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Common Questions and Things I Wish I Would Have Known...

I’ve received lots of emails from girls who are preparing to serve a mission and they have questions before they leave.  Also girls who are wondering if serving a mission is for them. Here is a list of common questions I have been asked and things that I wish I would have known before I left on my mission!


Memorize / mark Preach My Gospel and your scriptures BEFORE YOU LEAVE. You will soon find you out you have little to no time to study and mark scriptures. Mark them beforehand or use your time in the MTC studies to start marking up!

If you have the opportunity, go out with the Missionaries on splits. It helps them out and gives you an insight on the REAL LIFE ACTIONS and the LIFE OF A MISSIONARY!

Find quick hairstyles you will be able to put to use on your mission.  You DO NOT have time EVERYDAY to actually wash, dry and style your hair, SORRY! Practice getting up at 6:30 am and getting ready in forty minutes or LESS!

Compile quick and easy food recipes you can make and eat on the go!

Print out your favorite exercise ideas and routines and stick to them!

Use those online "100 Day Reading" the Book of Mormon prompts to get some new insights on your reading (: I printed one out and brought it with me on my mission. If you have no idea what I’m talking about your Mom or Young Women's Leaders probably do (:

Read "Our Search for Happiness“: by Elder Ballard. It answers lots of
questions and goes over Basic Doctrine. Super Good Read. I loved it
and use it all the time.


Bring a USB drive with you to save pictures, music, documents and etc.
I save stuff on mine all the time and it has been very useful.

ALWAYS have an extra memory card for your camera! You will need a backup. (if your like me)

Buy one of those expandable binder / folders. Label it and keep things
in it such as letters, pictures, documents, talks, notes, etc. They
are super handy.

*I bought a separate binder for letters from home, and notes from friends met on the mission. Its super fun to go back and read through. especially when you get transferred!

Buy a good refillable water bottle. Preferably one with a purifier. If youre a 'water brat' like me. I like that clean stuff.  Make sure to always stay hydrated
so you have energy!

Invest in a Pocket Hymn Book.  Unless your Mission has ipads.

A mini calendar by your desk helps you keep track of which Day it is...

Optional: If your crazy like me maybe grab some pepper spray to bring
with. That might not be approved.(?) Be careful not to have it with
you at the airport or you will run into trouble...

Bring scissors and tape. I also enjoy colorful pens, sharpies, and
colored pencils. Note taking is more fun in COLOR.

Vacuum pack space bags are super nice for packing to get to your
mission as well as when transfers roll around. I pack up all my
seasonal clothes and leave them in there until the next season. Very Handy!

Buy a “Smashbook” (scrapbook at target) to put pictures and notes from
companions in. Make a missionary scrapbook as you go, it’s fun and a
great way to compile memories. (: it’s a Trend. Do it!


When saying BYE to your FAMILY... There is NO EASY WAY out of it. 
JUST DO IT. Read Alma 17:13 (:

Bring and Read your Patriarchal blessing OFTEN!

Be friendly to EVERYONE. Make new friends.  Enjoy the MTC while it
lasts! Its the only place on earth where everyone is a Missionary and
You are all about to embark on the SAME GREAT CAUSE! Have fun and soak
up as much information as possible. Don’t dwell on what you left behind
or you will get home sick. Focus on the future.  Take it day by day.

Buy the nametag clip in the MTC. It stays on a lot better than the
magnet. Make sure throughout your Mission you always have an EXTRA
nametag. I have lost quite a few of mine doing service and what not!

Don’t forget to buy a watch and get used to using it for the time.

Buy a lanyard for the MTC. You have to use your keys every time you go through a door.  It is handy to have them all in one place and ready to use every five seconds.

Also take snacks to the MTC. My Goldfish and Oreos saved my life those first few days.

Bring your comforter or a blanket to the MTC. The MTC bedding is kind of gross and you will sleep better at night if you have your own stuff with you.

If you have a Triple Combo: separate from your bible and just keep it that way. It is easy to show the difference to investigators and also to study from them both at the same time. Also now that I have an ipad I leave my bible in the apartment and only carry around my Book of Mormon. So I have a lighter load. My Bible is in my ipad. Handy eh?

Write in your journal and make it a habit EVERY night. You will start forgetting everything Because SO MUCH goes on! Make a Miracle Journal so you never forget the AWESOME EXPERIENCES you have! 

Write Everything down.  Stay organized.


If your Mission allows ipods.  Stock up on music! Bring a small portable iHome or ipod speakers so you can listen to music in your Apartment.  You can find auxiliary chords on Amazon for very cheap.  These are handy to hook your ipod up in you car if you drive in your mission :)

Workout every morning! It gets you ready and pumped for the day.  It gets your blood flowin‘ Ya know? (Just Do It)

Keep a Study journal and write down what you learn during Personal studies, meetings, etc.

Buy lots of sticky notes. When people are not home leave a sticky note on their door. You will use sticky notes throughout your whole entire Mission.

Eat small portions or you will gain weight. Sorry not Sorry. Limit snacking!

