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Today was a good day we taught our investigator N. I don't know if she is a real investigator or not, they don't tell us.  She started out not even touching the Book of Mormon because her Mom told her it was evil and Joseph Smith is a bad man.  Anyways we taught 3 lessons and we committed her to begin reading the Book of Mormon.  She read twelve chapters overnight.  She is awesome.  She has a super cool story.  We told her we probably wouldn't see her again since we are flying to DC next week.  She asked / begged to meet with us tomorrow.  So we have another meeting tomorrow.  She wants us to help her with softening her Mom's heart.

So here is a story for you..it is cooli-ish:
So we were having this conversation about polygamy.  Just our district, and it got out of hand.  Basically Elder* said something really offensive.  Which I won't say because I like him as an individual.  Which made all the Sisters WAY MAD! To the point that my blood was Boiling. I just left the room with Sister*.  We talked about it and were like "whatever". 

Later the Zone Leaders came by told all the Sisters to feel free to ask the Elders for a blessing, whenever, because it will help them as much as it will help us. So we did.  We asked our Elders to give us blessings and it was so perfect. The four of them were there and I went first. And Low and behold Elder* INSISTED on giving ME the blessing. I'm just sitting there thinking, "great he is going to bless me to get home or something..." 

But as SOON as he started the blessing...the Spirit was so strong! Like here we are ...a bunch of dumb 19 years old kids arguing and the mood of the room changed completely.  He said lots of kind and sincere things about me serving and etc. etc. but the part that was crazy was when he paused...and said something along the lines of "Sister Stucki, please forgive others for their shortcomings" he went on further about missionaries and forgiveness and all kinds of stuff.  I know this sounds totally weird but the Spirit was so strong.  I give him major props for saying that in front of everyone.  He sounded like he was about to cry.  Everyone is the room could feel the Spirit. It was neat.  Priesthood blessings are awesome.  Needless to say, we are pretty tight now. My district is just way awesome.

Quentin L. Cook came and spoke on Tuesday.  The Spirit was unreal.  Before I even saw him I could feel his presence.  My heart started pounding and everyone stood up we all knew someone very important was coming.. you could feel it.  It was neat.

The MTC is really cool and I really like it here most days.  I think it will be kinda hard leaving.  I think DC is going to be way more difficult.  Only 4 days left.  We leave for DC at 2:30 am. It's going to be crazy.  I need some pass along cards or something for travel.  It's going to be weird going out into the real world with a badge on.  Here we are in our own little "bubble" of comfort.  

I need to go to bed.  I'm going to be so tired in the morning.
I love you.
Sister Stucki
(December 12, 2013 in the MTC)

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