3rd brother...

I read your letter...

Ya...I'll see about teaching the President. I leave for DC in 4 days weird huh?  Time is going by fast, but slow at the same time. That makes no sense at all.  It's ok.

The MTC is pretty sweet.  They serve full course breakfast, lunch and dinner and soda is always on tap.  So that's nice.  There are lots of different people here, it makes me appreciate my family more.  

Teaching people is really neat.  Today we taught a less active.  We talked about a lot of things and she said she was going to go to church Sunday.  

Funny story...Yesterday this Elder came up to me at lunch and said "Hey see that Elder over there?" and I said "Yes, there are 5000 over there" he said "no the one right there" and pointed to him.. "go say Hi to him, please"  I said, "umm why?"  Anyways he convinced me.  So I told my district, we walked over and pulled out a chair for me.  I said "Hi Elder, I'm Sister Stucki, where will you be serving your mission?"  
He turned bright RED.  
Poor Kid  

Yeah...some Elders have a hard time not scoping out girls here.  It's kinda funny because the Elders in my district call me B-dog. (Beautiful - Daughter - Of - God) and tell the other Elders to keep their eyes to themselves. I know this has nothing to do with MISSIONS but it really makes me laugh.  Don't worry I'm not checking out the Elders.

Well brother make sure you read your Book of Mormon.  Be a good example to kids at school.  You never know who is watching you.  You might even change someones life.  I can't believe it snowed that much in St. George.  It's not as cold as here though.  Here it is bitter cold.  I would send you money but I don't have a job and I'm broke.  Sorry man.  Send me money. Your the one making bank.  Well I've gotta go, so peace out little bro. Write me more letters.  

Love You!
Love Sister Stucki
(December 13, 2013) 

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