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How can you study without Oreos?
Thanks Grandma & Grandpa

This is actually Madison before she left in SLC
- but I (Mom) just like looking at her pictures

Yes Mom.  It is getting COLD!


Yup! SWEET. I haven't gotten Spencer's letter from you yet, your mail takes FOREVER TO GET HERE. But I have his address and got a letter from him and he is alive!! Just way snowed in I guess? Poor guy. He thinks it's cold here too but really it's like sixty degrees today..haha.hahaha.ha. I'll just pretend I'm cold too. So he feels better. Yeah? Cool. Whatta guy.

Kinda a question / answer section but I'm including it just for memories later:
COOL. Before you send I need some stuff! My shoe size is like six-seven ish. We aren't getting technology until like February now lame huh? But as for Facebook rules..I have to fulfill my purpose! So if you have referrals or want to talk about Jesus we can chat on Facebook! But not about family things or just 'things' ya know? The rules on pictures and stuff are pretty specific that's why I still have you run my blog...and for times sake. We can be on an hour a day. We're doing a cool Facebook thing with the members me and my companion thought of I'll tell you about later.

Yeah Spencer is dying it's so cold. It's okay. It'll be good for him! (D&C 121 hahahaha...too soon?) It's not that cold here...the weather is insane some days it's freezing like 2 degrees but today it is like sixty so that's cool. VA IS CRAZY. Good I like pictures keep sending those. and pepper spray and hymn book yes that'd be grand!! We get $175.00 a month for 'purpose' things such as food and necessities. We get fed TONS HERE. I need workout ideas....I'm probably getting fat.  So stop sending me good things such as oreos plz I have so much girth. We started a girth cupboard. I want to look good for the boyz when I get back like now I don't care because I'm a missionary... but k this is awkward. I'm going to stop I don't want to be fat. bottom line!

Christine and family are awesome!!!! That's hilarious. Gosh. I have so many people I could potentially let down. That's awkward. Inspiration I guess? COOL. Love them. Oh if you could find a map of my mission / Virginia that's kinda big-ish that'd be great so I can start marking my areas? I have no idea where I am... its weird.

So here is a list of things you could potentially send me at some point if you need package ideas 
because I need them sort of....
3 ring binder (fat one)
clear page holders (for the binder)
another college ruled notebook, lots of lined paper!! 
also if you find any cute notebook things at Ross plz send i use lots and lots of paper!!
a quilt (: or cute throw blanket that matches my black and white theme. everyone has cute quilts and stuff i feel like a loser kind of. not really but still. IF YOU WANT.
plan of salvation visual-if you have time these are super helpful when teaching to have a visual!!! 
all cut out and laminated. that would be GREAT.
Jesus pictures!
Jesus the Christ books in my room that I packed!!!
carmex lip balm, chapstick without flavor, just the minty kind.

Alright as for this week...

Monday was preparation day and I didn't hear from Spencer so that was kind of really sad! And then we went on splits with a young lady and her driving was super sketchy. But it was fun to be in a different car wtih a different person. She likes to memorize poetry and she is a big reader. Reading is good. I forgot other books existed. Like classics and George Orwell stuff? yeah she said she didn't like that stuff. 
BUT I REMEMBERED I DID. so that was a plus... #n3rdlife 

Also I bought some cool pants at TJ Maxx and I can't ever wear them so I just wear them to bed to make myself feel better. I refuse to forget pants. I love pants.

Tuesday was district meeting. We talked about our mission goal which is basically doubling the amount of baptism's we had last year. I'M PUMPED. We have two baptisms this week. A. & M.  Missionaries have been teaching them since last year and they are finally getting baptized Saturday so pray all goes well and it doesn't snow.  We don't want any more holdups! I'll send pictures. They are younger like youth age, but super awesome girls. 

2014 is the hastening of the work! Its going to be a big deal! So if you're thinking about going on a mission...GO NOW.  Because you are going to want to be a part of this. Its huge. So much is going to happen. And that's a promise from the President (of the church) SERIOUSLY. 

