Some Advice...

"Don't worry about being perfect, 
Worry about being YOU." 

Week 11 Continued...

So when we were practice teaching this week and the Assistants were listening in.  Elder Riggs gave me some advice that I think is great and would be appropriate to share with anyone and everyone.  Especially those planning on serving a mission. 

He said "Don't worry about being perfect, worry about being you." 

So many people, sisters, everyone, worry about being the perfect missionary. 

God didn't call you to go out and be another Robot missionary.  
He called you to go out and be you.  
So you can connect with people that we otherwise wouldn't be able to.  

There was a quote I heard in Relief Society once and they said,  
"There is a way to reach every human heart, 
it is our business to find that way to the hearts 
of those of whom you are called."  

Which is so true. 

Everyone is going to be different and there are people only specific missionaries are really going to be able to connect with. 

So be you!! Don't worry about being perfect.  

You are never going to get there. In this life anyways ;)

Sister Stucki
(email February 24, 2014)

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