hey there, its the giving season

Its not often I get the opportunity to see so many people gathered together outside a simple, run down care and share center, struggling to bring home vital necessities of life for their families. That is - If they have a home.

Tomorrow, my five younger siblings, mom, dad & I are all piling into a running car to travel to a massive feast that could feed a whole army, along with thousands of other Americans who will celebrate the thanksgiving holiday tomorrow evening.

This week I was invited to film a close family friends annual thanksgiving food drive that their business hosts every year. This year however, I got pretty lucky. They had a massive increase of donations from tenants, partner companies, and many more generous people in the Washington County area. The company was able to raise over fourteen thousand dollars, which resulted in feeding over 800 families. (feeding meaning, a whole thanksgiving dinner, turkey and all) While the employees and managers were hard at work transporting all the bought goods and gift certificates, I was approached by several men and women asking what was going on, and giving thanks for their generous contributions.

It reminded me, as should it remind all, to be grateful for what you already have. Although sometimes overlooked, the true meaning of this holiday is to give thanks.Give thanks to our heavenly father, for what be abundantly blesses of with.

I'm feeling super grateful. The least I can do with what i've been blessed with, is give of my time to serve the people in the District of Columbia on behalf of my church and my savior Jesus Christ.

Have a very happy thanksgiving, readers!

xoxo video link, below


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