Happy Monday...

Serving in Washington DC South Mission

Hello Family,

It is quite a beautiful spring morning here in Virginia. That is Ashburn, VA.  
I got transferred. I miss Manassas but it was my time.  I'll go back to that place. So many good people I'll miss too much!!

I got some awesome emails from some awesome future sisters this week. 
I just wanna give y'all a shout out for making my day!! I love hearing about your mission stories and I love that your finding good information via my blog. Keep up the good work in Hastening the work future sistas!
I love you guys so much!!

So here is the low down..

Monday we went to Tyson's corner and Great Falls with G. It was a lot of fun. We woke up early and went to her work and did our studies there. She really wanted us to meet her boss who is a member. They took us to lunch after at this cute little place that I guess government people always eat at?  I forgot what it was called though. (like some breakfast food place.)  It was quite delicious. 

We then went to Tyson's Galleria and looked at a bunch of expensive stores because G. wanted to go buy some perfume from Versace? It was great. I found a purse that costs as much as my Mazda. What is this? We then went to the cheap peep store...Forever 21! (:  I found a super cute skirt with buttons down it. yeah. You'll see pictures I wear it like everyday now because it is so cute. So sorry I spent money again BUT I had to. It was one of those things you'll never find again. It was awesome. We talked to G. forever afterwards and she is pretty upset that transfers are coming up because she has gotten way close with us. I promised I would come back and visit (:

We decided to go check on this less active family later that night and ended up knocking on the wrong door.  They actually let us in and became our new investigators!  It was crazy because the Mom has three sons and raises them exactly according to the For the Strength of Youth packets so we told her we would bring her a couple more copies of it because she loved it so much and wants one for all of her kids. God works in mysterious ways I tell ya. She was so prepared because she had just recently stopped drinking coffee and she told us she felt the Spirit when we came to her door and she knew she should let us in. 

So now we have five NEW investigators in a week. Our goal was to get six so we nailed it ...almost. But seriously six investigators in a week? Who says Manassas is impossible. Miracles Happen!! I love these prepared people!

April 30th was Wednesday. We got transfer calls last night and I'm outta here. Wednesday was crazy and a little disheartening but fantastic at the same time. I witnessed one of the more merciful miracles on my mission. I was able to fit all of my newly acquired clothing items into ONE suitcase. #tendermercy

Everything else junk wise I fit into my other suitcase and my blue duffel bag.  I did also pile some stuff into a backpack and reusable grocery bag from bottom dollar. (namely Nutella, Oreos, Cookies, and Pancake mix.) Judge me.

So yes.  I'm set to go! and Super Stoked to find out where exactly I'll be going. It's like receiving a mission call all over again. We went and visited a bunch of people. Time was short but once people started spreading the word I was getting transferred I got a couple phone calls and texts from my favorite people. It was sweet. Fortunately I was able to visit my converts whom I love dearly! So I was happy about that. M.& H. are adorable. H. is going to try to come to the baptism on Saturday so Sister Schramm and I can both see him. M. is getting better when transfers roll around with tearing up and crying. love her. N. & and the girls wouldn't let me go! I told them my family and I would come back and visit and she offered to have us over for dinner ;) (PS take her up on that because she is the bomb chef) she told me over and over how much she loved me and how much I did for her family. MAN, Humility. I didn't do anything it was the Gospel!!! Truly though they have gotten so far and are wonderful, wonderful human beings. I love that I was able to be a part of their conversion and be so close to their hearts. The friendships you can build through Sharing the Gospel are priceless.

We also were able to visit a couple other people, members and investigators and etc who I worked closely with over the past four and a half months. There were so many people I wanted to see but you only have twenty four hours in a day. Manassas will always always be close to my heart! I love the members here.  The ward is so Strong and Welcoming and Loving. They did so much for me and for the investigators and were so supportive in the work. I have no doubt there are great things laid up in store for Manassas this year of the
hastening! Thank goodness for Facebook and the ability to keep in touch
with all these new found friends! I'm going to miss this place.  I'm hoping I will have the opportunity to come back and see all my wonderful friends again soon (:

SO please forgive me I forgot to journal write throughout transfers. I'm sorry :(  So I kind of forgot a lot that went down because of all the craziness that happened. HOWEVER. I do have a tip for future missionaries:  USE SPACE BAGS.  I packed up all my big winter coats, sweaters, leggings, scarves etc and space bagged them so they are put away until winter. (: super smart idea. easy to pack and repack all summer for transfers and stuff. Anyway. Here is a funny short story about transfers.  I titled it...


