The Hawaiian Islands

More than anything on this earth right now, I want to be an avid blogger and journal writer. I try so hard and fail miserably. I literally think every five months I get this sudden urge to dump my last 150 days adventures into one post. So here is my spiel darlings.

I graduated highschool, THAT was an experience. My last highschool dance was a prom at PVHS with lively Mr. Aaron. Fourth of july lit off these way sick illegal fireworks with Mr. Kyle and Parker and etc. OH but most importantly I went on the trillest senior trip, ever.

I got the most amazing two week oppurtunity to adventure in the Hawaiian islands with my best friend and cousin and it was absolutely amazing. I have thousands and thousands of pictures but to capture the full effect we put our time and efforts into this amazing 'Go Pro' trial run. And these videos are just pristine. It sums our trip up perfectly.

Be sure to 'em out in the links below!

So aside from hawaii, i've had the most amazing adventures this summer. Its crazy turning eighteen and realizing everyone is going seperate ways. Whether its college or missions or just moving away. I have met some incredibly influential people and lifelong friends. I couldn't be more proud of what they are accomplishing and the role models they are to me.

I could go on forever about these summer adventures but it would just never do it justice. I'm so glad I've finally gotten a second to sit quietly in my room humming to jack johnson and blog with this caeser salad from your local PFPV. Other than work and finishing reading these four novels i started in the recent months, my summer doesnt have much plan to it. But what more could a girl ask for? Last childhood summer experience, CHECK.

I'll try to be more thoughtful and creative and observent and write more on this thing. But for now enjoy a couple thousand pictures of the past eight months. (:

Sincerely Yours, Madison Paige.

 Like I said in before posts, lots of skimboarding at the river with these nuts. 
 And the Infamous Graduation Dress, Cap and Gown

 One of my Best friends all throughout childhood and highschool, THE Mr. Brock. Who is currently serving a full time mission in Sweden and I couldn't be more proud!
 Mr Joshua Eric Lee (:
 Mr Jacob!
 And of course, Mr. Spencer!

 Fortunately I got to run into Miss Angela, My next door neighbor who shares the same birthdate as me, who graduated from SC.
 The Fam!
 Unexpected Beach Waves (Not Posed)
 Flying Over Oregon
 Over Pacific Ocean

 Pearl Harbor


 The First Beach

 The views here, are unbelievable. 

 Okay. If anybody ever in the history of the world gets the chance to go to laie hawaii, you MUST eat here, It is an absolute must and you will NEVER regret it. I crave this everyday. And the snowcone shack next to it. THOSE BURGERS THOUGH.
 Yes, this is what we like to call sneaking out of morris and winnies and going night swimming in the ocean. It is glorious my friends.

 The lovely home we stayed in
 Our Ride
 So you will see this beach alot. It was the beach that was literally, yes folks literally, two and a half minutes walk away from our home. So we woke up at five every morning for a quick swim/snorkel/run/relaxation period at the beach. This was THE life.

 Surf Shoppin'

 The board was like three of me. Impossible.
 Swollen cheek from surf board. Yes. it happens.

 Just hiking in a rainforest. Should have known it would rain the whole time...
 PCC, where we re-met our friends. Small world right?

 Telu & Cline. Funny part is that they are actually from utah, we ran into them again and became friends and literally hung out the rest of our stay in hawaii. They are champs.

 Cliff Jumping into ocean..
 Last day there..
 BYU Tour

 Also ran into Mr. Spencer. Yes, very very small world.


 The Skyline

 Last highschool dance

 Those Hips man......
 The whole crew....minus a few...
 Brockys Farewell

 The Patch

 My Woman

 Quail Lake

 Skimming With Spence, Twenty Three more days 'til he serves in Indiana!

 Baby Leo

 Spencers Call Opening

 The everyday snowcone runs......
 And that is it folks!

Also be sure to check out the lake video from quail. Its fantastic. Have a glorious day!

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