Training for Life

...in the Mission Field!

My New Companion Sister Stacey Mitchell from Colorado

Remember Our Culture Performance

The Forest Mansion with BEARS!

Yes. Nikes. Gotta be comfy.

We were practice "Skyping" for Mother's Day

We made brownies for our Sunday School class

Sister Selfie

No Mail?  What is the problem people?



These Young Singles are on fire.

Shenandoah YSA is like a party up here. Great things are happening and the work is hastening.  I drove to Maryland and back and didn't crash the Toyota so life is good.

even though nobody but mom wrote me this week.
I love you the MOST. Officially. ;)

Spencer seems to be trooping right along? Seems like he has been in his area forever but he sounds happy and he is growing so much.  Which makes me super excited for him! I can't BELIEVE or FATHOM or WHATEVER that he has already been out almost 10 months. CRAZY. We are both gonna hit our half way marks this summer \ fall. It is sneaking up on us. Time flies. I still feel like I just got out here!!!

It's funny because I feel like he has turned into this imaginary person that I get letters from every once in a while. ODD. Mission Life. It can change a person. haha. hahaha. ha. :I

Quick shout out to those Sistas and Mistas that keep writing me good words of encouragement.  I <3 u. Especially my future soul Sistas that are coming out to serve in the DC South with me this summer. Welcome to the GREATEST place on earth. As far as everyone else goes, you are awesome. I love that the work really is hastening and progressing and so many of you are willing to give up 1.5 to 2 years to serve The Lord.

You are all in my prayers and my thoughts go out to you because it is so hard, but so worth it. 
Oh how I wish everyone would serve a mission. 
I come to LOVE what I do more everyday. 
I have come to love my family more everyday. 
I love the people more everyday. 
Most importantly I have come to love 
my Savior more every day. 
I've really started to become the person 
I've always sought to be.  
I'm so excited for all the wild places 
my life will take me. 
I'm starting to really believe the mission field 
is but a training for my entire life. 
There is so much more work to be done.

Here is a close documentation of my thought process throughout the week:

1. Saw a picture of Lenard kissing Penny from the Big Bang theory. 
They are engaged now? What is life.
2. Saw a picture of Jack Bauer reviving Chloe from 24. And Nina is alive looking stoned. WHAT IS LIFE.
3. Came to the realization that my baby brother is graduating high school in less that 95 hours. WHAAAATTT ISSS LIIIFFFEEEEEE

Now back 2 the Mission Field.

As always, Monday was our preparation day. We decided to go shop for some cute summery shirts we could wear now that the humidity and high temperatures are kicking in here in Virginia. Summer in Virginia is quite beautiful and immensely green. The trees are huge, you can hardly see ten feet ahead of you because of all the greenery. However, it is tick season as well so no, I have not been running through any forests.  The drives are amazing though.

We went out to dinner with Mackenzie at Wegmens. Wegmens is this rich people grocery store #loudouncountyprobs  It is massive, like two stories and has a food buffet thing inside with dining upstairs and downstairs and those super sick pop machines that are touch screen. Yes, I plan on going back there at least once a week for the rest of this transfer.  Best new find ever. Thank you Mackenzie.

Wegman's for Lunch

FHE was afterwards and FOUR. Yes! Let me repeat myself FOUR  of our potential investigators came. We called them and they each just so happened to show up. Goes to show how great invites are to singles ward activities. Win!! We played dodge ball....which is difficult in a skirt. and when you haven't worked out in ages. Yikes. One of our members stayed afterwards and taught one of our potentials the Restoration. The other three were fellowshipped by several people including our awesome new recent convert V. so we were able to set up return appointments with each of them to give them church tours with their
new friends.

Tuesday we had our Zone training meeting with our entire zone. It was odd, the zone leaders found a turtle and brought it to zone training. Not exactly sure how many diseases it carried but I didn't go anywhere near that thing. So wrong. Poor turtle. It was a great day because
maintenance finally came and changed our closet light bulb for us so we aren't changing in a dungeon anymore.  What a blessing.

We decided to go finding in a college'y complex and found this cool guy. We've been handing out flyer's for the big summer BBQ on Saturday for the YSA's. It's a cool way for members and nonmembers to fellowship and get to know young single adults in the area. YSA wards are so different.  So fun though.

We met with D.  I don't know if I've mentioned but D. is deaf and he taught us how to say a prayer in ASL which is pretty sweet. I can say...

"Dear Heavenly Father
I love thee
I am thankful for everything
Please bless my family
In the name of Jesus Christ amen"

sick eh?
I thought so.

He also plays the guitar and said he would learn to play Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley for us! So I'm pretty stoked. It's impressive that he is deaf and can play. I'm excited to hear this genius!

We went on exchanges with the Relief Society President. She is from England and has a nice accent. It's lovely ;) There was a crazy lightning storm and we even got tornado warnings. Not exactly sure about that one. I didn't know there were such things as tornado's.  I thought that was just a fantasy factor. Odd. Clearly I'm sheltered.

