtown. So that is that.

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