Howsit goin' LDS Mag?

We're down to thirteen days folks.

Yeah, I am departing on my biggest adventure yet, to WASHINGTON DC (South Mission) in less than thirteen days here now. Can you say nerve wrecking? I have yet to see the east coast side of things, so I am ridiculously ecstatic about this!

Speaking of which, my farewell will be this up and coming Sunday. November the 24th. ALL Y'ALL are invited. I will be speaking at nine o'clock and there will be a little lunch gathering at my home at one o'clock. If you would like addresses or further details of this event please feel free to either email me at

(privacy reasons)

But seriously, you're all welcome to join. I would love to see you before i head out to the great
EAST COAST OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Thank you for being a wonderful reader of my blog. I really hope thus far in my blogging experience, you have found what i have had to say helpful. I love hearing from you guys! You're all so unique and have a wonderful roll to play here, uplifting, inspiring, laughing and smiling. I love it. People are so neat.

Last weekend was our #SLCSisterMissionaryMeet I was lucky enough to get to meet every single one of these fantastic sisters who came to this 'gathering' at temple square. And with that I made this video...
(Link) https://vimeo.com/79626838

I'm super excited to tell you, it has only been up for three days and has over 800 views! Wow guys! Spreadin' the good word are we? I've got to say, every time i watch it, i have a new love for all my sisters out there serving, and can't wait to get out there myself. SO KEEP SHARING. Who knows, maybe it'll really touch that ONE person. You know. You know.

LDS Living Magazine, actually picked up on this little bit of inspiration and shared it at this following link.. http://ldsliving.com/story/74311-future-sister-missionaries-unite-again 

So happy to share our excitement with the world! So thanks again to all who came, and all the viewers, and sharers, and bloggers, and beautiful people. I love you all. Have a fantastic November 21st readers!


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