We had a lesson with E. who is super interesting. She watches anti YouTube videos. Which ruins everything.  Really. We also had a lesson with W. who - well used to read anti and such but he is actually now on date for May 31st!! So cheers to another baptism! He is awesome.
Him and M. are dating actually and they are the cutest ever. #YSAPROBS

We taught a lesson to one of our potentials named B. as well. B. we met outside one day.  He is our neighbor. He is from China and speaks a bit of English and a bit of Chinese. It was sweet because we were able to pull up information in Chinese on our iPads for him to read as well.  iPads are a blessing sometimes. He loves all the attention, and friends he's made! We have high hopes for him and are super excited for his progress. He is coming to church with us this week! We gave him a church tour and were able to introduce him to some awesome members in the ward.

Friday was weekly planning. We went to Cafe Rio with a member which was fun. Cafe is always fun.  It is just so far away so it's a rare treat. We also hit up the library and holy cow the library is ridiculous.  It is all electronic and massive. Once again LOUDOUN COUNTY PROBS . gotta love it.

We had a lesson with W. he is from Afghanistan. He is a pretty cool guy.  We found him at the ROC event and he loved the activity on Monday at FHE so he wanted a church tour as well and wanted to learn more about Christianity. He said he could feel the spirit and would read
from the Book of Mormon. He is awesome.

President emailed me this week and said, "You're a miracle worker.  Everywhere you go good things happen." Advice for the week: own your area, and get the members involved and your investigators progress.

I also got a letter from Spencer this week which was awesome. He is doing great it seems! I got a letter from mom.  Thanks :) and for the tie for V. I'm excited to give it to him he will appreciate it!

We found out our investigator J. is getting into anti. He texted us asking about polygamy and such. I'm really disappointed that he is reading all of that garbage. Anti information about the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ WILL NOT HELP YOU. 

If you are an earnest seeker of truth why wouldn't you go to the source of the truth rather than searching through others opinions and false teachings? I loved Elder Aidukatiss talk in General Conference "if you lack wisdom" he talks about this GARBAGE that I speak of. 
He says..

"Whatever the question is, if we need more information, we search it online. In seconds we have a lot of material. This is marvelous.

The Internet provides many opportunities for learning. However, Satan wants us to be miserable, and he distorts the real purpose of things. He uses this great tool to promote doubt and fear and to destroy faith and hope.

With so much available on the Internet, we must carefully consider where to apply our efforts. Satan can keep us busy, distracted, and infected by sifting through information, much of which can be pure garbage.

One should not roam through garbage."

"Listen to this guidance, provided by the scriptures: “The Spirit of Christ is given to every man, that he may know good from evil; wherefore, I show unto you the way to judge; for every thing which inviteth to do good, and to persuade to believe in Christ, is sent forth by the power and gift of Christ; wherefore ye may know … it is of God.”

"In a real sense, we face the same dilemma that Joseph Smith faced in his youth. We too often find ourselves lacking wisdom."

"In the kingdom of God, the search for truth is appreciated, encouraged, and in no way repressed or feared. Church members are strongly counseled by the Lord Himself to seek for knowledge. He said, “Seek ye diligently … ; yea, seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith.” However, how can we recognize truth in a world that is increasingly blunt in its attacks on the things pertaining to God?"

"We must ask in faith and with an honest heart. But that is not all. We must also believe that we will receive the revelation. We must trust the Lord and have hope in His promises. Remember what is written: “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” What a wonderful promise!"

"I invite all to seek truth from any of these methods but especially from God through personal revelation. God will reveal truth to those who seek for it as prescribed in the scriptures. It requires more effort than to just search the Internet, but it is worth it."


Anti information seems to be a huge problem in my new area because all the people we work with are young and quick to use all this new media at our fingertips...which leads them to have questions and concerns and doubts and fear. Because Satan distorts the truth and tries to deter us from our path. I speak of this subject because it is very close to my heart and I am not unaware of it, nor will I sugar coat it. It is a serious problem, I know this first hand.

Two of my favorite subjects to learn about are History and Literature. I love reading, critiquing, analyzing, breaking down and studying particular topics of human life. When I was in high school I got really into this whole philosophy, knowledge, crazy land phase. I loved Google searching interesting things to fill my time, because there was so much information at my fingertips. Some of which was ancient ancestors, empires, kingdoms, early American history, classic novels, dystopian stories, and eventually politics and religion. It's a wide realm of things but what finally hit me was one day when I was looking up the classic old GLEN BECK arguments online during the election of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. I came across lots of interesting questions, inquiries and suggestions about Romney and these "Mormons."

I started reading these questions and statements only to be confused. Controversial subjects and false materials were at my fingertips and I was absorbing them. I remember specifically making a list of questions I was going to go drill my Dad about. I asked him about a few of the
basics, things I didn't know about, polygamy, homosexuality, priesthood and other such confusing doctrines. His answers sufficed, for a time. He asked me where I was getting all these questions from and I said um... the Internet of course, in which he gave me great council.

