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Look for kids to help...

I know you will be an awesome missionary.  It's actually way fun.  I've met some awesome people.  I wish I would have studied Preach My Gospel and my scriptures more often though.  It would have come in handy.  So make sure YOU do it NOW!  It will benefit you a lot.

I read the poem you sent me to my roommates and they loved it.  They all cried.  So that's cool.  I was showing my district all the pictures of our family and Elder S* really admired your belt buckle.

Elder Quentin L. Cook spoke to us on Tuesday.  It was so cool before I even saw him I could feel his presence.  It was a weird feeling but there was so much peace.  When he came in the room my heart was pounding and everyone stood up, the Spirit was SO unreal!  I've never felt anything like it.  I could never deny the feeling.  Being in the same room as a General Authority is amazing.  One of the coolest experiences.

Sorry I'm putting your letter in with Mom's, stamps are expensive.  Send me more, I don't wanna run out now.  Hopefully you guys enjoy the pictures.  Missions are awesome.

Try to be a good kid in High School.  High school is so hard.  If I could go back I think I would have spent more time reaching out to kids who need it.  Really you are so lucky to have the family and the knowledge...and the good looks:) that you do. Some kids don't have any of that.  If you look for them.  Pray for opportunities to find people. God will bring them to you and you will be able to cross paths. Even just a simple Hello, inviting some kid with no friends to lunch, ya know?  Asking a girl on a date who isn't very popular or cute.  Just be sincere.  Honestly I know that may sound stupid, but if you put yourself in their shoes...you would understand how hard they have it. One simple hello or date would make their whole day or even change their whole life.  All you are giving of yourself is your time..really.

Try to think of everyone not as the world sees them, but as God sees them and what they can become.  Everyone has so much potential.  Try to find it and let them know.  I promise that as you do this it will not only bless their life, but it will also bless yours in return.  Our ultimate goal in life is to become like Christ.  Christ was always giving and turning outward, rather than inward.  I'm not saying you have to be perfect but maybe just try going out of your way one time and seeing how you feel.  Sometimes those simple acts bring so much happiness to us.  So do it, Okay?  because I know you have a huge influence on a lot of people.  Let me know how it goes, Okay?

Write me back.  I love letters. Send pictures too!
Love sister stucki
December 13, 2013

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