dear brother #1 ...

Hey!  I got your letter...

they really do give you a red "dork dot" for new missionaries

snow cones with real snow and fanta - not good!

we did not want to waste our perfectly good oreo ice cream...

so we lowered it down 3 stories with dental floss to stay cold it the snow

it worked! we had ice cream for breakfast:)

Okay missions are hilarious and spiritual and just awesome!
My district is absolutely hilarious.  The Elders in my district are just so funny.  One of them Elder H* kind of reminds me of you. He has really pretty teeth and is really book smart. and loud...and bluntly honest.  He is funny.  A mission is not what I expected but I LOVE it!  Well the MTC part.

Like...haha...one of my roommate girls in my district is so awesome.  We make sno cones (cause it's like -1000' here) and we have real life mario-kart races on our suitcases down the hallways...

So today I taught my investigator and it was super awesome.  She was Catholic and would not even touch the Book of Mormon.  Her mom told her Joseph Smith was a "bad man."  So I testified to her, and you could really feel the Spirit.  She lost her brother.  I talked to her about that and how she could see him again.  I helped her understand we can always pray and Heavenly Father will give us answers because he loves us.  By the end of the discussion I got her to commit to reading the BOM and praying about it to know if it is true.  I hope she does because I know if she does she will feel the Spirit. It was pretty cool.

There is an Elder in my district I was talking with the other day.  Somehow we got onto the subject of High School and stuff.  He told me some things and gave me a quote that meant a lot to him.  His advice to you would be find GOOD FRIENDS and focus on your future.  

Anyways...I am super excited for what is to come.  I know the Church is true and the Gospel is so important.  It's never to late to figure that out and make amends.  But the sooner, the better and the more blessings you can receive.  Which is so cool.

Write me back.  I love letters. SERIOUSLY!  I'll send pictures soon.
love you
sister stucki
December 11, 2013

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