A Snowy Week...

in DC South...


a tragedy has happened....
We are in a HUGE hurry and I forgot my beloved notepad at home where I keep a detailed record of everything that went on in my week.

So I apologize that you won't get a complete rundown of this past week considering my memory withholds approximately  2% of the information I gather throughout my days. So Mother, thanks for the items you sent.  
Thanks also to Kylie for the letter! I read it and just laughed. I miss you my home girl!!! The whole time I was just thinking "WHY did Troy and Becky move to Boise?  They ruined my childhood!" Just kidding. But really. I miss Kylie! Also I got letters from Spencer, Eli...mom...mom...very kind humans that read my blog (: 

Also I have this massive box sitting next to me that I just picked up and I don't really know who it's from or what is inside of it.  So stay tuned for next week ;) I'm thinking it's probably Tammy's 72 hour kit you told me about? I haven't opened it yet though so I'll let you know!!
Also I'm super bummed that you didn't get my missionary tag!!! Somebody probably stole it and they are faking my identity out there in the United States Postal Service....
Definitely try to locate.  It cost me mooolah.

So today we went to the temple and that is why we are running behind and I forgot all my stuff. Our dear friend Momma Thatcher took us to MARYLAND.  We went to a session and also did initiatory. It was...really pretty ;)  Seriously.  The DC temple is six stories tall and it is humongous and very expensive looking. So that was neat.  It was gorgeous.

This week it snowed.  So we got kind of locked down.  We couldn't drive our cars. It was super cold and it snowed tons. We spent a day doing service by shoveling people out of the snow. At the end of the day I happened to lose my name tag.  (ironic.  I know.) So we back tracked looking for it.  Kind of assuming we wouldn't find it in the snow. But I had this feeling to just look over in this random track of boot prints and low and behold - It was inside a boot hole in the snow!!! Crazy huh? I was super glad I found it considering I don't have another one at the moment. It was a neat little experience right there (: 

Also that was the day I made the video on my Facebook.  It's cute huh? (:

Hector's baptism was this week. It went awesome! There were some people at the church filming a video about new converts.  They were going to show at the Adult session of Stake Conference.  They ended up getting footage of Hector.  They also made an appointment with him to interview him and his family.  They are going to show it at Stake Conference to help inspire people. Sister Shcramm and I are in it! We are so proud of our little Hector! First day as a new member and already a little movie star inspiring people. (*tear*)   What a stud. He wore the tie you sent and he was super stoked about it because he doesn't have very many ties (:

This week was really sad because we had some awesome lessons and then got dropped. So....that was crushing. I think my hearts only been crushed one other time that bad. Sad huh? It was discouraging a little bit but...we are just going to keep working harder!

Yes a lot of the members come out on "splits" with us I guess you can call them. They just come with us because right now its SUPER important to get the members actively engaged in missionary work. We take girls out in Young Women's in both wards.  As well as the Relief Society sisters.  Which is awesome. We also have lessons at members homes with people.

I knew about the murderer in our area. Don't worry mom I watched enough 24, NCIS, The Following and Burn Notice to know the ropes. I was running around the neighborhoods with my pepper spray and a pen. Back against the wall at all times!!  So nobody could sneak up on me. 

My companion thought I was crazy. 
But when she found out he was holding hostages the next night she caught my drift. ugh. such a rookie.:)

No I was kidding about the boyfriend thing in Zone Sports. Lots of people actually have boyfriends / girlfriends out here.  I just don't want President to think it's an issue. BECAUSE it's NOT.  Right now lots of people are going home because of homesickness. LOTS of people. So he is getting uptight about Facebook and other such things. I obey all the rules!  So it shouldn't be a problem.  But sometimes that's an awkward thing to bring up because everybody always automatically assumes I'd be homesick. But I'm not.  and he's on a mission. and he's not.

Zone Sports was pretty fun. I've gotten to know a lot of the Missionaries better.  Finally! I'm not the newbie anymore which is nice. There was another transfer and we have several new people in our zone. After this transfer I'll be done training HALLELUJAH. Just kidding.  That means off into the real world of missionary work.

This week on Tuesday I have an exchange with a Sister but she's coming to My Area and I have to lead out. So wish me luck. I'll have to plan the day way good with addresses and stuff because I still don't know the area very well. I mean lets be honest I lived in St. George for nineteen years and still had to call you to find out how to get to some places.  ya know? no?  k.

No we didn't get in trouble with the police. Because they couldn't find us.......;) We left that up to the Mission Department to take care of! Fortunately. Yeah the guy is a crazy. Apparently he sits up in his trees with a gun because he's prejudice or something??   Idk. But we marked that as a NO contact house for safety precautions. He'll find Jesus eventually. ha ha. Well got that one marked off of the bucket list!

I love driving!! 
We switch off every day. I just had to sign some thing about driving rules. I READ IT. It's in my desk of things to read...somewhere..yeah anyways.

Dad, thanks!  The video was pretty sweet huh? I'm going to try to put one together of Hector's baptism.  ( if I have time). Hectors baptism was AWESOME. Yeah it is still pretty cold. I mean the weather is all over the place here but there is snow everywhere. We met some new people while shoveling and made appointments to go visit them.  They live around our neighborhood. 

I love you all.  Keep sending letters and lots of  love.  I'll send pictures via Facebook in a minute (:
love sister stucki
(via e-mail February 17, 2014)

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