Week 11...

We Are Children of a Loving Heavenly Father

We were singing to a Sister...I guess she didn't like it(?)

My Valentines Kiss :)

Our couch has a gross sheet over it...
so we started writing the "best lines" we get from people on it.

Thanks for writing me!

I try to write you back

Hi Family,

So this week was greeeaaaaaaaatttttttttt.
(aka - difficult)

I got a haircut..it was supposed to be a trim.  But she chopped a hundred years off of it so that was cool. Pictures to come soon. We are at the library today so it won't let us upload anything but you'll get pictures other ways eventually.  

Be patient, it's a virtue. We went to the DC temple with Sister Thatcher. She is a Saint. We love her. It's like a hundred stories tall I swear. It's pretty sweet though! Very updated.  The STG temple is ancient...#loveit

We went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders and I had to lead out:/ It was quite the experience. There is this area known for its crime rate / murder rate called G. I've heard stories about it. Nobody is allowed in there past dark and Sisters are advised not to go in at all. 
Anyways we got lost and as were driving.  
I saw this sick street name and I was like 
"Hey! look! Hood street! Lets take a picture!"
Then I was like wait a second..I've heard stories about Hood street...
Then I was like oh shoot...Sister S. we are on Hood street

*dun dun dun*

Yeah we bailed out of there purdy quick.

On Tuesday we also met with the R. family and they are so awesome. They are converts and have the coolest conversion story ever. They are so sick. The Spirit is so strong in their home.  Which is Amazing. 

They told us all about their conversion.  The wife was about to become a Preacher for a different church.  She preached about how God loves us and they were just like uhhhh no - because they were more about fire and brimstone ish. She was super upset about that...
...and then low and behold the missionaries knocked on her door and of course the first thing they say is 

We are Children of a LOVING Heavenly Father.  

She was converted Instantly. So it was pretty sweet. 
We have lots of awesome members in our ward like that.

We did service at K.  house and she gave us all this spray paint because she was just gonna trash it!!! I was like dude we can paint our table. Cool eh?  That's what I think. Wednesday was a long night. Lots of drops and door slams. and crazy people. yeah enough said there.

We had Zone Conference which went from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon..........talk about long day it was like General Conference all in one sitting. We had to practice teach too. The Assistants to the President sat in on both of my practice teaches which was super awkward?? We had dinner at the T. house.  We talked to a lot of  'already decided' religion people.

We weekly planned and got dropped by just about everyone! no bueno.

We accidentally knocked on the wrong door when we were checking on some people and we met 'S' and his family. They are from Syria. We asked if we could pray with them. They said if they could pray their way first.  So they did. The Muslim prayer thing.  I think they are Muslim. I don't even know. All I know is they pulled out rugs and started washing their feet and faces and stuff. 

It was interesting. 
They were really nice. 
It was a very interesting lesson.  
He had a hold up on Prophets because he believes only Jesus Christ and Muhammad were Prophets. It was the first time he had ever heard of Modern Prophets. 

We also stopped by our Ward Party. It was a dinner dance. So we ate dinner and bailed because it was so awkward! 

We had Ward council and then we went and picked up our good friend S.  
(: funniest thing ever. I guess we never mentioned church was 3 hours long. And we were staying:)

Later that night we had our little miracle! 

We stopped by a less actives house we've been trying to visit with named N. She was finally home!  We stopped and talked to her and the conversation went into Rock Climbing.  Her friend came over that was a rock climber and we showed him a Mormon message...about rock climbing. weird right? yeah. 

Well anyways come to find out he has had Mormon friends and was interested to learn more. So we talked to him about it.  He was on his way to Las Vegas to climb so he has this long flight and he said he will read the Book of Mormon on the flight. Sweet. Right? Yeah.  We thought so too. He was awesome. We are going to talk with him next week. 

That was our little tender mercy after a ridiculous week! 
Plus it was sixty degrees yesterday so that was convenient.

Also..I'm out of Oreos. It's a problem. 
I'm getting fat but I can't live without Oreos. 

Thanks for running the blog and all you do. I'm still getting some awesome emails from blogger and readers and girls getting ready to go on missions which is great!! There are a lot of girls in our Ward that go out on splits with us and are thinking about going on missions now too! Which is fantastic. I love hearing that. It is so great that we can be an example as well. 

So that's my weekly rundown. It was quite the interesting week! 

Missions are so awesome!

Sister Stucki
(email February 24, 2014)

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