Called to Serve Part 4. HAHAHA SIKE.

Something kind of hit me today while working at the good 'ol PFPV.

So as you know school is back in play, so ALL the cute little highschool kids (as if i'm so old and mature hahaha) come into pizza factory to eat, get the good deals on student specials and what not (6 dolla, people, yes i'm advertising for my boss right now like why?) Anyways, all these new little sophomores and etc. come in with there friend groups, and they are happy and excited, and life is fairly easy right? wrong. HIGH SCHOOL IS HARD. Like not as hard as real life, paying your own bills and everything else, but I mean who you are in highschool is going to determine who you are for the rest of your life. Yes, there is always time for change, but all in all, you can't turn back time. And choices you make in highschool are going to influence you, and come back to you for the rest of your entire life. That is so mind blowing, because when you're eighteen you think you are indestructible. I thought the same thing.

So this group of girls comes up to the till, and this would be only kind of awkward if they were reading this right now but i'm going to continue anyways because it really hit me. And they were ordering and laughing and having a great time with their friends. The norm, whatever. And then one of them, that I recognized from one of her older siblings looked at me and said "HEY! Congrats on your mission call, thats so cool!" (or something of that nature) and i'm going to have to admit, i was totally blown away! I didn't even know these kids knew me! So I said thanks, you know 'i'm excited' *nervous laugh* and her friend says the same thing. 'Congrats, i follow you on instagram!'


These people follow me.

And i know you, readers, are like k so what?

Here is the thing. A lot of us make our decisions and think it only will effect ourselves. What i do is my decision and nobody can stop that. Well, unfortunately and fortunately, there are two beautiful gorgeous sophomores that follow me via social networking and know the choices and decisions that I am making. And I can't imagine how i would have felt if they knew I was partying and getting around and thinking 'hey, if shes doing it why can't i?' You don't even understand the surprise and the pure JOY I felt, when they congratulated me on my MISSION CALL. Because never in a million years was i expecting myself to go on a mission at nineteen. But i hope, and pray with all my heart that when they see MY name, they know that I am going out to serve the Lord. And i hope when they see me leave and serve my mission they think 'hey, if she's doing it, why can't I?'

Like I said, highschool is hard. And full of choices. I hope all those highschoolers find something they can strive to become, and they make the right ones. Sure, you learn from your mistakes, but stay on the right track and don't be afraid to become everything you've ever dreamed. I really hope me going on a mission, if anything, can be example to other young sisters. I mean if I can do it, why can't you?!

I am so excited to serve. Sure its nerve wrecking, I mean I'm moving across the United States of America without a single soul that i've ever met! But I am the happiest I've ever been! I am so at peace with my decisions and know that God will help me along the way.

On the flip side however, You don't have to wear a badge, and leave your family, and move across the country or the world to be an example. All girls need these days is a good role model. I have mine! For sure. And I can tell you right now MILEY CYRUS and NICKI MINAJ are NOT THEM. Thats all we ever see online and on the news. They are EVERYWHERE.

"Women of God can never be
like women of the world. The
world has enough women
who are tough; we need
women who are tender. There
are enough women who are
coarse; we need women who
are kind. There are enough
women who are rude; we
need women who are refined.
We have enough women of
fame and fortune; we need
more women of faith. We
have enough greed; we need
more goodness. We have
enough vanity; we need more
virtue. We have enough
popularity; We need more 
-Sister Margaret Nadauld

I couldn't agree with ^^ HER anymore. (I found that in a scripture glue in *fist pump*) I always have to stop and think about that when I set goals and think about who I want to become. I want to be a mother, and a wife. And an example. I want to stand out NOT for wearing the least clothes or having the most rugged, OUT THERE, crude language. I want to be the women described in that quote. The world needs more of that. The most outstanding women in my life, that i look up to most, are women of that nature. I hope when girls are in highschool they can find a role model like I did. I hope they don't have to be the girl willing to try anything, to get attention and feel wanted. Because anyone is better then that, and deserves better then that.

As I watch family and friends grow up I know anything I say to them isn't going to change their mind. Everyone experiences life for themselves. But I hope that my happiness and my decisions can influence them for the better, because coming closer to my savior, and making the decisions that i have, progressing through the church has brought SO much more joy into my life. I'm not lost, i'm not confused. I know who i am, where i came from, and what i am worth. And i hope they know what they can become. Thats all!

Have a fantastic day folks, i love you all!

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