He told me that the information and anti Mormon literature would only bring confusion.

But being the obnoxious teenage girl I was I thought he was being dumb and was trying to shelter me. So I kept searching. I remember specifically sitting there one night in my bed thinking I was becoming so wise, finding out all this new information. and as I read, I felt
something so different within me. The more I read the more empty I felt. I felt dark, and I felt unhappy.

This is EXACTLY what Satan wants.  He is the leader of all confusion and complexity.
Christ is the teacher of simplicity.

For me it finally clicked.

Nobody had ever told me about anti information.  That it was a problem.  Something that can destroy us. Yet I found it out myself.  Out of simple curiosity and realized the damage it was doing to myself, my testimony and my beliefs. Right then and there is when I realized that
a TRUE TESTIMONY and answers to questions come from the source. From asking GOD himself, asking our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ.

From that time forward I've always turned to prayer. To the scriptures, to my Father in Heaven himself for answers. AND every time without a doubt I feel PEACE, and a calming reassurance and happiness that HE is there and HE wants what is best for ME.

Bottom line.  Follow the council of our Prophets, Seers and Revelators.  You will be happier and more fulfilled in this life. That's a promise from The Lord.

Saturday we had this massive Tri-mission conference with the Baltimore Mission, the DC North Mission and us the DC South Mission. Elder M. Russell Ballard came to speak to us. I drove myself, Sister Mitchell, Sister Harris, and Sister Roper to the temple. The roads were insane. You either drive over hundreds of pot holes, or attempt to dodge them and hit a tree or oncoming traffic. Needless to say it was sketch. BUT we made it alive and all is well. It was an awesome conference.  It is always a wonder to be in the presence of a PROPHET SEER AND REVELATOR. The spirit was strong and it was a great experience for us all.

Elder Ballard spoke a lot about missionary work...obviously. People were able to ask him questions and he answered them as well.  Which was really nice. I also really loved afterwards President Riggs was able to talk to us as a Mission. His mother recently passed away and he stood up and bore his testimony of the Plan of Salvation. It really hit me that there is no way a man could get up there and smile and continue on working hard as a Mission President after the death of his beloved mother, unless it were all true. Unless the Plan of Salvation really were true and Gods plan for us all. It really touched my heart and the spirit was so strong. He is an awesome President. I admire him a lot.

That night we went finding with M. a member, and W. our investigator who is on date. It was quite the experience. It was really funny. He is awesome. He was knocking doors and everything. Never done that before.

Sunday we taught Sunday school. We made brownies before church so we decided to take them to our Gospel Principles class. The lesson was on the Holy Ghost...so we did this little uhhh....object lesson I guess you could call it. We hung up two pictures in the room then walked around and shook everyone's hand. When we shook their hands we used one of our fingers to tickle their wrist. It was really awkward and everybody was like uhhhh what the heck are you doing. Afterwards we took the pictures down and continued on with the lesson about the Holy Ghost. At the end of the lesson we asked everybody if they remembered exactly what the two pictures were that were hanging up at the beginning of the lesson. Nobody could describe them perfectly and there were a lot of mixed ideas. Then we asked them if they remembered that feeling when we shook each of their hands.  They all were like uhhh yeah that was so awkward blah blah blah about how it felt.

We then continued to explain this quote...

“When a man has the manifestation from the Holy Ghost, it leaves an indelible impression on his soul, one that is not easily erased. It is Spirit speaking to spirit, and it comes with convincing force. A manifestation of an angel, or even of the Son of God himself, would
impress the eye and mind, and eventually become dimmed, but the impressions of the Holy Ghost sink deeper into the soul and are more difficult to erase” (Answers to Gospel Questions, comp. Joseph Fielding Smith Jr., 5 vols. [1957–66], 2:151).

A manifestation of an angel, or a picture visual sitting right in front of them, was forgotten by the end of the lesson. However, a feeling from the spirit, or an awkward handshake, will always be remembered.

It's important never to stray from the promptings of the spirit.

Well my friends I think that I have pretty much summed up my week and talked enough for now. I hope all is well back at home and you guys are doing just fantastic. I love you guys and am thankful for all that you do for me.

Please make sure you are gaining a testimony of the gospel now. 
Please make sure you are doing all that you can to hasten the work of The Lord. 
Please make sure that you are filling your time that you aren't being lazy make sure that everything you do you will never regret.
Make sure you are loving everyone, every second because you never know when you won't have another chance.

Please always turn to the Savior first.
He is always there.

I love you!

OH, PS. My companion and I have this awesome friend. Sister F. She is really into essential oils. She gave us samples of clear skin, lavender and peppermint.  Peppermint could potentially be hazardous.  It makes you really dizzy and gives you excess amounts of energy. We are off the walls. PREPARE FOR DOMINATION THIS WEEK SHENANDOAH.

Also. I'm speaking in church next week.
Stay tuned.
(essential oils + speaking in church = domination. complete and utter domination)

 Love Sister Stucki
(via email May 19, 2014)

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