Are you a Reader?

Since I was in first grade, I have been a fan of reading and an avid quote collector. I truly believe reading helps improve all areas of intelligence and builds your knowledge base more than anything else you could spend your time on. That being said, lately I've been trying to find good reads to help me throughout my mission. After all, what you don't know you can't teach! In General Conference one of my favorite quotes was said by Elder McConkie when he said..

          "You cannot expect the holy ghost to help you remember things you have never read or studied! STUDY. SEARCH. PRAY. As you dedicate yourself the same Holy Ghost who revealed to prophets of old will reveal unto you. The holy ghost will then be able to bring all things to your remembrance in the very hour that you need."

If that isnt insentive enough to get READING than i don't know what is! As I read, i like to highlight and scribble notes in my books and pamphlets to note important things that stick out to me. Kind of like scripture marking. However, i know i will not be able to take every book i own with me on my mission. So I usually go back at the end and re-write my favorite quotations or stories into small journal (I found for $5 at ross) so that i have a collection of inspiring and motivational tidbits to share in the mission field!

Here is a list of books, pamphlets and talks that have inspired me and i hope will do the same for you. Enjoy!

What I Wish I Would Have Known Before My Mission 
John Bytheway
John is a hilarious, motivational speaker for youth. The book is full of good advice and tips. The end has an epilogue of information he thought was valuable to the reader. Such as frequent questions he was asked and answers he has studied up on and wish he would have known.

My Beloved Sisters
Spencer W. Kimball
This book isn't very long but it is especially for sisters. This book helps you better understand your role as a women, even if you already know these things, it gives you insight on how you might share this information with OTHER women, especially while in the mission field. It points out many joys that are worth living for, it is a book full of hope and peace, inspiration and guidance and points out great truths in the divine and important role of women and daughters of God. 

LDS Family Services: Addiction Recovery Program (Book)
LDS Family Services
While reading this you have to keep in mind that there are MANY forms of addictions. This book isn't just meant for one or two of the more 'popular' addictions, but it can help you in almost every aspect of your life. It also gaurentees you to better understand what others are going through and how to help them overcome any struggles or challenges they may be facing. It is full of advice and church council, that EVERYONE can apply to their life.

For The Strength of Youth
LDS (Pamphlet)
DO NOT UNDERMINE the value in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. You may have read it a thousand times, read it again. The simple truths in this book are easy to teach, and to show how they will bless and affect your life immensily by following its teachings. Don't forget to take one of these on your mission with you!

Defending the Church
Wayne D Arnett
(sorry for poor internet quality)
This is a reference guide/pamphlet about defending the church. I wouldn't advise that you rely on 'defense' for teaching, that isn't your calling. However, this book is full of interesting facts about the church that are good to know for your own self.

Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence
Jeffery Holland
I would print this one out and read it. And re read it. And glue it in your journal. And tape it to your wall. This talk is right on key. Take it on your mission with you. Pass it around. Live by it. If you don't read anything else, read this one.

These are a few of my most recent 'reads.' Of course, when you receive your mission call they have a list of books you should bring with you on your mission. Such as the 'True to the Faith' and 'Jesus the Christ' book collection (which you can buy at any local lds book store, such as seagull or Deseret book in a package deal!) As well as your Preach My Gospel, Missionary Prep, Temple Prep and of course The Book of Mormon, Bible, Doctrine & Covenants & Pearl of Great Price.


I haven't yet read ALL of the list of mission required books, but those are for sure flying with me to DC, so i will have eighteen months with 'em. Good luck on your reading! If you find any new inspiring favorites please email me at madison.stucki@myldsmail.net and let me know. Love you all and good luck!

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  1. Hello Sister, I saw your link on Diary Of A Brown Eyed Girl. I am a Mormon Mama (in Scotland), it makes me super excited to connect with sisters across the world. Have a fantastic weekend.