Don't Pass 'Em UP

I've tried this new thing called having an (incredibly) open mind......


My mom is reading some weird book, but she told me the basics of it is "To have peace with yourself you must act on all impressions. If you do not act on impressions and continue throughout your day, you will not have peace of mind. Therefore you are puting yourself in a box."

Weird book right? But its true. I'm pretty sure every single person on this earth even YOU gets little impressions throughout the day. "I should do that.." "I should say hi to her.." "I should shoot him a text..." But we ignore them because they are inconvienient or we do not know what will come of it. Well, my track record has turned out great with acting on impressions! Because even if i never know what will come of it... it somehow influences my life. I feel at peace, and it gives me something more to think about.

Impression Numero Uno: Lady walks into PFPV (My Work) She asked when it got cold around here. SOO we talked about weather. I had an impression to ask her where she was from, i shook it off at first, but of course... I could hear my mom telling me YOURE PUTING YOURSELF IN A BOX. Sooo i did. Turns out shes from the glorious east coast SOUTH CAROLINA. Why on earth did she wind up in Utah??? We talked about all the amazing things to explore back east, i told her i was moving to Washington DC here in a couple months. She asked why? I told her for a mission. And for the 6787654567876545678 time i got that look of "Like james bond or...?" So i added, LDS Mission, for my church. You could see her face was a little bit puzzled. But we continued on our conversation. She was really nice and had a family. Nothing more came from my experience in talking with her about the church. But it planted a seed because guess what??? SHE KNOWS WHAT A MORMON MISSIONARY IS NOW. And she left a five dolla tip so holla.

Impression Numero Dos: Sit by the Loud Rowdy Kids in the back of Youth Meeting ;)
Yes. I was asked to speak a little bit to the youth of my ward with the Elders and my dad on sunday. The WHOLE TIME there was this couple boys sitting in the back being so obnoxious. I could hear them laughing and talking and poking at eachother and i was sitting clear in the front! Silly boys... so the next half of the meeting i decided, hey, i'll go sit next to 'em. So i did. And their faces? PRICELESS. (I hope they are reading this hahaha!) There wasn't even room for me so i pulled up a chair as close as i could and smiled at them. I continued to raise my hand and make comments every five minutes or so, because everytime i did, all eyes went to the back corner and the boys all went silent. I even got a few of them to put their phones up in the front and pay attention imagine that??!! I told them they would get something from it. I think they expected candy or something... i meant scriptural knowledge? And at the end of the lesson one of them looked at me and said... "Its blessings isnt it?" I smiled and he rolled his eyes. It was picture perfect. Gotta love them highschool boys getting blessings doncha? It was an awesome lesson. 
Afterwards, i did hold a really good conversation with a couple of them. I told them that it took me til my senior year to realize if you actually LISTEN TO YOUR SEMINARY TEACHER you will gain something. Weird right? They were amazed too. I don't know if i changed their opinion on serving a mission or even listening to seminary. But at least they know that I KNOW the church is true, and that I KNOW how much it has affected my life. Hopefully someday they will feel the same. Goes to show you can be a missionary and example even to the members of your ward! They are awesome (:

So me and my brother... well okay let me start over. MY BROTHER talked me into taking him to CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL RANCH right before it closed last night. So, off we went. We were looking for some new 'Boots' and started talking to this kid that works there. He was a nice kid. And low and behold our topic of conversation turned into missions. I told him where i was going and etc. Said goodbye, didnt even catch his name. Well, this little experience actually turned on me. I think he was the one who had an impression he didn't pass up, and i gained immensly from it. I got a text in the middle of the night, it was from this kid. He mentioned i probably didnt know him and it may be weird that he was sending this, but he felt like he should send me these specific scriptures because they have helped him immensly within the church and in regards of serving a mission. They were right on key, exactly what i needed to hear. How cool is that?

I think what comes around goes around. Pray for experiences. And search them out throughout your day. Don't pass any up! You never know what can come from them, and you never know what you will find in return! Look at the little, simplest of experiences and blessings and apply them to your life. You will see differences in every situation. Its so cool who the Lord will bring into your life sometimes. Gods timing really is perfect. And people, they are awesome. Stay positive and love the little things.

Love you all! Have a fantastic Tuesday!

Sincerely Yours, Sister Madison Paige

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