Q's & A's: Answers from a Current SisMish

I had the oppurtunity to meet Sister Eddy before she left on her mission to serve in the Washington DC South mission (where I am headed in approx. 30 days!!!) And have had the oppurtunity to ask her some questions via email in which she responded with her knowledge thus far in her missionary experience. Here is a quick glimpse of them!

What did you do for banking? Which bank did you go through & what did you take with you? Debit card/credit card/both?
I just took my debit card. I use Zions bank, but they don’t have a zions out here, which hasn’t been a problem for me.  And my Dad just takes care of everything as far as making sure there is money in there. The mission also gives you a card for essentials, groceries, toiletries stuff like that. You get something like $175 a month.
At the Mtc they give you $8 a week so spend at the store and for laundry. Make sure you have enough garments because you only have one p-day in the 2 weeks you are in the MTC.

Shoes.... Are sandals allowed in the spring/summer? Combat boots? If they are plain?
Sandals aren’t allowed! I’m so sad because I brought my salt waters….i don’t know if they are allowed on p-day or what so…we’ll see. Combat boot are good!! They are basically all I wear since it got cold.

For winter do you suggest nylons tights or leggings?
All of the above! Its not even officially winter yet and I’m already wearing tight every day.

What did you do for bedding?
I didn’t bring anything except my silk pillowcase. If you have room bring whatever you want or you can buy it here the first day. Either way works. I wish I would have brought my blanket from home that had sentimental value…but this new one I bought is nice too.

Am I allowed to bring an auxiliary chord for the car to listen to churchy iPod music? Or nada?
Yes!!! Bring that auxiliary cord girl!!! You’re going to want it!!! And bring soooo much music!!! You’re going to want it and your companions will love you for it!! Have you hear of the lower lights? Get some of their music! And prince of Egypt and all that good stuff!

How many journalish things did you bring? How do you keep organized with all that ish?
I brought: a note book that I usually write letters in and rip out pages, a journal, and a study journal.
I wish I would have brought a sketch pad and lots of post it notes!
We have desks so there is plenty of room for all that junk! I also brought lots of pens and markers and highlights for fun. I like marking my scriptures with highlighters instead.

Do you bring your own pmg? Or just get one at the MTC? What materials do they give you?
They will give you a pmg at the MTC. You don’t need to bring your own. But they do sell little ones and sometimes I wish I had one just so I have more room in my bag. Also they don’t have a Deseret book out here so but any kind of Mormon stuff you want at home or the mtc before you come out here!
Um….yeah they also give you missionary pamphlets and stuff but… yeah that’s about it.
What do you wish you would have brought? What do you wish you would have just left home?
I’m so glad I brought my nice camera instead of just a cheap one. It been great on p-days. I wish I would have brought more music….um yeah… and maybe another bag. That’s about it.
Love ya sister! can't wait till youre out here with us!

If you have any further questions feel free to email me at madison.stucki@myldsmail.net

Love you all and good luck!

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