She's Packin'

are you packing up to leave for two years anytime soon? if so, read on.

When it comes to packing....women are a joke. *struggles*


I'm here to share with you the knowledge I have acquired thus far in my packing experience for an eighteen month journey across the United States. //yourwelcome

So first off, if you are planning on hauling bedding... You are probably drowning in your tears when you realize that your bedding takes up a whole suitcase itself.

Space Bags are by far my best investment. Many missionaries say to take YOUR OWN bedding with you so you are more comfortable and have an easier time falling asleep when you are half way across the world/trapped in the MTC. & I concur. Sooo I am taking my black and white throw with me that i've slept with forever. It is king size and has a soft/fur material on the inside, to keep extra warm in cold climates. (such as DC) You can buy these for relatively inexpensive prices. I got mine at Ross.

After space-bagging it, i can fit the entire thing + my pillow, space bagged, in the side zipper of my large suitcase. Its perfect, so it doesn't take up any room in the majority of my luggage.  I bought a twin size teal fitted sheet to cover the mattress, and a teal pillow case, for five dollars at wal-mart. Super easy, and cheaper than going and buying a twin size bed-in-a-bag to haul around.

Next was my shoe dilemma. It rains A TON in DC. Everyone suggests you take waterproof rainboots. I wanted to stay neutral so they match the majority of my outfits and my black (trench) coat!

Yes, these are rainboots! I thought the zipper was adorable and couldnt pass them up. I found them on Target Online for around $30

I have never been a fan of classic flats. So i found these gems. They cover less, making it more airy feeling so your feet can actually breathe. They will be awesome for spring/summer in DC when its all humid and etc. Plus they are super cute, and different!

 Forever 21

I love the strappy-ness of these ones! Forever 21 as well.

These are the Clarks i found at ross for a steal of $30
(regular price is $60, yikes!)
They are widely known within sister missionaries for the best tracting shoes!

I bought these knock-off "oxfords" at Christensens.
Super cute and Conservative for everyday outfits

*later on in mission life*

I invested in what I like to call 'flandals'
ya know. the strappy flats that really aren't flats because they have so many holes in them.  (similar to the white shoes in the image above)
best buy of my life. but you know, you do you.

These Babies i found at Ross for about $10 a piece. I'm using one for shower/makeup/hygiene stuff, to haul to the bathrooms in the MTC.
The other one i'm going to keep all medications/vitamins in. I'm also currently trying to find one to organize jewelry in. It might be a good organizer for garments and underclothing as well. They are super convenient  

EVERYONE should invest in a laundry basket. $3 at ross. 
You'll love it when you're trying to balance ten thousand skirts in two hands when doing laundry, plus keeping your dirty clothing organized all week. Its a charm, and takes up no space at all in the suitcase!

I'm taking a jock bag with me empty. In case i need to just throw a bunch of stuff in it for a transfer AND exchanges. Make sure to get one with a side sling, that way its easy to throw over your body/shoulder while you are wheeling your other luggage at the airport/trainstation whatever. I found this for $20 at ross as well!

Yes, my family is taking over my room while i'm away, so i'm packing my closet up as well! I went through and organized it all according to seasons, clothing items etc. Make sure you label! That way my mom can send me whichever clothing items i need as the seasons change while i'm gone! It'll be easier for her to find.

I am an avid reader, unfortunately i can't haul around a library with me. I've condensed some of my favorite quotes, thoughts or sayings into a quote book. I use these notebooks on the reg at transfer meetings, zone conferences, district meetings.....meetings.....
theyre perf.

This is also a great way to remember what you read, and help you study. I've loved it. Local ross has tons and tons of cute and compact note books/journals like this one.

Back to school sales are offering tons of cute folders and binders. This re-tractable file folder has been one of my favorite buys! i got a larger one to keep stationary/letters in as well. I collect everything. So i have tabs to keep printed conference talks in, handouts, brochures/souvenirs, letters and other such materials i find along my way!

EVERYONE is going to want to see pictures of you your family and your hometown before you left to serve! These little picture books are super cheap! Before you go make sure you remember to print some of your favorite pictures to show everyone! And also to look back on when you are out in the field (:

I'm just beginning mine, but i'm excited to fill it all up! 

Well thanks for reading guys! I hope some of these ideas helped you out a little and gave you some great new ideas for your packing. Good luck! Love you All!

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