4 Months Serving...

and General Conference

Singing in the rain...ya we were soaked

This Bird... bit me

Hey familia!
So how was General Conference? I did the question challenge again this
year where you go to General Conference with a question (or fifty in my case) and see what answers you come up with! It's very entertaining. I'll post my results at the end of this for my little spiritual thought, special edition. Anyways, F. watched some of General Conference with us a members house.  It was nice. On Saturday we watched it with a member family and they took is to Red Robin for dinner afterwards so that was fun and delicious!

Monday was Sister Stotts birthday so we spent the day in Gainesville with some Sisters.  We had pink lemonade cake.  It was quite divine actually. Plus the Gainsville apartment is a Castle. We visited E. and N. again. They are still waiting for their granddaughter to move in with them. Basically E. will get baptized if his granddaughter does with him.  He knows it's true he just promised her he would wait for her.

Tuesday we had quite a few member present lessons which is essential because MEMBERS HELP HASTEN THE WORK. So HI if you're reading this and
your a member..go on splits with he missionaries. And if you're not a member go contact the missionaries and ask them lots of good inspired questions. THANKS. 

At District Meeting Elder Hiener said it is his GOAL to leave the mission without anybody noticing that he is gone.  Basically our goal as missionaries is to get the members to be missionaries and FELLOWSHIPPERS themselves so they will take care of the recent converts and invite the investigators after the missionaries leave. So if you're not a FELLOWSHIPPINNG  a less active member or new convert, do so now. Everybody needs a friend. 

Wednesday we had interviews with President, and my Mission Mama
Sister Schramm-cracker wrote me a letter :')  It was a HAPPY day. We
talked a lot about sacrifice in interviews soooo I'm currently pondering ideas on what I will sacrifice this transfer. One is singing songs from home.  I need to probably stop doing that. My other one is my attitude towards tracting... because let's be honest.....


And quite frankly I believe it is because of my attitude while doing so. I swear when you go up to a person with a positive attitude hoping for the best... Miracles happen. So I'm sacrificing my attitude this transfer and I'm going to learn to love it. It reminded me of a song we sang the other day from the HYMN book.... "Perhaps today there are loving words which Jesus would have me speak. There may be now in the path of sin some wanderer whom I should seek. O Savior if thou wilt be my guide, though dark and rugged the way, my voice shall echo the message sweet, I'll say what you want me to say." So that's my new finding song ;)

Thursday we did service at G. house for a couple hours.  Her basement flooded so we were helping her clean and organize everything because her poor house was a disaster. I've found out that one of my talents is organizing.  I guess I didn't see that as a talent before but some people really struggle with organizing and making things look pretty. I think I'm like OCD or something because I went straight to the book shelves and leveled them all out nicely and then organized all the clothes / shoes / desks / closets. I wish we could have stayed there all day! She is really awesome she's actually taking us
and four other sisters to DC today in the rain so she's kind of our favorite person right now! 

Later we met R. who has more then likely been reading anti because we sat down with her and she was just so stubborn about things and asked the most ridiculous questions.  Questions that really in the scheme of things don't matter.  Always try to stick to the basics because that's how you'll develop a
testimony of the Gospel.

Friday was my 4 MONTH-O-VERSARY

I made creamy chicken gnocchi soup from scratch (mom stop crying I
know you're proud) I had this great idea to not go shopping last
preparation day because I decided we needed to eat everything in the
house first.  Because I'm sick if spending money and not eating any of
it except the Oreos.  So... I found canned peas, frozen chicken, fresh carrots and gnocchi noodles in the pantry.  Added a couple of those chicken seasoning cubes, a couple extra top roman packets (chicken flavored) a cup of flour to thicken it.  I just went all out!  Threw some pepper and salt in there and boom.  It was delicious. 

Then for celebration I made Cheerios Rice Krispies. I'm telling you we are
getting creative out here.  Then we for made fun of by some druggie boys later on which really made me mad.  Until I heard Elder Hollands talk......

So Saturday Elder Holland brought up those Sister missionaries that got spit on and all but slugged in the face like what? After that I realized my little situation the day before wasn't all that bad.  Sometimes it is really hard keeping your cool and not having a massive meltdown on some people.  But man I've been blessed to keep it all in and put on a big smile and wave. Still though...some people! 

Saturday General Conference was awesome.  I took tons of notes. We visited
lots of less actives this weekend to remind them about Conference channels and times!

