Spring Break was SUCH a success. Numero Uno, Me & Mads got these babies all ordered up in order to prepare for this summer. TELL ME IT IS BEAUTIFUL.

Because fortunately, and unfortunately, I worked from open to close on Saturday and every penny (Plus some) is going to be paying for this thing. Its fine. Summer couldn't come fast enough, TWO MORE MONTHS. Anyways, apparently this DASHBOARD brand is a big deal. So hopefully Thai Nizza will hook us up and teach us some new tricks again this summer?

So spring break wasn't bad. Nice little refresher. This last quarter is going to be a breeze. I'm dropping classes like no ones business lately, so whats new?

Well along with other adventures, the new THING in the Stucki Fam is off roading. Dylan brought home this old Samauri he is going to fix up. He took off the doors/top so it is quite the experience, taking that baby out into the STG wilderness AKA the Airport mountains. All kinds of weird stuff out there.

But picture this. Samauri + River + Skimboards/Ropes

Lets just all take a minute to comprehend how amazing my first week of summer is going to be. Hopefully we don't break a leg, or two.

Also! Huge Happy Birthday to my brother Dylan & The greatest Dad in the world! I have such an amazing family! I am one LUCKY GIRL.

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

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