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Splits With Sister Stott

Super Windy Day :/

As we were leaving the Bishops House

His DOG jumped in our car!

Funny girl - One week she says NO more treats - the next...IN NEED

hey family!

Thank you for the packages with the treats and the shirts and the necklace. It was super nice and fun having something to implement into my wardrobe this week because I always feel like I'm wearing the same things. It was nice having something new to wear. 

So we got iPads this week.  They are iPad minis the latest version I believe. We have to go to public places to get wifi.  Everything is on them our calendars, plans, scriptures, everything. I still take my personal Book of Mormon around with me.  Because I have things marked up in there but the iPads are still very handy. We can show Mormon messages.  Reference all kinds of stuff and Facebook is becoming more productive because we add people right then and there.  Which is cool.  We can keep up with them on video chat and etc. It's way nice. If you guys could find one of those keyboard's you hook up to the iPad that would be way useful! Not a case one though because we already have cases for them. Just a wireless keyboard for it. IDK look around and lemme know what you find.

I think I'm going to be buying a new bag today because the handles on mine fell off.  I'm using carabiners right now to keep it together which is awkward.
My bag fell apart quick ha! So I'm gonna go find a new one to carry my iPad and stuff. 

So this week was CRAZY!
P-day.  We were on lock down because of the snow.  So we didn't do anything. We made no bake cookies and visited our friends that live in our complex and played board games and stuff with them.  So that was fun. We also cleaned our apartment so that was a nice thing.

sweet right? (:
three months FLEW by. Transfers are on the 20th.  So my training is almost over! woop woop. We had District meeting.  We talked to the Sister Training Leaders and ya...  that was Tuesday... basically. 

On the bright side.  Personal study was good (: I was reading about Gifts of the Spirit, Spiritual Blessings and Talents the Lord gives to us...  if we are worthy. They come a little at a time, as you are ready for them and as you bring your life in harmony with Gods will.  You will gradually receive the Gifts in Great Measure. 

that was pretty cool to me! 
that we can receive all these Great Gifts!

We got our iPads and had a big training on them.  It was pretty funny because we were sitting there listening to President talk and then he was just like "alright Leaders go grab enough iPads for everyone at your table" and they just walk over to this MASSIVE pile of iPads and grabbed a handful of them and started passing them out. 
Crazy huh? 
It was awesome. 
They are confusing.  
But we are getting used to them! 
We also visited F. (one of our investigators) with a member. We got lots of Member Present lessons this week.  (meaning members came with us to lessons)  Which is awesome!  because then our investigators have friends in the Ward already! 

Wednesday we also got a phone call from someone who was worried about a family member... they wanted us to go bang on the door until they called them on the phone.  They must have called because the person called us back just crying and thanking us. They are struggling with LOTS.

Please share so people are aware.  
"Facebook  Missionaries"
We have lots of RULES.  Don't comment Love Mom, Dad etc. Don't complement me.  I will have to delete anything like that.  You are welcome and encouraged to comment and share posts.  Please keep comments in line with my purpose: "Bring others closer to Christ"  The purpose for this is because we work with investigators and members through our Facebook and we do not want our pages and comments about "US" and how great we are to be missionaries.  Rather keep the focus on Christ.  It could cause problems and would result in privilages being taken away.  Comments should always build others up. Anything you would like to say to me personally, can be done through email on Mondays:) or via a letter:)  

thanks (:

I was reading in Alma 33 and the thing that really stuck out to me was when Alma was teaching about when the people only had to LOOK, cast their eyes, and they were saved. The two things that prevented them from doing so was a.) the hardness of their hearts (pride) 
b.) a lack of faith. (unbelief) 

Today this happens a lot...with the Atonement. 
It is the Greatest Gift we have.  So what stops us from using it? 
Because it is hard? 
Because it is to easy? 
Because we don't believe? 
Because we are to prideful? 
Because we have lost faith?

Alma goes onto say... to believe that the Son of God will redeem his people. ALL you have to do... is cast your eyes... in his direction and follow his example.  AND you will be happy. 

In vs 23 he quotes "all this can ye do if ye will"  WILL meaning we have agency. What is keeping you from reaching your full potential?

We also taught J. & N. about the Restoration. It was a super long lesson. They have lots of questions about the Gold plates and Arch of the Covenant. All kinds of stuff. 
They used to be drug dealers... they are awesome. 

Also I got Makennas letter this day.  I've got to say..it was absolutely hilarious. My companion and I were CRYING. (In a good way, from laughter)

Also we are totally loaded on Oreos...thanks guys!

We taught C. and family.  They had friends over so we taught them all the Restoration.  It was great.They were really interested. We gave them a Book of Mormon in Chi.(?) 

We also visited a lady who was a former investigator named C. She is awesome.  She knows so much about the church. She was first introduced when she was about eleven years old.  She has been taking lessons forever! One year ago she stopped...and we stopped by her door! She got all excited to see missionaries and gave us all this food and we started talking. She loves Mormons.  We are going to start working with her. 

It amazes me when people are so willing to take strangers in and tell them about their lives and give them food...but hey I'm down.

I committed to something I'm unsure about. 
It's gonna kill me. 
So J. (an investigator) is being a stinker about reading the Book of Mormon. He really wants us to do this "Plank Challenge."  Everyday you plank for ten seconds more than the day before. So me and my companion said we would do this Plank Challenge for thirty days.  

IF he reads the Book of Mormon in thirty days and he agreed!!! 
only problem is there is NO WAY I can plank for five minutes straight...
So pray for me? 
He better be reading because my body HURTS. 
The things we do to get people to Read the Good Word...Good Grief. 
(if you don't know what planking is look it up...then try it.)

We also stopped by and visited the D. family who just moved into the ward. The Dad has been reading the Book of Mormon. He is really old. I guess he is really the Grandpa. Anyway, his wife died four years ago and he really, really misses her.  He had so many questions about heaven and where the Book of Mormon talks about heaven. So we showed him. He got really excited. It's so cute how much he loved / loves his wife. We told him about how he can get sealed to her in the temple and see her again!! He has read clear to Alma in the Book of Mormon so far and is thinking about baptism. It makes me so happy when he talks about how much he loves his wife!!! But man it makes me cry like a baby. He's adorable. I wish I could have met her she sounds like an amazing woman. I know that there is work she needs him to do! I hope that we are able to work with Ernie more and help him and his family (:

We also taught a boy named J. who is eighteen along with his mom and step dad. J. ended up coming to Church. 

Sister Stucki
(via email March 10, 2014)
(letter continued in next post - on Miracles)

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