Just Try Your Best...

What? A Canadian Accent?
Sister Stucki & Sister Schramm

Christmas Eve Pajamas from members:)

Christmas Day phone call home

Christmas Day - Sis. Schramm teaching Sis. Stucki how to make cinnamon rolls
then they delivered to people

Cutest girls

Oki doki Fam Bam....

Quick List... Please send me.....
My Pepper Spray
Pinterest Workouts
Ensigns / New Eras / Conference Talks etc...
Mini Hymnbook I can carry around

So this week was just Grand. 
I've been asked if Mormons are allowed to dance?  
If I can dye my hair?  
If I'm allowed to wear makeup? 
If I'm from Canada? BECAUSE apparently I have a Canadian accent.
I've been asked if I'm allowed to wear pants?
If I shower in my underwear?
and here comes the boom....


Yeah. I'm a nun in training. I never want to get married.


I was thrown off. But it's okay.  They all brought along new teaching opportunities. So that's great. And I have a Canadian accent so that's great?

Last preparation day I bought a new coat. It keeps me warm and was needed so that's that!  Don't send me coats. I got it on deck.  Thank you!

Tuesday... we taught N. She is awesome and we love her. She always told us she was nonconvertible.  We were teaching her sister but one day she said that "another religion" came over and was harassing her.  She wanted some answers to some questions and set up an appointment.  We taught her the Restoration.  She is wonderful. So many questions.  We love her so much. It was New Years Eve so we went home earlier than usual because we had an earlier curfew...people got crazy, crazy!

Wednesday... New Years Day. Everyone on earth (sort of ) was drunk or high or stoned or laying in the middle of the street (literally).  So it was Interesting. Hence.......send me my pepper spray! Thanks. 

We met these two wonderful ladies who told us to go around a certain way -  out of a neighborhood.  They told us not to come back for a while because their neighbors were drug lab...people... Whatever... SO that was great.  As we were leaving all these cops came and busted them. Super awkward.  On our way out this creep from a two story window was BLATANTLY staring at us while smoking SOMETHING and it was super creepy and uncomfortable. BUT as we were leaving the neighborhood we met T.  he was out smoking.  We asked him how he was doing and he said 'alright.'  We said, "ALRIGHT IT'S NEW YEARS?!?! and he said, "like yeah but I'm still smoking."


We were like WELL MAN today's your Lucky Day because we have something that will help you quit. He laughed.  But by the end of that conversation we committed him to a return appointment and coming to church. We'll see how that goes in the future.  He was awesome.  Good talk.

We also ran into this guy who was laying in a pile of leaves on the street. Totally drunk.  Probably won't remember anything I said but I gave him a mormon.org card and bailed out. He wanted me to chastise his pasture for not being a true Christian...I passed. 

We also hit up Cafe Rio and guess what??? WE GOT PAID FOR.  Probably because you paid for those missionaries at Jimmy Johns the other day mom So good call (: Nice people.

Thursday:  It snowed!!!! So we walked through a blizzard and yeah. Real Mission Experience. We met a lady who is going through a lot of family problems but we set a return appointment to talk with her nieces and help them out they are eight and nine. I'm super stoked to meet them!!!! She was awesome.

Friday: We gave a Spanish referral for a lady named M. that we met to the Elders and she is GOLDEN. They said they have had tons of success teaching her and she's so excited to learn more as well as her family so I'm glad somebody is finding success from our efforts.
Also I learned it is crucial to have the Spirit with you at all times.  It really is!!!  We were at a members home who told us this freaky, unnecessary story and the spirit just LEFT. COMPLETELY!  I've never felt that...EVER! Maybe it's because we are always so focused on our purpose we always have it.  When she told that story my heart sunk.  The rest of the night was just sketch. WAY SKETCH. 

Mom: side note for you - a lot of this stuff gets personal so I can't really post it on the blog. But like yeah I have a lot of interesting stories but I feel like they are to personal to share for some people.  I will write you a handwritten letter or something that you don't need to post later yeah?  K cool.  Sorry I'm not going into depth about this week!  


We had lots of fall through's this week.  Everyone seems to be busy with the Holidays but hopefully next week will be better.  Yeah? 

Funny story... we found this random number in our car and decided to call it.  The lady thought we were Nationwide... it was really awkward.  She was getting all frustrated and was like,  "WHAT IS THIS ABOUT???"  Sister Shcramm said, "Nothing, I  mean...GOD!" 
It was funny. 
A had to be there moment?

One thing I have come to realize this week is that you can have fun and be a Mormon!!  It is NOT that hard to make it back to God.  The commandments are here to PROTECT us.  I've seen that so much out here. I'm so HAPPY with the way I have lived my life.  Where I'm at.  And Where I'm going.  God makes it possible for ALL of us to get back to him.  All we have to do is TRY our best and use the tools he has given us. 
What it comes down to is US being lazy.  
Just get up and try! 
If you make a mistake - there is The Atonement. 
Just try your best. 
People don't get that!!

Also I've learned to talk to everyone..literally...and be humble.  Humility is huge.  For everyone.  A lot of people won't even give us the time of day. They have no idea what they are missing out on!  If they would just PRAY ABOUT IT.  or READ.  or just...ya know??  I read this quote:

Future missionaries listen up...

"If they receive not your testimony in one place, flee to another, remembering to cast no reflections nor throw out any bitter satyings. If you do your duty it will be just as well with you as though all men embraced the gospel."  (Teachings of Joseph Smith)

Good one eh?  It has helped me lots. 

Grandpa & Grandma Stucki for the letter!! 
Grandpa & Grandma Tippetts for every Oreo invented.
The Brooks family.
Madison Wogksch for the Christmas letter / package / twitter memes. 
i love you. i love you. i love you. 
i have not laughed that hard in a month 
(Saturday was my month-o-versary everyone -  thank you thank you)
Makenna for the letter - I will write you today (: 
JENNA. for the Pine View Pizza Factory update. holy. cow. 
I'm crying.  Like what??

I got spoiled with letters this week. So awesome.  Keep 'em comin' homes.

It makes my week! Well we are splitting our e-mail time in half today because my companion is getting her hair done.  So I'll maybe be back later to send pictures and stuff. Stay tuned.
but for now 

love you all!!

Sister Stucki
(January 6, 2014)

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