Where is the LOVE?

P-day in DC we visited a few museums...

The Hope Diamond

Sebastien Bourdon "The Finding of Moses"

Was a very chill P-reperation day.  I took a nap. (finally) We visited A. & M. who just got baptized. I taught A. some stuff on the guitar..a little bit. Ha. Some Tay Swift Stuff! We had a little Jam Sesh. #bondingmoment it was presh. Then we stopped by Bishops and finalized all the baptism papers and stuff...and visited the T. family!
Was District Meeting. We had lunch with The District at Firehouse Subs.  I talked to Elder Black about Dylan.  So he should be adding him on Facebook and talking to him soon (:  Elder Black likes trucks.  I don't understand anything he says.  I was like Dude...talk to my brotha. So he's gonna do that. 

We had dinner at the O. house.  Which was fun. We also dropped some people. Which was sad.  They are going to have a baby soon and they are always so busy and are not progressing at all. We will probably stop by and see the baby later this month.  But as for teaching.. they just don't really do anything. There is only so much we can do.  

We met some new people... visited some families around here. There was a creepy dude standing outside our door at our apartment! So we made the Elders come scope it out and walk us to our door. haha. 
ELDERS. We are grateful for them sometimes:)

We went "Finding" aka Tracting for FOUURURR HOUURRRSSS. 
Yeah enough said. 
There was still snow. 
It was cold. 
Never again. 
probably everyday for sixteen more months. :)

We taught N. again and invited her to a baptism this week.. she just needs to READ and PRAY and put forth some effort here!! SAME with lots of people its frustrating. We made lots of phone calls... L. answered her door and seemed interested and we talked to her forever. She is Catholic.  Her mother who is Catholic also. (very very strong Devout Catholic) was super sweet and gave us kisses on the cheek so that's a good sign. We taught her the Restoration.  She wants to take us to the Holy Trinity.  We are gonna take her to the Temple ;) Eventually. (:

Was Return and Report.  So basically you go and bash your companion.  So that was awkward. I just sat there. I'm not really one of those people. Who is into all that awkward stuff. I listened and learned.  But didn't say anything.  It's just weird. They do weird things out here sometimes. We checked a bunch of referrals.  Nobody seemed to be interested. We had dinner at the V. home.  Who are awesome and then taught H. who is ON DATE!  APPLAUSE. Pray for him. He is awesome.
We got canceled on by everybody else that night so that was no bueno. C. happened to answer her door.  We had a youth girl with us from another ward so we got a member present visit in. She was super cool and we taught some good stuff and she said she would read.
We started COUCH QUOTES WHOOO. I'll send you a picture. Basically our old couch has this old sheet on it.  It's gross.  We started doodling on it and then we started writing all our favorite shut downs and funny lines.  It is quite hilarious.  If I do say so myself. Again, I'll send a picture soon. We were a little distracted during weekly planning..:/

I got no mail this week.  MAN literally. I got a letter from Elder Parkxfelt (goooo Fresno) and that is like it!!! WELL actually. Late Saturday night I ended up finally getting a letter from ELDER RHOTON. Which was very much appreciated. Other then that...NOTHIN. y'all have failed me this week. WHERE is the love? (Black Eyed Peas ref.) We went tracting again.  Visited L. again. and the S. family who are moving :( which is sad. We love K. & M. But they'll be taken care of in Richmond!

Was crazy.  We set super high goals and just went for it. We headed out to a Baptism super early with H. and the D. family in Gainsville.  It turned out way nice and they played a cello.  So I was stoked! Then we went and grabbed Little Caesar's and double timed it with Facebook / online proselyting for like five seconds.  

We picked up the H. girls and visited the R. family and answered their questions about... Life! Then we checked on C. from Ghana! We had a lesson with her and her kids! We asked them to come to church.  They should be coming next week! We checked on C. & E. and there was no answer.  We gave out a million pass along cards. We had a quick thirty minute dinner rice and soy sauce. 

Then we checked on A. There was some crazy dude freaking out, outside their house.  So we called a member and hung out at her house for a bit. Until he was gone. Then headed over to L. house.  She is awesome. She is super old and has a crazy life. When I say crazy I mean CRAZY. So we talked to her and shes not so into the church.  So we talked her into trying out Family History.  She said she would! 

We also checked on our friend K. and he has this massive dog. It's a bull dog and it's so crazy. You'll see videos. It's like a thousand lbs. and has no teeth. You're going to die. The things I do out here man. I hate dogs. I really do. BUT you should see the way I act with these things. MOM you would die. I like... touch them... and God has blessed me so I don't die of allergies. It is a miracle.
I woke up with a kink in my neck and it hurt! It turned into this massive knot it looks like I have a growth! So Sister T. rubbed icy hot all over it. hahaha. She is like my 2nd mom here? She is great. We love her! 

Also apparently it was Super Bowl last night because NOBODY wanted to answer their doors and let us in. lame lame lame. Where are your priorities people? Anyway. Church was good...the Young Women were talking about music or something and apparently all the girls we take on exchanges... Spilled the beans about my
It's a good song don't worry. ;) 
But it's a secret! 
AND they told everybody about it. 
Women I swear!
No.  Kidding. but hey...whatever it takes to be an example to those crazy teenagers am-i-right? 
no jk. I love this ward though.  They are great. I hope I don't get transferred for a while. I could chill in M. for a bit. Not live here forever. 
But you know. Teach the people and stuff. (:
So the other day at Return and Report one of the Elders asked me what I've learned thus far on my mission.  I was just like brain dead. So I felt dumb for not coming up with some intellectual answer or whatever. But the truth is I've learned so much already!! That I couldn't even put it all into words. Because I mean... it's like all this information is just shooting at me!
I've learned to deal with people.  I've learned to sacrifice.  I've learned to be selfless.  I've learned to serve.  I've learned to be independent.  I've learned to rely on God.  I've learned everyone has agency.  I've learned about discipline, rules, guidelines and commandments.  Commandments bless us! Not restrain us.  I've learned to love.  And more about loving.  I've learned that attitude determines Everything.  I've learned the importance of family.  I've learned about being a true, good friend. Among many more things I have learned the doctrine better and how it effects ME personally.

Something else that really stands out for me and I love is that in our church We focus on life after this life.  On happiness and families and love. We focus on the Resurrection of Christ rather than the Crucifixion.  Which is beautiful to me. It is interesting walking into other churches beautiful buildings and seeing it so focused on Christs death.  It is almost overwhelming and depressing.... and not to undermine what Christ did for us because that is important and it is huge!!! and it is amazing. 

When you walk into an LDS building whether it be a Church, a Seminary building or a Temple.  You're always going to feel that peace of knowing we will live again. Christ didn't just die and end at death...he is alive! He is with us and he has proven and shown us that we will live again also! That is amazing to me. When we see those pictures of Christ being risen...it means so much more! It's not a depressing, sad overloading feeling...it's a feeling of peace and comfort that we will live again.  We will get to greet our Savior after we have lived our lives and gave it our all!
So that is my soapbox for you today (:
I love you all.
I am expecting more letters this week? yeah? k good. 
Like I know I'm actually a missionary now but you can still pretend you love me. Send me so much mail it makes the other missionaries jealous!
one more thing...
Its a thing.
Sisters show them Elders wassup.
 Sister Stucki
(via email February 3, 2013)

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