to the kid with a little too much self doubt,

don't forget the reasons why YOU started

With only four and a half more days until i leave, for eighteen months might i add, on a mission to serve Jesus Christ... I've come across one too many people...simply giving up. If you're reading this...don't give up. I would tell you my message is specifically for those preparing to serve a mission, but its not. The same lesson applies to anyone who has ever felt enough self doubt and discouragement to give up on any of their dreams.

Remember why you started. There was a reason was there not? Find that reason, and hold onto it.

Its easy to tell yourself you're not good enough or you won't be able to accomplish that which is at hand. It's even easier for others to tell you that very same thing, and take it to heart. But  don't.
Prove them wrong. Prove to yourself you are strong enough to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Prove to others that IT CAN BE DONE.

Now specifically for those future missionaries, getting discouraged about their choice to serve... think about the lives waiting and wondering. all the people you will meet. all the friends that will be made.

Most importantly remember you are on the Lords errand, and you cannot fail. With good intentions in your heart, and a true desire to serve, he will not let you fail. 

I'm not BOM genius and sorry to break it to you but i do not have PMG chapter 3 discussions 1-5 memorized. But fortunately for all of us we have been given the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide us and protect us and to bring such things to remembrance in time of need.

Open your mouth.
Go do it.
Don't waste anymore time.


xoxo five days and i'm out guys!!!

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