Missionary Mail Monday!!

Okay so technically it is Tuesday....

Bottom line... MY MISSIONARIES BIRTHDAY IS ALMOST HERE!!!!! He is turning the big nineteen! This October. I am so excited for him. And since he is out there in the field, i wanted to send him a little something to make that day extra special. So... here it is! (Link Below)


He is such an awesome example to me, and i cannot wait to get out there and serve just like him. It is such a cool experience getting to serve The Lord alongside your best friend. There is nothing like sharing our experiences back and forth and having such a constant and amazing support. I sure do love that boy and the choices he is making. I couldn't ask for anything better! Happy Birthday Elder Rhoton!

Rhoton Cabin!

When we were Sophomores at the RIV

10th grade when i had braces and........ yeah. We were BABIES

Our VERY first *official* date was our High Schools Senior Ball

He made me watch the games with him....;)

Homecoming our Junior Year in Highschool

We were 'Big Bang Theory' based Nerds for Halloween 

Cutest nerd couple EVER?@!

Beatles Fans!

Jr. Prom in HS

Spencers Eighteenth Birthday!

Summertime Hiking

Another HS Formal Dance

Spencers Farewell Talk

Helping with Making Videos and Taking pictures.........because he loves me (:


We are cute.....haha

One week left. THUMBS UP

Temple Night

He was really excited about his new jerseys. 
It was funny.

Getting Pumped for Angels


I'm terrrified of heights. he did all the view watching for me

Can you tell i love mountains yet?

The last day!

Graduation. I couldn't have had a better best friend or boyfriend to share all my highschool memories with. they will be cherished forever and ever. Can't wait to make many many more! 
Love you Spence!

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