So flashback to when I graduated high school. I didn't really know what
to do with my life because I was eighteen so I felt super awkward in my
family ward because I felt like I was too old for Young Women's and too
young for Relief Society. It just didn't feel quite right. I was at that time in my life where I was like dude...What..am I going to do with my life?

So I did what every wise 18 year old Mormon girl would do.  I went to THE Singles Ward. YEAH. Worst Experience oml!! (of my life) I swore from that day on I would never step foot into a Singles Ward again. So thanks to Bishop Daddy I became a Sunbeam teacher for five adorably insane little, Little Valley Stake children which included my little brother.

Anyway I never had to worry about Singles Ward again because my plan was to go on a Mission, come home, marry my favorite human being and go straight back to family wards. HA.
ha ha.
Funny joke.
Transfer calls came out.
My name was called
I stood up
My companions name was called
 (Sister Stacey Mitchell)
and... it... was... announced.


So yes.  I will be serving this next transfer in THE Singles Ward with young single adults. Lesson learned. Never say Never. (JBEEBSREFERENCE) no but for reals.

I'm really excited actually. I think this will be an awesome experience. I've come to the conclusion everyone needs to experience Singles Ward and this is my "experience"; ITS GONNA BE A BLAST.

So basically I cover all of Ashburn stake singles from 18-30. Meaning I cover the Sterling Park. Algonkian. Lesburg. Belmont Ridge. Otomac Crossing. Goose Creek. Ashburn and Brambleton Wards. And to think it took me nineteen years to figure out how to drive myself to high school and back. I've come a  long way. LOOK AT ME NOW. LOOK AT ME NOW ayyyy. (another reference.)
(forgot who.) yeah. losing my music touch. sorry rap world, Josh Groban has won my heart.

My very first day and very first door here in Ashburn we found a YSA that we are going to start teaching. It was a tender mercy. He is awesome. It is really cool because there are tons of activities to get investigators to.  Which is handy. So many people are totally down for coming to meet new people. On top of that, tons of the members are returned missionaries so they can just whip out all these sweet talents they learned on their missions. Such as..... this guy in our ward went to go pickup an investigator for church.  The investigator wasn't home so he just decided to talk to his mom and brother and they started asking questions so he just ya know...taught them the First



He basically got us a return appointment and two new investigators. I was
like..uhh..sweet thanks Bro. Honestly though. Can you imagine how much
Hastening of the Work would happen if all members were missionaries too? Man. Singles Ward. Only in Singles Ward.

Let's change that.


Saturday we went and did service for a bit at the food pantry. We drive so much out here. I feel like were taking a road trip through the country everyday. We drive through all these crazy, windy roads, up and down hills and pass horse races and forests and cute little Main Street markets...it's crazy!  Plus it's Spring / Summer so all the flowers are coming out and trees are blooming and all that fun stuff. It's really pretty.

Also it's Bed bug and Tick season so that's chill.

After we did service we got to go back out to Manassas to attend F. baptism. He showed up a little late with the tie in his hand and asked Brother D. to tie it because he didn't know how. Apparently YouTube failed him ;) No. but he looked really good. He was glowing and we had quite a few ward families there to support him. I was so excited to go back and see everyone and say BYE.  Manassas will always feel like home. I'm so grateful for the people I met there that welcomed me in so quickly and took such great care of me for five months!!  Holy cow. I love that about the Church. You always feel at
home. If I hadn't made such good member friends I would have struggled
so so much. They were awesome and I love them so much. Manassas is my home away from home. I'm going to miss them.

