I Love it!

Hi mom 
I have like twelve emails?  So you might get several reply's just wait a sec.
WE ARE SO BUSY.  My p-day is Tuesday here at the MTC.  I just got my itinerary yesterday I leave for DC at two thirty in the morning on....Wednesday the eighteenth! So idk when I'll call and stuff sorry if its in the middle of the night! 

     I LOVE the MTC.  It's awesome. One thing I didn't expect was.... you really have to get out of your comfort zone.  Like...don't expect to be comfortable here at all. We pray all the time. and role play a ton. so if you are planning on serving a mission... ROLE PLAY IT UP. And get prepared to just pray everywhere in front of people, in the halls, in the bathroom stalls, like literally everywhere. It was weird for like five seconds and then you realize like whatever I'm a missionary.....this is happening right now.  I love it now!  It's crazy how much I've changed, and how much I haven't changed at the same time. To sum it up though... the MTC is not what I expected...at all! Some things are harder than I imagined and some are a lot easier. But I love it a lot!


     No, people confronted me in a good way about my Instagram and videos! hahaha. Several people will like walk up to me and whisper "madstuhh?" its so funny. i love it. i've seen conner mitchell, chad soloman, dallin milne, uhhh lots of people from stg!  its cool. one of my roomies in my district is sister haley swenson! we were in lots of classes together in HS.  i love her!  i'm so glad her and sister sara robison are in my room. they are so awesome. and we have so much fun. hahaha like for example.....

     me and sis robison made snow cones one night...with real snow...and fanta.... it was gross don't ever try it. it tasted like nature. not the good nature. yeah.

     and last night. hahahahahaha. we bought ice cream while everyone was in the showers and we didn't eat it all...and it had oreo's in it so like i'm not gonna waste that ish, so we came up with this grand plan and we hung it (with dental floss, using our resources) out our three story window, and let it sit in the snow. yeah. we are awesome. i'll send pictures. and guess what??? IT STAYED FROZEN SO WHADUPP??!?! so we ate it for breakfast the next day. we are awesome humans don't worry.


     I'll e-mail you more in a second we have to run.  Also shut up St. George is so hot. Like when I walk outside my nostrils freeze from the inside out and I start choking from the cold air so count your blessings I'm never moving away from St. George.  K be right back in like forty minutes or something. 

     TO DAD: (Darren sent her a letter and story on cute letterhead he made)
Please print this and send this in the mail!!!  
So I can keep it I love it it's an awesome story. 
I love you dad!

     Also, can you and mom and maybe other members of the family send me stories in the mail I can read and share with people; like about our family history or neat gospel stories or experiences that have happened to you or them.  I know mom has a lot of them.  I'm sure lots of others do as well.  Also if you have any advice for me please print and send it in the mail as well it will allow me to read and ponder over it rather than rushing through them!
     love you dad!


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