Pray for the Missionaries...

God is preparing the hearts of people 
who need to hear our message

Virginia has broke me.

So I have not had a breakdown since being in Virginia...
Until last night...
In front of an Investigator. 

So this past Week we have had a Rough one. 
a.) I'm sicker than a DOG.  So that is Fun.
b.) It's Christmas Season.  So Everyone is busy / gone / ignoring us.
c.) We've been drop kicked a lot. aka. shut down...literally dropped...or canceled on.

Anyways... yesterday all of our appointments fell through.  So we just prayed that we would find someone to talk to or somewhere to go. We walked up to a house but they were having dinner and we didn't want to interrupt and we turned around and there was this cute little house with lots of Christmas lights.  So we were like lets try it. May as well.

We knocked on the door and a guy answered and he just kinda sat there but then out of no where his wife came marching down the stairs. We were totally prepared for her to say GET OUT! She came down and said, "We are Baptist..." and we explained that's great we were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of  Latter Day Saints.  She said "Mormons?" and said that's great.  Whatever.  She said she appreciated what we were doing.  THEN she said would you like a water? and we took it, so we could get in the house. Totally prepared to get thrown back out on the streets. But we made small talk and found out that she had had previous lessons from an older couple... missionary discussions!

We brought up the Book of Mormon and she got all excited and ran all over her house looking for hers.  She had started reading it or something?? She brought it downstairs and continued to tell us how we are her brothers and sisters and she agrees with 98% of what we believe. She had this video by the church that they left with her.  So we set a return appointment to watch it with her. And some friends she's inviting apparently. Anyways, throughout this conversation with this lady..... she literally told US about what we believe. She was so prepared?! Which is exactly what We Asked for in our Prayers! She also told us about her and her hubs and how they were high school sweethearts...so I told her about my high school sweetheart ;) and we kinda clicked. 
It gets better.

Anyways it was a great discussion with a return appointment and she was SO nice. But as we were leaving she thanked us for what we were doing. She told us she loved us and it must be REALLY DIFFICULT to talk to people who won't listen and shut us down. 

(STRIKE ONE:  *tears started welling up*)

Then she said how she KNEW that God was preparing the hearts of people who needed to hear our message.  She said, "We would find them!"

(STRIKE TWO:  *heart is pounding! Who is this lady?  She is inspiration from the heavens????*) 

THEN she said it would take an amazing person to take time out of their lives...
To DEDICATE themselves to the church.  When they probably would rather be spending 
THIS Sunday evening at HOME with THEIR family and THEIR high school sweetheart...
and then nodded at me.


And there you have it folks. Virginia has broke me.

An investigator made me cry. 

And that is how my very First Mission Field Breakdown came to be.

So future sisters: PREPARE. 

I thought I was Unbreakable. But No. I Broke. It was Embarrassing. - Sort of.

She gave me a big hug and kept GOING I was like...
Oh my Dear Heavens... Please!  this needs to stop. 
But she was way sweet. 
And now she knows... I'm just a human.  Not a robot. 

So that's cool.  Pray for this lady. We're gonna baptize her if it's the last thing I do. 
You can't just BREAK ME and not join the church. No I'm kidding....

No I'm serious actually.

Alright next item of business. Virginia has DISEASED ME.


And by the plague I mean the head cold that EVERYONE and their dog had at church and they all breathed on me and touched me and now I have it. Vitamin C packets have failed me.


Tell Grandma and Grandpa Stucki thanks for the Christmas present!! Everything else I didn't receive because I gave ya'll the wrong address sorry. Ask momma stook for the new one? Yeah. Oops. But thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Also tell the Rhoton's thanks for the toffee / family picture. I miss them!  I love that toffee. 
And thanks mom for the package. 
Why the heck haven't I heard from all my other siblings huh?????? 
I wrote you all back and I get nothing???? 
Yeah. Get to work slaves.
but not.

Guys letters are the only excitement I get!  Especially on weeks like this..it was rough!! 
So there is my soap box.

*Steps off of soap box*

Next item of business:

People here think it's real cool to ask me to say the prayer. Every prayer. So that's my job here. Its what I'm good for now days. That been fun. Every meeting I go to I can guarantee I pray at it. 

Thanks for the Christmas gifts as well! We got spoiled this Christmas from the members they are awesome!!

Hey can you like send me Pinterest quotes or something? Church ones of course. I like em. 
Mom - Just pinterest search it. 
i miss that thing.

A lady from Deseret book emailed me about my mission video.  She wanted to write an article about it and such cool huh? Except I just barely got the email, so that is unfortunate. old news. oh well. it was good while it lasted. the video had about 3k views??

Also a sweet soul emailed me this way kind email about missionary work and how she found my Instagram and reads my blog so good work updating those mom! She was way nice and told me about her daughter who just got  her call and how the world needs good examples! it was way nice and made my day. my blog has over 18 thousand views!! so keep it up! thanks again for taking time to edit it all!

We have two youth girls who are on date for baptism. Hopefully all works out it's a rough situation. I met their Grandma and we had a really good talk...about men! Grandma has a boyfriend. So we talked about boys, and the two girls and how they need to date good boys. It was a good talk and I agree with her!! 

Date good boys! It made me incredibly happy to know I have such good friends (boy/friends) and brothers! And an awesome Dad!!! Who all Honor and Respect the Priesthood and are such good examples to me. 

A lot of people, especially out here don't have that! I am so blessed to have such amazing men in my life! Moral of the story.... (Makenna) date good boys. not dumb ones. Don't get stuck with the dumb ones. I sure love my dad and brothers and (boyfriend) and grandpas and uncles and cousins and..................
all those good men in my life who are good examples and treat their families good! 
I love you all!

Alright so Monday we went to old town it was cute.... we got three new investigators in three hours!! T. and C. are my top dogs. They are awesome. T. has never been baptized (she is C. mom) and she is just Golden. She understands a lot of what we teach and we've had some really good discussions. C. struggles with understanding why God gives us trials and stuff like that. 
 Faith stuff. So... we are working with them and we love them. The third was N....we were actually teaching her sister (K. who came to church this week woo-hoo!!!) and she told us she was nonconvertible...... but now she set up an appointment with us.  So we will see where this goes!!

Sorry I'm running out of time...

Tues. / Wed. was Christmas we went to members house's and did a service project for the Bishop whose wife has cancer. They are awesome. I rode a massive rope swing that scared the Heavens out of me and I'm shocked I'm still alive (pictures to come)

Friday we had expectations meeting it was grand. We played basketball with President Riggs....... it was one of the more difficult things I've ever done.  Considering basketball is a contact sport and WE are not allowed to make contact. AND I was in a skirt. AND President is TEN feet tall??

After that it was a slow weekend and I got sick.  So its been rough BUT we are gonna kick some butt this week.

And we had an investigator come to church.


Pray for us.

That's all for now folks I'll send pictures in a letter / SD card tonight!

I love you all.

Missions are HARD.
BUT the LITTLE things make it worth it.

Stay Golden.

Write me letters


Love sista stooook
(December 30, 2013 via e-mail)

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