Thin point sharpies are best for writing on pass along cards and other such things. Invest in some of those.

Use bright luggage so you can find it quickly at the airport. If your luggage is dull colored like mine, Put colored duct tape on it :)  You will find it QUICK!

Bring a good sized carry on that you can continue to use when you go on exchanges. My carry on was a duffle bag.  You can also bring a small suitcase.

I invested in a dictionary and a thesaurus to help me study. Make sure It is approved with your Mission President.

Hang up your Favorite Inspirational Quotes, Motivational thoughts and pictures of Christ above your desk in your apartment (:

You never stop practice teaching so get used to it quick. Nobody told me that.

Pray Always!

Buy mints not gum. Nobody told me Missionaries can’t and Don’t chew gum.

Take lots of pictures to preserve memories (:

When teaching, be yourself. It is okay to show your personality, likes and interests. You relate to people better. Share personal experiences.  Don’t be a robot! They want to know you are a human.

Be fun, excited and happy Always!! Always. Always. Smile at everyone.
Plus...members will like you better.

Make the best of every situation even when they are "nooo buenooo" Become an optimist.  Your Mission will be so much more fulfilling and FUN.


Love everyone. Nobody cares about how much you know until they know how much you care.  (Seriously though) Love your investigators. Love the members. and Love your companion. (YES even "those" companions...)


Bring some cute belts to dress up your outfits and make them different.

Bring lots of stud earrings. Earrings have to be small and conservative.

Don’t even worry about heels you will never wear them anyway.

Be comfortable.  You are going to be walking around all day so don’t wear anything that will drive you insane.

Bring extra garments in case any get dirty, stained or your unable to
wash for some reason.

Bring a couple Shade shirts to make things modest.

Bring a blazer to formalize certain outfits for Baptisms, Church,
Interviews, etc.

Light rain coat / heavy winter coat. You are outside a lot.  Make sure your coats are good ones come winter time.

Buy solid colored skirts to match with more tops.

Shoes I have loved: oxfords, ankle booties, bright colored flats. You can buy a pair of legit tracting shoes in case you are in a bike area but if you have a car, you can wear whatever shoes and be totally fine.

Bring biking spandex (as well as that time of the month spandex)

You Literally only need one pair of jeans.

Invest in basketball shorts for service, working out, and sleeping in.
As well as a couple T shirts for the same reasons.

As far as hygiene goes bring your normal stuff you usually pack but
Don’t forget things such as nail polish remover, nail clippers,
tweezers, makeup remover, bandaids, chapstick, medication for
allergies, sickness etc.


Can we listen to Disney music?
This depends on your Mission President. In my mission anything that
brings you closer to the Savior you can listen too. Keep in mind you
and your companion have to agree on what falls under this category.

Can we read anything other than the scriptures?
This also depends on your Mission. Usually you can read the scriptures, Jesus the Christ, True to the faith, Our Search for Happiness and Our Heritage. You can read the friend, The Ensign and other church magazines.  Preach My Gospel and that’s about it. You won’t have time for much other reading anyways. Put your focus on what they you to study and you will become a better Missionary and teacher.

How to find modest but cute clothing?
Search. Everywhere. I love Ross, TJ Maxx, H&M and Forever 21. However
You are not going to find the widest selection of knee length skirts
unless you come across one by pure luck. Always have an eye out. Try
thrifting and refashioning old items. Go through your Mommas closet.
You will be surprised what you can turn around and make super cute with
the correct top :)


These can all fall into one category. I’m going to be
with you here for a second...



If this is you please do the following:

Make a list of reasons WHY YOU WANT TO SERVE. 

Make sure you are going out for the right reasons.  Make sure going out and coming home three months later is not an option. Serve because you want to serve The Lord.  Not to fill time.  If you are constantly thinking about “back home” and a boy you are not doing any good.  You will be incredibly distracted. 

I do not condone doing this action :I

HOWEVER if you are serving for your own individual reasons and happen to have a boyfriend on a mission, Cheers. Me too. I’m all for it. It has been such a blessing having my best friend out there serving The Lord with me. He is an example and an inspiration and I love sharing our success and our failures with each other.  We are learning and growing at the same time. It is so amazing and we have had some great stories and experiences while we have been out.

Just to be sure we are on the same page...I’m not saying don’t go.  I’m just saying find the right reasons before hand.  My advice to you is to make sure you are serving for the right reasons because if you are not it will be incredibly difficult.  UNTIL you DO  realize why you are really out serving.  Which is for others and for The Lord.  Not to just fill time.

Do you feel like serving a Mission has made a difference in your life and been truly beneficial? 


You learn more than you think out here.
About the Gospel,
about others,
about life,
about yourself.
It is difficult.  

BUT I absolutely love it.

Everything cliche they say about Missions is true.
You will not KNOW until you experience it for YOURSELF!

Remember to make it fun. to enjoy it.

eighteen months flies past you in the blink of an eye.
don't let a moment slip away
and enjoy every second of it.


if you have questions, shoot me an E(mail)

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