I also got to visit with SISTER SCHRAMM!!!! I was super excited to see her. I think we've both learned a lot in our time being away from each other. I love her so much!!! Seriously I got the best trainer out there. She looked great and holy cow she's almost at her year mark.  Isn't that crazy?  It will be a sad day when she goes home. Fortunately she only lives a couple hours away from St. George.  So I'm sure she will be back. She better ;)

Sister Martindale the new missionary in Manassas is adorable and will
rock it. I'm excited for her. I was laughing because Sister B. mentioned the 
reason they probably put me in the singles ward is because my heart is locked.

Also fun fact, President came over last night to interview my companion
and was checking out my pictures above my desk.  Some of which include
Spencer. He had lots of questions. ohhhh President (: hahaha.

Anyway F. baptism was awesome and all went well. Pictures to come (: That night we had dinner with Tevita Stevens. You can look him up, he plays professional football for the Redskins! He is in our ward. He is a chill guy and he made us a fantastic Tongan dinner! Quite fun.

Then we went and taught V. who is one of our investigators getting baptized next week he is so solid!! I'll have to tell you his story sometime. but anyways...

Singles ward has definitely been a trip so far. It's very different but I'm excited to be in a new area and meeting new people! I also found out Loudoun county is once again the richest county in the United States this year. So that's cool. fun fact for ya.

So at transfer meeting somebody mentioned something really awesome.
He said that we are living in the Restoration.


I had never even thought of that before. I guess I missed President Uchtdorfs 
talk when we showed up late to General Conference.  So I looked it up and
it is about sleeping through the Restoration. Holy Cow. Best thing I've read all week!!


The Restoration isn't over. It didn't end with Joseph Smith and the Book
of Mormon. The Restoration is still happening today, right now, and we are a part of it!! How amazing is that?? Some people throw out these lines like ohhh I wish I lived in Bible times...or Book of Mormon times and could have witnessed this and that. BUT guys, We live in one of the most important and crucial times in history! We are helping to restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth.  How awesome is that?

Can you imagine what it will be like looking back and being able to say hey I lived through that! I helped bring the gospel to all the world!


What an amazing privilege we have.

Which brings me to my next point which is a quote by President Uchtdorf...

When our time in mortality is complete, what experiences will we be able to share about our own contribution to this significant period of our lives and to the furthering of the Lord’s work? Will we be able to say that we rolled up our sleeves and labored with all our heart, might, mind, and strength? Or will we have to admit that our role was mostly that of an observer?

What are you doing right now that contributes to the Restoration of
the Lords work and gospel?

If you cannot answer this question I suggest you start now. Start sharing what you know to be true and believe. Start being a missionary, a friend, a disciple of Jesus Christ. Start now!

President Uchtdorf mentions three things that will get in the way of this great
work. One of them is Selfishness. Another is Addictions. and the last is Competing Priorities. I've made it my own goal this past week to work on these three things. To be Selfless, to Serve Others and to think about myself last. To watch what I spend all my time doing. An addiction doesn't necessarily have to be a drug...it could be anything that you spend too much time doing. Like making Oreo milkshakes! No I'm kidding.....but I'm actually being serious. Watch your competing priorities. What comes first in your life? What is actually important?

Watch those three things.
Become a TRUE Disciple of Jesus Christ...
and please...
do NOT
sleep your way through

I love you all. Thanks for all the love and support you give me.
Serving a mission has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of
my life. I've learned so much already and have met the most amazing
people that have already become lifelong friends. I know I'll be a
better person because of it, and be able to better help hasten the
work of salvation. Through my mission I've learned to be a better
member, a better disciple of Christ, I've learned I'm not perfect and I
can continually grow and come closer to our lord and Savior, Jesus
Christ. I'm so grateful and my heart is so full of love for this
gospel, and for all the blessing in my life.

I can't wait to skype you guys this weekend. stay tuned. have good stories ready to tell me, we only have an hour. I love you guys! see ya in 6 (days) (via Skype) (love you guys) (write me letters!)

Sister Stucki (via email May 5, 2014)

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