Different is How We Do


Yes, now a controversial and touchy subject among some particular Mormon feminists, the "Ordain Women" group is pushing to be admitted into the Priesthood Session of General Conference this weekend, and the uproar is being broadcasted... EVERYWHERE.

The "Ordain Women" members, (specifically the Christian - LDS) started a petition a while back about the wearing of pants by women to church. Such a simple question, that moved to a request and blew up into petition. They kept pushing for answers to requests and have petitioned things such as the clothing they are asked to wear to meetings... clear to the petitioning of their 'rights' to be ordained to hold the priesthood (the priesthood in most, if not all christian churches is only given to men.)

In April, the LDS Church responded to the Ordain Women movement by emphasizing that God loves both genders equally.
"In God’s plan for his children, both women and men have the same access to the guidance of his spirit, to personal revelation, faith and repentance, to grace and the atonement of his son, Jesus Christ, and are received equally as they approach him in prayer," spokeswoman Jessica Moody said then in a statement. But a male-only priesthood "was established by Jesus Christ himself and is not a decision to be made by those on Earth."
I agree completely with Jennifer O'Barr who said "I think that Mormon feminists [protesting] are women who don't recognize what their value is."
Can i just reemphasize a quote that i posted in a previous post this year?

"Women of God can never be
like women of the world. The
world has enough women
who are tough; we need
women who are tender. There
are enough women who are
coarse; we need women who
are kind. There are enough
women who are rude; we
need women who are refined.
We have enough women of
fame and fortune; we need
more women of faith. We
have enough greed; we need
more goodness. We have
enough vanity; we need more
virtue. We have enough
popularity; We need more 
-Sister Margaret Nadauld

I feel like in todays world, it is a constant battle of women trying to outdue men. And I am all for women having equal rights when it comes to job opportunities or leadership positions in the Government and other such organizations.. In today's world, women really do have just as many opportunities as men. I personally feel like there isnt anything i couldn't do, that a man could do, opportunity wise. HOWEVER, there is a fine line when it comes to the ROLES of women and men, especially in a religious institute and in this case, especially when it comes to the Priesthood in the church.

Job opportunities, Leadership Positions, Government Roles.
When we look at the TV and see actresses and actors...
News Anchors, Singers, Writers...
Voting Rights, Opinions...

Fortunately these are all things entitled to everyone, women and men alike. THIS IS WHY WE LIVE IN AMERICA. We've come a long way, with the Womens Rights Movement in the 1919, we've been given so much freedom and opportunity as women. However, there is ONE thing all these "Opportunities" have in common... they are all 'worldly' positions that were established BY the world, and quite recently too. Hence, why they should be available to women and men alike.

The Priesthood is an ordinance established by Jesus Christ himself, while he was on the earth. And was restored through a living Prophet. We have been taught and have read how this special ordinance should be conducted and who it should be conducted through. The fifth article of faith states..
  We believe that a man must be acalled of God, by bprophecy, and by the laying on of chands by those who are in dauthority, toepreach the Gospel and administer in the fordinances thereof.
                      -Joseph Smith
The prophet has declared his stance on the matter. In the 84th Chapter of the Doctrine and Covenants it states specifically about the priesthood, "For you shall live by every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God. For the word of the lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light, and whatsoever is light is spirit, even the spirit of Jesus Christ."
The worlds seems to be ever so changing. If people push hard enough, they will get their way. The gospel, is perfect, it won't fall or corrupt under the pressures of the world. 
"The rights of the priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven, and that the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled only upon the principles of righteousness." (D&C 121:36)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is dependent on Faith and by conversion by the spirit. THIS is NOT blind faith. Faith "Isn't to have a perfect knowledge of things." If you truly understand the doctrines of the church you will understand this concept. Women and men alike have important roles in the church. 
Different, YES
Important, YES YES YES.
Both roles are crucial, and can i say ESSENTIAL to the eternal plan.

Some feminist protesters say many churches are beginning to change their 'rules' and 'guidelines' by allowing women to hold same positions as men. They say that the Mormon church will seem more and more 'backward' once "ALL THE OTHER CHURCHES DO IT."

(Sounds like your classic High School Peer Pressure quotation to me)


Different is why we are the people we are.
Different sets us apart from everyone else. 

And if you ask me that is a blessing beyond compare.

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