Missionary Birthdays!

My Elder, Spencer, will fly out from the Provo MTC to Indianapolis, Indiana this next week. And so in honor of both our Mission Calls being assigned and in Progress here, I started early birthday presents. One for Myself & One for my elder.
Our Birthdays are both in October, and we both turn nineteen. Cool right? He will arleady be out in the field but I won't be leaving until December Fourth for Washington DC (Which, is only Ten hours and Four minutes away from my Missionary cool right?!?) We both get to represent the East Coast of the United States. And as cold as the east coast is going to be in our birthday months, I decided to make some customized pullovers to keep us warmed up and remember our missionaries (: Cute right? Hopefully they'll get here around September so I can put together a birthday package and get it to my boy before his birthday the first week of October! Anyways, this is how i entertain myself while i sit home with an ice pack around my face from wisdom teeth. 
The anticipation to get out there and serve is killing me! I love my Missionary!

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