Dear younger sister...

A few more pictures from the MTC

Sister's Swenson, Robinson, Stucki, & Gray

Thank you for your letter.  Yeah...you can ask me whatever.  Just make me a list and I will answer them the best I can.  No. I'm not stressed out.  It's just different here. We are in our own little bubble.  I'm more stressed for DC. That's where the real work starts.

Dad told me church was cancelled.  I've heard some kids were snowboarding down main street and all kinds of weird stuff.  Pretty crazy.  Happy Birthday - next week.  I'll be in DC by then freezing, so wish me luck!  I will get to Skype you guys pretty soon - I imagine.  

I hope I get a good companion in DC.  Missions definitely are NOT easy.Not what I was anticipating at all.  But I have met a lot of new people and learned a lot of new things.  Our investigator "M". is our practice investigator played by Bro. B.  My companion and I were stumped and he pulled us out and said he is stumped too, because in all his teaching no one has gotten this far with "M."  So he invited us to pray about what we should say and we pulled together a pretty good discussion in the end.

Anyways a lot of funny stuff has happened.  Our District is pretty awesome.  
Hopefully you are doing good in school and are getting along well with your friends.  

Write me back.  Tell everyone Hi! 
I love You!
Love Sister Stucki
(December 14, 2013)

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