The first letter arrives...

Bishop Stucki (Dad), Sister Stucki, President Topham
Madison is now OFFICIALLY a Missionary.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 9:30 pm

Wednesday morning came with a huge snowstorm,
but we did not want Madison to be disappointed...so we went anyways!

At the Provo temple.....freezing, 
I think she is rethinking her wardrobe choices.

These two will miss each other.

They talked about him going in her extra suitcase.

Madison's host at the MTC dropoff .  She was so nice and excited to help Madison.
(this sister is going to Korea)

We were given 2 1/2 minutes to say goodbye.

Madison & Dad.  I  (mom) totally lost it.
She was telling Dad, "get her out of here!"
Madison does not like getting emotional.
I love and miss my daughter.
I'm Alive.....
what great words for a mother to hear.

     I have approximately 5 seconds to write you all a letter before breakfast here.  I AM alive.  So that is cool.  The MTC is crazy...so busy and so stressful.  But the "residence hall" is neat and I like it.

     There are 4 girls in my room.  We got lucky cause there are 6 beds, so we have tons of extra room.  One of the Sisters, Sister Haley Swenson went to High School with me.  Sister Robinson (her companion) is from Portland.    
We met our Branch Presidency.  The Elders gave some of the girls blessings.  Which was really neat.  My District probably has more Sisters than Elders.

     So far I've seen Calea Bagley, Conner Mitchell, Dallin Holt, Chad Soloman...and this kid I met playing bball w/Parker Feltner. (but I forgot his name - he was PV's star bball player)  oops! Ya.

     Also several people have confronted me about my missionary video and my Instagram.  So I laughed at that. 

     Also, something kinda cool...actually I'll just tell you all the nitty gritty stuff in my e-mail Tuesday cause I can type faster and I gotta run.  I'm very uh...mixed feelings about this whole MTC thing.  Some things I love, others I dislike so bad.    

Well love you all! I'll e-mail ya soon bye.
Love Sis Stucki 
(Friday, December 6, 2013)

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