Our investigator N. accepted a conditional invite to be baptized. She said if she gets an answer and knows it's true she will be! It makes me so happy! She is so determined to find the gospel and to raise her daughter in it and I love her so much. I have so much Faith in her and Hope she understands and grows to love the gospel more and more and realizes the blessings that will come from it. 

Another lady named W. is going to visit Utah soon! and be re baptized! So that's cool I hope she moves there and gets married to a momo boy (momo comes form the w. family thanks guys) we also taught a lady named D. and her two nieces and her son so they are all new investigators. She is so awesome. Her son survived cancer at a young age AND diabetes. Like overcame it. He was thinking about going Atheist but we told him HE IS A MIRACLE AND HAS A GREAT WORK TO DO!! He realized that and committed to pray (: he is great! Their whole family is such an inspiration to me!

Wednesday we did service for K. who is an investigator and has TONS OF STUFF. Her house is just full of stuff!!! So we were helping her clean out and throw away things we got a lot done. Her house is huge and in the middle of a forest its so pretty (that is where we took the sword pics and etc.) she said she has tons of power ranger collectibles or something and if she found them she would give them to me to send to Eli ;) so pray she finds them whatever they are!! We also planned the baptism for A. & M. and we went on an exchange. I went to Gainsville with Sister Hills and met some cool people from Norway?  They were GOLDEN. Spent the night there...

Thursday, came back to M. (where I am). we also went on another exchange with a laurel from a different ward. We had some really good talks and such. BUT Sister Schramm gave her some advice:
"to cherish moments with her parents!"
And it really got us thinking. We both decided it would be super nice if we could just call up mom and be like 'ayy lets go shopping' or 'hey dad wanna go out to lunch?!" 
We miss our parents! 
And my advice to any CRAZY  teenager that is a KNOW-IT-ALL and thinks they are right.... 
Cherish every moment with your parents because they are getting old too 
(sorry. not sorry mom.  it's true. like I'm almost twenty. holy cow) 
So be grateful for what y'all have is what I'm trying to say.

Friday we met a lady who referred herself on mormon.org so that was cool. She was super nice to us and is a new investigator as well.  SO MANY NEW INVESTIGATORS. She was a huge sweetheart and had cool dogs, huskies to be specific. Also I got letters from Spencer saying he was alive so that was good to know! ;)

Saturday we did tons of member visits and talked about online proselyting. Me and my companion are doing this new thing.  To get the members involved in missionary work and online proselyting! We teach a principle to the family, they take a picture, tag us on facebook, testify and hashtag it 

Basically this involves them and helps get a bunch of principles rolling online for everyone to see! Especially all of their friends who may be interested in the gospel! We are tagged in it so they know who to ask if they have any questions or want discussions. So you'll probably start seeing a bunch of pictures from members go up on my Facebook.  Feel free to add them if you don't feel weird about it! Saturday had a bunch of fall through's so we did a lot of tracting. I got yelled at by a guy which wasn't very fun. Usually people see the sweet innocent sisters and are just like 'hey look not to be rude but I'm not interested' and shut the door or something. NO...this guy SCREAMED at us. It was crazy. Ghetto neighborhood for you. Hopefully he will come to Jesus. I mean goodness gracious you could have just gone inside and shut the door man!

Sunday was sooo busy. We had ward council, visited S. & T. church, quick lunch (at the church) met with K. N. & L. who directed us to this lady who had lost a loved one. Mrs. R., who is now a new investigator. Then we went to D. and the kids and then Brother D.!  All in one day. Lots of stuff happened! Hopefully all is well in Zion and they start progressing it up. I wish I had more time to go into detail but it's personal and I need  to email my Mission President. I have an interview this week

*dun dun dun*****

No just kidding President Riggs is awesome. He really is such a good guy! and his wife is the sweetest thing! Such a cool mission.  I Love it. I know I'm supposed to be here! Which bring some to my next point/quote!

"It is true that God may have called you to be exactly where you are...but it is absolutely vital to grasp that he didn't call you so you could settle in and live your life in comfort and superficial peace" 

Seriously though guys yeah you might be at the right place and and the right time but you better do something about it so get off the couch and do some missionary work ya crazies!!

Until then


sister stucki
(via e-mail January 13, 2014)

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