So here is what I came up with as I was answering questions. Some of
my questions were inspired by investigators.  Some from girls that have
emailed me about serving missions.  Some were very personal ones I
had myself. Either way I hope you enjoy reading through them and one
of them catches your attention. Our Prophet and his Apostles are inspired men and I know that as we heed their council we will be blessed. Also some of the answers were part of my own insight.  It isn't there word for word EXACTLY because it's just my notes.  Give me feedback on any questions / answers you found while watching #ldsconf and enjoy!

-Who is Jesus Christ? The Savior of the world. His atonement enables us to do good and become better in ways that stretch us far beyond our mortal capacities. He strengthens enlightens guides and enables us. (Bednar) -How can we come to know Him? Develop a personal relationship with him. Live it. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a checklist of things to do its a lifestyle. (Stevens) -Why do we need the Book of Mormon? The Book of Mormon is the most powerful testament of Jesus Christ. (Neil Anderson)

Ask yourself...what are we missing in our lives? We can gain knowledge
through the scriptures! (Nelson)

-Why do we need organized religion?
The word religion means to tie back to God. Are we securely tied to
God so our faith shows? Or are we tied to something else?  Some blame
religion for the worlds ills. It isn't religion, it is man.  Striving to
become a true disciple of Christ is a Daily commitment that will
provide guidance and direction. As you practice your religion you are
showing faith. (Nelson)

-How do we know Joseph Smith really was a Prophet? 
-How to help others understand the First Vision? 
-How to find truth? 
-How to avoid anti information?
Whenever truth is revealed there Will always be a force to oppose it.
To deceive and to frustrate. If you want to know truth look for the
biggest dust cloud anchoring above it. The one who suffered all for us
was the Savior of the world.  The Son of God.  He established the
priesthood and the truth on the earth.  Why did they not leave him
alone? He taught the truth and the truth will always be opposed.
Joseph Smith claimed to have brought forth another testament of
Jesus Christ, to have restored the priesthood and the Church to the
earth...he taught doctrine and commandments said to have come from
God. Why did they not leave him alone? Because he taught the truth
and the truth will always be opposed. Which is more likely? That
Joseph Smith dreamed this all up or that he had Divine help from
heaven? Look at the evidence. Not bits and pieces but ALL the
evidence. Then do exactly what he did... Ask God. (Corbridge)

-How do we recognize, teach and feel the Spirit?
When we are engaged in His work we feel His spirit with us and grow in
testimony. (Rasband)

-How do we find investigators? What do missionaries need to do better?
No matter how good our message we will not succeed without
consistent, persistent follow up. It's like beginning a journey
without finishing...there is no point. The purpose of missionary work
is following up, inviting is only part of the job. IF WE FOLLOW UP THE

- How can we better involve the members?
Members invite once a quarter. Study from Preach My Gospel & Share studies with members / missionaries.  Share your testimony...a testimony born is
recorded in heaven and sins are forgiven. (Ballard)

-How to stay focused?
Why do we spend time on things that are superficial? Lay up your
treasures in heaven for there will your heart be also. Treasures such
as...Christlike attributes / qualities. Spending time with family. Serving
others.  Understanding doctrine. Our priorities, appetites, passions and etc
will have a direct impact on our next estate. Focus on what matters
most. (Teh)

-How to be a great wife / mother?
Help children feel the need for gospel in their lives, love them, share testimony, be an example and influence and serve The Lord first. (Scott)

-How to be disciplined?
Discipline is needed in the consistent pattern of following the
commandments. Make a plan of what you need to do next and DO IT don't
procrastinate, Do it now. (Stephenson)

-What to sacrifice this transfer?
No sacrifice is too great to receive blessings (Walker)

-How to live in the present?
Pray to have the courage to submit to Gods will rather than
relentlessly praying for him to change your current circumstances.

-How can I better influence others? 
Sincerely love them in righteousness so they can build confidence in
Gods love. Build confidence through your loving thoughtful communication. Share experiences you've had. Show interest in them.  Bear testimony. Encourage them to seek their own revelation.  Ask inspired questions so they can work out answers for themselves. Show them how to recognize answers to prayers and scriptures. Help them to prepare for future challenges and questions (Scott)

-What is my purpose?
You're more than just a Human being... You are an Eternal being. (Corbridge)

-How to encourage others?
Sincere appreciation and compliments. You may forget what you said, but
the recipient will cherish your words forever (Monson)

-How to be directed by the Spirit?
The Holy Ghost is real.  His mission is to manifest truth, comfort and
guidance. It can be maintained and recognized through RIGHTEOUS
LIVING. (Packer)

-How to be Exactly obedient?
"People want a God who not only doesn't rock the boat, but who doesn't
even row."  No. No.  They want easy Gods. God has told us if you love
me keep my commandments. (Holland)

