"In my journal tonight I will write, that this has been the most spiritual General Conference I have ever experienced."
       -President & Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Thomas S. Monson

Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to watch the Saturday session of General Conference this year due to work, however, on Saturday i kept a running list of Questions i would like to have answered while i watched and listened to Sundays two sessions of General Conference.

I would like to say fist and far most, i am continually amazed at the spiritual guidance and revelation these leaders receive. I am astounded at my results. It is a personal witness and revelation to me that the church is true, and i am so excited to share it with others in the eighteen month duration of my mission, and the rest of my life!

These questions are personal questions, for me specifically. But I hope that maybe, some of you may have similar questions as me and learn from the teachings and quotes i gathered while answering my questions during general conference this year. Enjoy!

1. How do I stay confident regarding future and present decisions and not fear or feel inadequate or incapable?
"Ask yourself, what is your ultimate priority?" -Dallin H. Oaks. "Remember no person has ever lived free of sorrow. Sadness and suffering is universal. The ability to endure is crucial. Ask yourself, Shall I Falter or shall i finish?" -Thomas S. Monson

2. How to be ‘less stressed?’
"Lay aside the things of this world and seek for that of a better." -Sister Oscarson, referring to Emma Smith

3. How should I go about making personal decisions regarding my future spouse and marriage plans? Advice on keeping your relationship ‘as one‘ throughout your marriage?
Eyring: “This applies to all relationships regardless the circumstance. It is the Lords advice to all who want to live together forever in happiness, it is the first great commandment. “thou shall love the lord thy god with all thy might, mind and strength. And love they neighbor like unto thyself"

“The miracle of becoming one requires help from heaven.”

Quinton L. Cook: (speaking of spouse) “to the extent possible, we would choose activities we could attend together.”

4. How do I help others feel the spirit especially while teaching the gospel or sharing my testimony?
David M. McKonkie: The secret to becoming a successful teacher…have a solid testimony on what took place on the day the gospel was restored to the earth through Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to Joseph Smith. Summarized in two words, GOD SPEAKS.

This is what sets you apart, this is why you cannot fail. You have been called and set apart by the priesthood and you are AUTHORIZED and COMMISSIONED to act on his behalf. You have his help. Ask yourself, "What would the savior say/do if HE was teaching?" 

"Your first responsibility is to be worthy so the holy ghost will be your constant companion.
The most important part of your service will be your own personal preparation” (-the first presidency)
Not to master techniques of teaching or memorizing the lessons. The people you are teaching will exercise their own agency of believing these things. The presidency has promised if you do this the holy ghost will help you to know what to do. Before you seek to declare his word, seek to obtain it. He will bless you with the spirit and aid in the convincing of men.

Learn to listen. “Second only is the responsibility you have to listen to the people. They will tell you what they need to hear. Teachers are too focused on preparing repetitious, comfortable lessons.” Set aside outlines and notes, let the spirit teach.

As you dedicate yourself the same holy ghost who revealed things to prophets of old and new will reveal things unto you. The holy ghost will then be able to bring all things to your remembrance in the way that you need. You will learn things from what you way when you teach. 

A teacher, is also a student.

You must stand as an independent witness not just an echo of what has been said and written. The same spirit will carry your message into the hearts of those who desire and are willing to listen.

5. How do I become a leader and an example? How do I make an impact or effect on people? How do I change lives? How do I encourage others? (read above answer again thoroughly)

6. How do I remember spiritual experiences? Teaching skills? Scripture/book references?
"You cannot expect the holy ghost to help you remember scriptures you have never read or studied! STUDY. SEARCH. PRAY. As you dedicate yourself the same Holy Ghost who revealed to prophets of old will reveal unto you. The holy ghost will then be able to bring all things to your remembrance in the very hour that you need. You will learn things from that which you teach." -David Mckonckie

7. How to be less self centered? How to be less hard headed?
Eyring: serve others. You’ll be more likely to hear the Holy ghost. 

8. How do I deal with a pita (paininthebutt) family member?
pres. Eyring: while serving others, we are more likely to find peace,  through the Holy Ghost. A parent facing a child in serious rebellion knows that this is true. Keep the constant companionship of the holy ghost.
Life in families will test us. We will find great joy, great sorrow and challenges. Endure them.
Pray with faith that that someone you love will seek and feel the power of the atonement.

“A grandmother once cried to the Lord, why me? Why after the faithful life I have lived have I had such a tragedy with my son as this? The words came clearly to her ‘I gave him to you because I knew you could and would love him no matter what he did.”

