The SCHS Experience

CRAZIEST THING. So Miss Kaylee & Delaney & I went and did a little Valentines shopping & decided to stop at the Snow Canyon vs. Desert Hills Basketball game, right? Right. So everything is going, ya know, usual. Just your classic everyday basketball game. And out of absolutely NO WHERE, whilst walking down the crowd CREEPER JAKE steps out of the crowd. 
Now flashback. Creeper Jake, is called Creeper Jake for two reasons. 1. He is the absolute most hilarious creep i've ever met in my entire life. We have been best friends since Middle School, where his awkward humor first set in, into my life at least. Which alone deserved the name creeper jake. And 2. We have two friends names Jake in our 'hangout crew' back in the middle school ages. So we had to specify. The name just stuck.
Back to the game. I almost passed out right then and there because THIS KID moved cleeeeeeeeeeeear the way up north years ago, and without warning showed up at the game. Significant? To me, yes. Love this kid to death! Anyway, the rest of the night was classic. With the ladies, just jammin to Kesha, and/or what/not whatever. It 'twas a good classic *GIRLS* friday night i might say!

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