Don't Doubt Miracles. EVER!


Here is where the Miracle comes into play. 
My planner....has been translated. I'm not kidding. And No.  Not just because we got iPads. So here we go get ready for big Miracle status.

Last week we were looking for this guy Bill Knox. We had a really hard week. We saw his name on a page that he had previously been on date for baptism. So we went looking for him.  Some lady told us that 'Bill Knox' was a malicious joke (not a person) her neighbors played on her because she was out of a job and it means 'bills knocking' on her door. 

So we got a little discouraged and decided to give up on Bill Knox. That day we were helping J. and family unload groceries.  (which is how we met them who are another miracle) In this process I 'lost' my paper planner. No really. It got translated.  I didn't lose it. 

Anyways we went back there at 6:30 in the morning.  As soon as we woke up to go look for my planner. So here we are two Sister missionaries in sweats looking around for a planner and this guy walks out of his apartment. We just had a "feeling" we should ask him if he was Bill Knox. 

So we did. 

The first thing we said was "Do you know Bill Knox?" He looked up at us SHOCKED and was like "I am Bill Knox..'' The next thing we say is 


He was just completely shocked. So we got his information and stuff and told the Elders.  They were like...oh we already know him.  We have taught him and he is not progressing. So we were SOOO BUMMED.

Because we thought oh..it's not a Miracle.

Then we were back in the same area a couple days later.  We drove past him and rolled our windows down and talked to him.  He looked shocked to see us. Again.  So we invited him to church. Later Saturday night we got a text asking for the address. It was him. So we told the Elders,  "Hey heads up we got your investigator to come to church."  And he did! He came to church.
The Elders had a lesson with this Bill Knox guy and then they came and found us.  

They were like SISTERS. Guess what Bill Knox told us? 
We were just like... what?  

They said they were talking to Bill Knox and he told them... that the night before we came by he was on his knees praying with everything in him for a sign. He didn't know where to go or where to turn and he needed help. He needed a sign from God that would direct him where to go. 

So he got up in the morning and headed out to work. As soon as he opened his front door and walked outside the first people he sees are these two little Sister missionaries in sweats and they look straight up at him and the first thing they say is, "Do you know Bill Knox?'"  He was shocked.  He said, "I am Bill Knox, and the next thing they say is, 

That was it. 
That was his sign. 

We invited him to church and now he wants to be baptized. 
It was such a MIRACLE. 

Miracle #2

Since we were over in that area we met J. who ended up coming to church as well. Which was our second MIRACLE. When he came we were showing him the Chapel.  The Young Men's Presidency happened to be having a meeting. They all just swarmed him and got his information and invited him to Church Ball. After church we had a lesson with J. and taught the Restoration (at the church) where the Spirit was so strong and all the priests insisted on joining!! (all three of them) (well three out of four) It was so powerful.  J. loved it. He loves the Gospel.  He loves the boys. He made new friends with similar interests. One of them drove him home and the other one insisted that the three priests read the Book of Mormon together with him.
How cool is that? 
It was so awesome. 

We set up another appointment with J. It will be at one of the Young men's home.  All of them will be coming, again. So not only are we helping J. come closer to Christ.  But these three high school boys are becoming awesome missionaries!! It was so cool when they insisted on reading the Book of Mormon with him. Helping him out and inviting him to Church ball. It was crazy! I laughed because as they walked out one of them was like "this is waaayyyy better than Mission Prep"

I laughed. They are awesome! So that was our Miracle of the week (:

So my spiritual message for you guys this week is:

Bill Knox needed us! We didn't know the background story.  God did. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to be an instrument in the Lords hands so that he can work miracles though me. 

It takes a lot of Patience, Courage, Determination and both Physical an Mental Strength because I'm only human. When we recognize the Miracles God has performed and we witness the lives that have been changed. It makes it all worth it. 

This Gospel is Amazing.  
Don't just sit around "Believing it."
Become somebody the Lord can trust to use as a tool to bless the lives of His children. He needs each and every one of us and he is just waiting for us to get prepared. 



Anyway I love you all.

Love your favorite sister missionary..
sister stucki

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