9. How to recognize and feel the spirit? How do I discern whether it is the spirit? How do I feel the impact of the Holy Ghost constantly in my life?
Kevin S. Hamilton: Revelation and testimony come when we attend church meetings, live worthily (through experience), study our scriptures and learn more about the church.

Adrain Ochoa: “By their fruits ye shall know them.“ Bad fruit does not fall from a good tree. if you come across anything that causes you to question your testimony, LOOK UP. Remain constantly WORTHY of the spirit. It is not a convenience, it is essential.

10. How do I take risks and be brave?
Dallin H. Oaks: “All men have fears. Those who face their fears with dignity have courage as well.”

11. What should I do so I feel I have spent my time wisely throughout my day and/or life?
"Ask Yourself: What is your ultimate priority?" -Dallin H Oaks.

"We must successfully endure, through the strength of your testimony and the depth of your conversion. Be spiritually prepared.” -Richard Maynes

12. How do I have a greater desire to serve and do what the lord would like me to?
Pres eyering: “Remember that there is joy guaranteed for the faithful.”

13. When do I know it is the right time to start a family?
"This is a family centered church. We have heavenly parents. Our ultimate treasures are our children and our posterity. United States statistics have fallen, births rates and successful marriage rates have both decreased drastically. Serve god first. (Gods church is centered on family. Gods Priority is marriage and to have a family.) Prioritize." -Dallin H Oaks

14. How to be happy?
“There is but one plan of happiness, to follow all the commandments of God.” -President Eyring

“You have agency. Poor choices can lead to long term consequences, vulnerability used by satan to exploit. AVOID his enticements. Fill your life with service to others and all satans temptations will lose their power in your life” - Richard Scott

17. How to become closer to Christ? How can I know him personally?
"Ask yourself.. What choices have led you to love thy Lord with all they might, mind and strength?" -Eyring

Richard G. Scott: "Recognize the power of the atonement in your life. The Lord sees weakness differently than rebellion. Pray for forgiveness. He who has repented of their sins the same is forgiven and he remembers them no more. Serve him faithfully."

18. How do I relate to people in the mission field? How to get their attention, to have a desire to hear my message?
"Be compassionate and loving to all men. We are hopeful others will be respectful to our beliefs as well.” -Oaks

20. How do I get along with and be close to my future companions?
"The first great commandment. Love the lord with all your might mind and strength. Love your neighbor like unto yourself." -Eyring

21. How to feel reassured? How to reassure others?
"There is not one of us that he has not designed a plan to SAVE. We are the children of god." -Eyring

22. How do we receive personal revelation?
"Living the gospel principles and sacrificing for them. Do his will and you will have knowledge.” -Sister Oscarson "You receive witness after a trial of your faith. Then true conversion begins to take place. ACT THEN RECEIVE. YOU are primarily responsible for your conversion, no one else is, OR CAN BE. Only you.”

23. How to know the BOM is true and have manifested for sure?
ACT. Receive. Exercise faith. This applies to ALL principles. (aka read the bom and pray about it) -oscarson

24. How to be absolutely positive about the gospel, and have unwavering faith like the brother jared in the BOM?
Terence Vinson said: Is Christ your vocal point or is he far from the thoughts and intentions of your heart? How would YOU feel if someone promised you something every single week and never kept their promise? (sacrament promises)

His guidance, is essential. (Jared Story: Crossing the waters dangerously, acting of faith) Why not remove the source of danger, simply stop it from happening? The weather could have just been adjusted, he has the power to do that! Rather than solve the problems himself, he wants us to find faith in him. To trust him. To become like him. He wants us to REALLY LOVE HIM. That way, he can bless our lives with all that we ask. He is always there. And we can return that in our own imperfect way by giving him our hearts.

"I rejoice in the day when he shall say come unto me and my blessed, for there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my father."

25. What is a piece of advice specifically for me, set apart from all the rest, that I can love and remember especially throughout my entire service in the mission field that will help me to strive to become better?
Richard G Scott: “A young women asked me: What is the single most important thing I can do right now?” My advice to her was “To recognize the power of the atonement in your life.” The atonement brings personal strength to the children of God.

Look upon this list and follow it.
Make covenants. -and Keep the ordinances.
Share the gospel. -It renews enthusiasm about the church!
Serve faithfully in all your callings
Be a REAL friend -through acts of kindness.
Serve members of your own family
Fill your life with service to others and satans temptations loose their power in your life.

The Church is True, AMEN #ldsconf

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