Guess what?

I'm training!
I know.  I'm surprised too.

My new companion.  Sister Rossi.  Isn't she cute?

My Trainer (Sis. Schramm) & My Trainee (Sis. Rossi)
like mother. like daughter. Sorta

My first Canadian Zone Leader.  He was super punk to me and Sister Schramm.
He is going home next month.

Classic Virginians door mat

Ya.  Sometimes we have a moment to be goofy:)

Hey Family!
So transfers were this week. And I have a really crazy surprise.
It surprised me too.  Don't worry.
My new companion is one of my bloggies!!
Her name is Sister Rossi.
And she got here on Wednesday.

Like she flew in on Wednesday.
So like..
I'm training.
I feel like I just flew in yesterday.  So I have no idea why I'm training a new missionary buuuuuttt it's going down. She is adorable. We have way too much in common.  Pretty much soul sisters. AND she was one of my blog readers.
On Monday night Sister Mitchell and I were reminiscing our past little transfer together.  We knew she was gonna be bailing outta here. We were laughing and being fat kids eating and then...we got..THE CALL.
The Assistants were on the phone and we both just kinda stared at it. And let it ring. For like...12 rings. And didn't answer it. Then Sister Mitchell just started laughing and was like friend,
and I was like nuh uh...
So then we decided we should probably call and figure out what the deal was. The first thing Elder Ni said was,  "is the phone on speaker? good. Sister Stucki, Do you have a desire to follow the Lord?"
Anyway. The rest of Monday was great. We went to Bishop Janzens for dinner. We taught Ashley.  It was awesome because the Spirit was there. I guess Ashley went with one of the members to a concert so they are homies now. Best fellowshipper ever? She stayed for Family Home Evening and talked to tons of people and played dodge ball with all the young singles.
Tuesday was actual transfer calls.  Sister Mitchell got the call to pack her bags! We went and got milkshakes with President Riggs for the awesome goal thing this week. We went and ate Thai food at 'Thai Delish' with our friend Andrea. It was super fun. I got tofu and it's not even gross? It was incredibly spicy in the dish I got though so I was sweating up a storm. It's fine. Stop judging.

That night was an insane lightning storm. The thunder was SO loud and trees were tipping over in front of our apartment complex. and light poles. It was ridiculous. So that was fun driving in. The rainstorms here are so insane.

On Thursday we had a trainer meeting at eight in the morning in Fairfax so we went on an exchange.  Sister Roper is training too.  For her last transfer. So we drove to Fairfax for the meeting. Also Elder Adair is training.  He is our District Leader. It is kind of funny because we are all in the Ashburn Zone and we are all from St. George and we are all training.


I think not.
So at training meeting I think like 11 new missionaries came in? Five sisters and six elders.  Something like that. When Sister Rossi stood up everybody was like, "oh I'm putting my money on Sister Stucki" (they thought we looked alike) and then President choked and said my name on accident before he said hers so it was a dead give away.

She is from South Salt Lake, West Jordan area. AND a girl that kissed my boyfriend...  has kissed her boyfriend before so that's cool I guess.  Actually not really buuuuuuuttttt that was the first among other things that we have in common. She is great. She graduated in 2013 and went to Snow College for a year.

Now she is here (:
in Ashburn (;
with me (:
poor thing (:

The first lesson we had was with M. He wanted to drop us but we went to J. Derenzys house and we talked about receiving answers. We talked to him forever and he said he would continue praying so he could receive an answer to know if this church is true. He ended up coming to church on Sunday as well So that was great! He is awesome. We went to Institute and introduced her to a bunch of people that evening so that was fun as well.
We got a new Ward Mission Leader named Dan. He is awesome. We had dinner with him at Panera and planned a bunch of things and went over all our investigators and people were working with. He seems awesome. He came to a lesson with us afterwards. The lesson was with O. It was Sister Rossi's first baptism invite.  He said yes!  For August second.  So we are working towards that day!

Get ready for THAT (:
We also found a new investigator this week and he is awesome. He is supposed to come to FHE tonight.  So we are excited for that. M. & O. were both at church on Sunday.  It was a great lesson about Christs life. We had to give an announcement in Elders Quorum about missionary work in Shenandoah.  Which was weird.  I have never done that before.  Bishop got up and like... chastised them into helping us out :l  It was kind of funny. He is really nice to me and Sister Rossi and tells us how lucky they are to have us in the ward! So that is a great thing!
So when Hunter R. asked us to give that little shpeel in Elders Quorum we jokingly said we would in exchange for a VIP tour of THE WHITE HOUSE and he told us, OK!  When are you free? He asked for our info so he could get our background checks started.... soooo in a couple of weeks we are LEGIT expecting a VIP tour of the White House. Sick huh? We are pretty stoked. My lil' trainee is pretty stoked.  So am I.
Also I need to buy a GPS! I have been using Sister Mitchell's and I need to send it to her. So tell Brother Webb thanks so much for the 'gift' because I'm going to buy a GPS with that!

As we were coming up with our Ward plan this week we devised a way for our members to begin working with people. I think y'all should know it too and start doing the same.

1. Start talking to people:
Don't walk around with your headphones in looking at your feet. Talk to everyone. Start conversations. Turn them into Gospel conversations. Share what you know.  What you believe.  Help others feel that as well.
Don't let it slide. How will we ever find them if we don't have contact info? 
Do it!
3. Invite them!!
Invite them to something. Plan something and invite the missionaries. This is how finding works best
4. Pray for opportunities but then ACT.
We pray for opportunities all the time but if were praying for opportunities and then don't ACT on them.  We are passing up all the people the Lord is putting into our path. So make sure when you pray for something your actually willing to follow up and DO IT.
I can't believe all these crazy engagements and people going on missions and other such crazy things going on back at home. I haven't been gone THAT long. Come on(?)
Dylan and Ethan sound like their keeping busy. Are they getting into trouble? Do they have girlfriends? Hopefully not. I don't approve. That's way too awk.
What are  Ty and Makenna up to?
Tell Eli hi (:
I miss that little stud!
I love you all and I'm grateful for all the love you send my way :) 
Keep writing letters and informing me on the latest and greatest!
Tell Kylie to write me a letter.  It's been too long! I hope their family is all doing good. She better not get married.
Also...for Christmas...get Madi Wogksch up on the Skype cam for me. 
I needa talk to that woman. It's been toooo dang long. (:
I have the Greatest Dad in the world.
Just wanna throw that out there.
Can't top that.
I love you all so much! Keep spreading the gospel and being good friends and examples. and reading your scriptures and praying and listening to your parents(:
Love you!  Talk to you next week!

Sister Madison Paige Stucki
(via email June 16, 2014)


  1. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Seriously, the messengers help. I would listen you to you sisters.

    1. add me on facebook and we can talk! (:
      sister-Madison stucki