Called to Serve Part III

Sister Stucki, you are hereby called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You have been assigned to labor in the Washington DC South Mission!!!

I cannot describe to you in words, how thrilled I am about my call. This was never in my plans but I can honestly say, I have never felt so at peace and more positive about any decision I have ever made in my eighteen (almost nineteen) years of making decisions. This mission truly is the perfect mission for me, I can already tell you. Our prophet and church leaders are inspired men, and my heavenly father knows me so well.

So this past week has been the most stressful of my life. With Elder Rhoton leaving and waiting for my call I've been driving myself crazy. I have had a strong feeling for so long that i needed to go to the temple, but I kept putting it aside, putting it aside. Wednesday I was positive I would receive my call in the mail. And i didn't. After work, I felt like i really should go attend the temple. And of course i kept putting it off, telling myself i was too busy. It wasn't even five minutes later, a good friend of mine, Miss Devin, texted me and BOOM! Invited me to go to the temple that evening at six o'clock with some other sweet girls. So we went, and it was a terrific experience. I got to visit my favorite place before i recieved my call, and it was just another huge THANKFUL MOMENT, that God knows my needs. And he has put so many people in my life, and in my path to help me along the way and be a good example to me. It truly made me beam, after the conversations we got to have that night about missionary work and the gospel. People are amazing.

The next morning, i got to wake up bright and early for the wisdom teeth withdrawal. I say withdrawal because its kind of contradicting. "Like hey we are just gonna withdraw your teeth real quick no big deal!" well.. SIKE. They all but tore my bone apart in my face to get those babies out, and yes all four of them. However i was totally drugged unconscious and do not remember a single thing until I plopped my body on my couch and home and low and behold..... THE MISSION CALL WAS THERE.

Now i hate to tell you this but I'm going to be completely honest with you.... I had friends and family coming over at four for the classic 'Surprise Opening' but I couldn't wait. I couldn't do it! I mean granted I was on every dental pain killer on earth but I HAD to know where I was going to spend the next eighteen months of my life! So i just stole it right out of my dads hands, ripped it open, and there it was, in all its glory.

'You are called to labor in the Washington DC South mission..."

Thats all it took and i was BEAMING. BEAMING I TELL YOU. You know, I told everyone i didn't want to be in the 'states' and technically... i mean its not a state... but i still get to speak english, shop at my local walmart, and ship packages to my family without it taking five years! And in the comfort of my very own red white and blue country! Now I'm not saying i couldn't have HANDLED any other mission, because I would have accepted any call willingly, gladly, and without fear. But THIS, this call is for ME. It has my name written all over it. It is to me from the Lord. And he knows me so well.

So of course my dad did his best glue job to make it look like it had never been tattered with and we had the family come over. I have the most amazing support system. My family is awesome. And I am so excited to be the first grandkid on both sides of my parents family to serve a mission. I hope and pray with all my heart I can be an example to not only my younger siblings but also all of my cousins. I hope that as they grow and strive to become better people, they will realize the blessings that they have in their life and the joy the gospel can bring to them. I hope they all seriously consider serving a mission. I realize, a mission is not for everyone. But I urge everyone reading this, to truly pray about it. You might be surprised with your answer. I know I was. And I know I will never be the same because of it.

The rest is history. we opened the call, everyone cheered. Ate food. Well they ate food i sipped soup from Mr Felter considering i'll be down for a while.... But I have never been happier. I report to the Provo MTC in the beginning of December. I can't wait to continue preparing to make this the best eighteen months of my life, and to have the most amazing adventure. Along with Elder Rhoton and his adventure two states away, in Indiana. It is going to be life changing, and I am just so so grateful for the chance i get to serve the lord on my mission.

Well kids, todays been a long one and unfortunately I am still on Percocet for the next week, so I'm gonna hit the hay. But check out the link and some pics and God be with you all. Thanks for reading! & Check the link!


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