"If you choose it to be so"

Mom - I will answer questions first.

I just don't really spend money. I had a little extra on my mission card because of the baggage things but it's like gone.  I ran out this month. I have a little bit of cash...I haven't really bought much. Just food. I bought a couple cute hoodies / sweaters from DC  and Virginia Tech. But yeah as for money... just trying not to spend so much! 

Music... could you send me a CD holder to put them all in.  I'll keep them for the future and send the cases home to take up less space?  That would be nice. Kinda a big one. It really depends on the person.  We can listen to whatever 'Brings you closer to Christ' which in my opinion is approved but others disagree. So whatever! 

Yeah the Insta comment is fine.  That is her thing.  As long as there isn't an actual picture of her! Mostly just be careful about what you post on the blog as far as personal stories go.

Mission conference.  Still no technology. A General Authority came and spoke.  That was cool! It was Elder Gifford Nielson? President spoke as well. Just about goals and such. 

It did snow again here.  Not as bad and it's not very cold today.  We couldn't drive but we didn't have to stay inside.  We went out and worked. 

The Beattys and the Thatchers are awesome! I love them. They are our go to families.  They always feed us and they are so nice and friendly and awesome!! Both of them love us so much. Like SOOO much. It's good. Oh yeah the piano video on Instagram and Facebook??  hahahaha. I don't think I can put it on MY Facebook but I'm glad they put it on (: Brother Beatty is a musical genius and he was like, "here lemme teach ya some stuff!"  So that happened.  Super Great. They are to cool. Glad you liked it! She was excited to post it for you (: Venesa's cousin?? I just know they are originally from STG and I know his niece that lives with them. She went to my High school. So yeah.  Small world.

I'm glad Dad is feeling better too.  I got the package with the blanket and stuff thank you!! 
I love the blanket!! Okay. So that's your response.  

Here's my weeks rundown...

We went to DC. It was cool.  We checked out some museums the Metro was the best part though.  Soo.... that is that. OH OH OH... so we are in the 'War Zone' of one of the museum's, Right? Some dude...walks up behind me WHISPERS IN MY EAR 'What's so Civil about The Civil War?"


So he was just creeping hard core.  Like following us! And I started talking to him awkwardly and told him I was a Missionary (as Sister Schramm is just cracking up) and he was like in complete disgust and told me he wasn't in the mood for being converted. OKAY YOU TALKED TO ME.  WHAT ARE YOU IN THE MOOD FOR HOMEBOY??  It was Super Creepy and Violating. Anyways, that was my DC Experience.  We met lots of Mormons and lots of people who asked us about Mormons so it was interesting.  And we had lots of fun!

It snowed and there was ice.  We went to District meeting and ate at Olive Garden which was fun! We couldn't drive the rest of the day.  We still went out and worked.  We visited some closer people that live in our complex. It was cooolllddd.

Was still snowy. We went tracting! We met lots of Awesome people.  We went on visits with a Ward Member and met with one of our ladies we've been trying to meet with forever. We cleared up a lot of questions about Cults and Polygamy and stuff.  The usual controversial stuff. We gave her a Book of Mormon.

Tracting again. BUT the Lord rewarded our finding efforts. We found J.!  From Costa Rica!  It was a Crazy experience because he told us in that FIRST little get together that he "felt the Spirit and saw the Light of Christ in our eyes"???  Like who is this guy right? He told us he wants to come to church and would be baptized. If he knew it was true! So we were Super Stoked. We also went to one of our less actives houses that night.  We met her son and he is now on date for baptism for February 21! He is Awesome! 

We taught N. who again accepted a conditional baptismal invite. Really people just need to Actually Read and Pray.  Do their part. Which is frustrating.  But they'll get it.  We started talking about marriage and families and K. told me I look like I'll be a "Victoria Beckham" mom walking around in high heels all like 'aight kids lets go'  It was funny. I laughed?  Probably won't happen.  But it never hurts to dream right? ;)  Kidding.  I'm glad somebody thinks I dress halfway decent.  We have no time to get ready!! 