Of all the lessons we learn from the Savior nothing is more prevalent
than obedience. Be CAREFUL who you follow. DON"T participate in
selective obedience.  It is impossible for others to modify Gods
commandments. Rationalizing disobedience leads to becoming lost. If ye
love me keep my commandments. (Hales)

Obedience is a CHOICE between your limited knowledge and Gods
UNLIMITED knowledge. (Walker)

-How to BE an example?
Wherever you are on the path of Eternal Life you have chosen to be an
example as you make and keep...or don't keep...his commandments. Be a
GOOD example. Leave a history of HOPE for your descendants. Honor your
calls. Be an example of both FAITH and hope. You may be the FIRST in
your family to lead the way to MAKING and KEEPING covenants.  The duty
must sometimes be difficult to move us along the path. (Eyring)

-How to receive PERSONAL revelation?
It will require more then just surfing the Internet. Faith without
works is dead. If we want to receive personal answers and revelation
we must act. (Aidukaitis)

-How to be a BETTER companion?
Love thy neighbor as thyself. Love is the essence of the gospel. Every
day of our lives we are given opportunities to show love and to serve.
When it is necessary to reprove others do it with love, be
compassionate and encouraging. Do not ruin another's confidence give a
few words of sincere appreciation. (Monson)

-How to be more sympathetic?
We need to respect each other. Have empathy for others first. Practice
asking, "What are you thinking?" What matters most is listening and
understanding their perspective, because our Savior cares what we are
thinking and looks upon our hearts. (Zwick)

-How can we be more exciting? Passionate? Optimistic? Happy? Better
attitude in all situations?
The choice is ours whether we limit our gratitude based on the blessings we lack. When we are grateful in our circumstances we can feel peace and joy. Your testimony of Christ can help you look past disappointment and see the light that is prepared. There are no true endings have we not reason to be filled with gratitude? Gratitude is a catalyst for all Christlike attributes.  Live it DAILY. (Uchtdorf)

-How to help others understand the why?
Share the Gospel SIMPLY. Be effective and concentrate on the Atonement
of Jesus Christ which makes if possible for us to live again with our
families. Nothing is more important. (Scott)

-How to avoid temptation? YOU ARE A CHOSEN GENERATION. There is a
widening gap between the Churches standards and the standards of
society. SIN is SIN. Challenges may come but as you trust in God your
faith will increase.  The only safety we have is relying on The Lord
to lead and guide us.(Anderson)

-How to help younger siblings? Parents? How do we protect children and youth?  A deep abiding testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. How do
we lead children to deep conversion? Talk of Christ. Rejoice of Christ, preach of Christ, prophecy of Christ. So our children may know of which source to look to. Make the focus of the home prayer, scriptures, and family home evening. We're too quiet about it.  Petition The Lord for help and expect guidance. Be an example. They'll eventually follow. Also..Turn off wifi at night, check phones AND IPODS, be aware and be loving. (Linda Reeves)

-How to help close minded people?
We can take heart from other parents, examples, and leaders in the Book
of Mormon. Such as Coriantumer and his father. He was changed because
of the faith and example of his father. We cannot force righteousness.  Righteousness must be chosen. We can only help them recognize.

- What is grace?
Paul said,  "Lay aside every sin that doth easily beset us."  The Atonement
makes up for that. The miracle of His grace means we are never too
late and never alone. -

- What about discouragement in the work? How do we cope with
investigator discouragement?  As messengers of he Lord we are called to share the joyous gospel THAT is the happy part. However these messengers are also called to worry, warn and weep. That...is the painful part. We have a long history of rejection paid with a painfully high price. The Savior himself wept for those who would be rejected and slain in his name. HE HAS BEEN
THERE. He knows. Rely on Him.  He will get you through.  This is HIS work, he knows that.  He knows you. (Holland)

- Does a mission benefit your life? Advice for those thinking about
serving a mission? You may wonder if it's worth it. To serve only to have your beliefs that are cherished be rejected and mocked.  YES. It is worth it. Or
else we are desolate. (desolate definition: misery, unhappiness,loneliness; dismal emptiness) (Holland)

-Most important thing to teach?
Constantly focus on the BASIC principles to know what you are to do.  You will better share what you know which encourages others to want to grow spiritually. (Scott)

- Most important thing to remember?
Christlike love is the greatest thing we need on the planet. Pure
Christlike love can change the world. Live faithfully even if others
don't. (Holland)

I hope you all enjoyed General Conference as much as I did.
I love you all.
Thanks for all the encouragement and support!

Loveee sister stucki
(via e-mail April 7, 2014)

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