We also visited E.  who actually answered her door!! 
It was super cool because we haven't seen her forever and her brother R. was there. He told us how his wife was reading the Book of Mormon before she died. Crazy Stuff.  So we have another appointment with them. It will be good.  I feel it. They are awesome. They told us about how they heard gunshots the other night and we needed to be safe.  It was late at night so they all but ushered us out their back door and walked us to our car. Such nice people, right? ALSO super sketchy. That neighborhood is an interesting one. But we were so happy to have talked to them and found him!

Mission Conference and we also went to a baptism for Sister Schramms past investigator in Kingstown. We stopped by J. house but he wasn't able to make it to church Sunday because of family problems.  He had to head out to New York.. sadly.

WAS CRAZY we had a GREAT turn out at church.  The best this transfer! Lots of our investigators came including D. and the girls, some less actives and H.  It was WONDERFUL.  Quite a few didn't show though. We have to make a decision to drop some people this week if they don't keep commitments.  We realize we need to be spending our time with people who are willing and ready to repent and change.  It's rough.
We visited the Beattys last night and they made scones.  Which was awesome!! We haven't had those in ages. We also made that video and etc. They are awesome.

We stopped by to visit K. and challenged her and set up a new appointment with T. & S. to give them the First lesson.  Finally. 
It was a busy day.  Crazy stuff happened.

Now for a quick soap opera rant..............
*dun dun dun*

Today I read the article by Elder Holland. "The Miracle of a Mission"

BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN. I love that man. He talked about lots of things.  But one that really stuck out to me was serving your Full Time. I've been seeing and hearing about lots of Missionaries coming home early...... which breaks my heart. 

He talks about how we are engaged in Saving the Human Soul.  Which is the Highest and Holiest Work in the Universe.  It is the thing that GOD HIMSELF said was His Work and His Glory. 18 MONTHS. NOT FIFTEEN, NOT ELEVEN, NOT SIX. 
He says to

start fast
run hard
and to the tape
you can rest later


He talks about struggles.  His struggles.  Even struggles of Past Prophets. And if the President of the church can struggle, we can struggle. 

Write in your journal and move on, Forget Yourself and Go to Work! 

He also told of an experience when somebody asked if he would die for the church. He said, "that's easy, that is the snap.  What God really needs is somebody who will live for the church. People who are willing to go the distance, in the race and get to the tape."

AH. Holland. That man. Gets me every time. That's huge. It's true. Missions are hard!
We struggle.  But we need people to get to the tape and rest later. I want to be one of those people. Finish strong ya know? I encourage all to do the same.  Mentally prepare yourself.  Get ready for this. 
It's a big deal.

My second shpeel here is personal.  BUT I feel like I can share a couple things. 
About a Patriarchal Blessing. USE IT!  Study it!  Remember it!
I went through mine the other day and I encourage future missionaries to do the same thing. 
1.) Find your catch phrase 
2.) Your Talents 
3.) Warnings 
4.) Motivation
 Find those things in Your Blessing and Remember them.  Strive to incorporate them in your Daily lives.

One thing that stuck out in mine was the phrase
"if you choose it to be so...''
It hit me like a ton of bricks. There are so many things that God can bless us with... 
"if we choose it to be so"

You can choose whether you want to be ready to accept responsibilities, leadership and experience.  It is our choice. I also pulled several 'talents' or things he has blessed me with from my blessing. I had to laugh because some of them.....just made me laugh BUT they are things I am going to work on because I know it is inspired by God.  My blessing goes on to give warnings and advice such as being cheerful, humble and prayerful.  Going forward with faith and confidence.  Not fearing. That is huge.

Go forward with faith and confidence in all that you do.
Accept everything cheerfully, humbly, prayerfully and without fear. 

That can apply to everyone and I love it.  It's true.

Also a bit of advice for the future missionary......
sticky. notes. I use them everywhere and for everything. In my scriptures.  In my journals.  In notes.  In letters home. In the front of my planner there is probably thirty sticky notes I peel out and use every single day. Invest in sticky notes.

I think you guys are all great and I love you all so much! Thanks for reading and keeping up with me and sending me lots of love and support and letters. It makes my day every time without fail!!! You guys are the greatest and I love to hear form you all. I'll send pictures via Facebook 

love sister stucki
(via email January 27, 2014)

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