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The Forest. #ticks

Hey. Funny Story. Our investigator O. is hilarious. So he is Hispanic. He was telling us that in high school they made him keep taking these ESL (English Second Language) classes just because he was Hispanic. Even though he speaks perfectly fine English. He was telling us about these tests and how ridiculous they were.

One day he had enough. They were asking him all these questions, and he was like dude, 
"I speak English." And they were like, "Well we're going to take the test to make sure!" 
And they held up these flash cards And pointed and said "What is this?" and he just yelled at them



I guess it's a had to be there moment. Sister Rossi, Our ward mission leader, and I were crying for like half an hour. He is the best human alive. So funny. He also has this massive Rottweiler that literally weighs as much as Sister Rossi and I put together. It is... playful. Anyway, we love teaching him and we are super excited for him to get baptized.

We had an awesome lesson with him last week and talked about moving his baptism date up. He decided to move it to July 19th so...


It's coming up quick. He is great. We are really excited for him. He has been coming to church and all the activities and he just fits right in and has made lots of friends in the ward.

Speaking of the Ward. The Ward is insane. It is definitely summer time here in Shenandoah because there are so many people. The first week I got here there was about thirty people in attendance in sacrament meeting. Our Gospel Principles class had like six people there. Two missionaries, the Ward Mission Leader, the Assistant, an Investigator and a Less Active.

 This week in Gospel Principles we had THIRTY PEOPLE IN THE CLASS. There was Two missionaries, Four WARD MISSIONARIES, Three Investigators, One Potential Investigator, Three Less Active Members and 15+ Fellowshippers. It was a Grand time. Super awesome. Summer is going to bring on some great things here I'm excited!

Our Mission President has strongly emphasized having lessons in members homes. These we refer to as "Ideal Lessons." They are lots of fun. When this idea first started being presented we didn't think it would work too well. BUT we have had five "Ideal Lessons" this week and they were all fantastic so we are feeling Super Blessed.

Sister Rossi had her first District Meeting. Our District has two trainees in it. Elder Adair is training Elder Page!

We also drove out to Presidents house for Expectations Meeting this week which was fun. I haven't been there since I got out into the mission field! We learned lots of great things to implement into our teaching and it was fun seeing all the Trainers and Trainees again.

We rearranged our whole apartment this week because we have apartment inspections coming up. Done by Elder and Sister Budd. Our apartment is really cute now and it seriously is so much more comfortable.

and it's so sick.
pictures to come.
fun to jump on.
don't tell anybody I said that.

Friday I got a letter from Spencer (may I add, FINALLY??)
He seems to be doing fantastic. However, he is getting transferred this week! So I'll have to give you his new address. He said you guys never wrote him anything so hopefully it doesn't go to his old address? And you guys should write him at his new one (: he would definitely appreciate it! We love letters!!!

Spence has almost been out a year, which is a crazy thought. I'm super excited for him. August will be his year mark! Time sure flies. I'm really excited for him.

When we had our lesson with M. he brought an iPad. It was funny because at church he came walking in with his Book of Mormon in hand all prepared and when he saw everybody had iPads he was like, "WHAAATTTTTTT??"

Then at the next lesson he had Gospel Principles all downloaded and everything?! Such an over achiever.:) He is Great! We talked about the Saviors Atonement on Sunday in Gospel Principles. He said it was a really moving experience for him.

We visited A. who is the cutest thing on this planet. We are helping her get ready to go to the temple, and do baptisms. She is really into Family History work. We are exited for her. She has been a convert for a couple years and she has such a strong testimony. She used to be really into partying and drinking but she has told us some really cool experiences she has had that have opened her eyes and made her realize how useless all of it is.

She said if anybody thinks drinking is great, or is struggling with drinking or ANYTHING to talk to her. Because she can vouch first hand it's not all it's talked about. She's cute. We love her so much.

In Sunday School every one of our investigators and less actives we have been working with participated and I was so proud! It means a lot when they participate in the lesson and put in their input. It is really cool to see. We always begin Sunday School with going around the room and introducing ourselves and how long we have been in contact with the Church. It is cool to hear each person's story.
It makes me realize that we really have such an impact on people. Whether it be for GOOD or for BAD. We don't know each persons story. It is so important to be kind and reach out to people. Because so many times I'm amazed at the amount of people in the class that are so new to the church and need that helping hand and influence in their lives.

As members of the church we have such a huge obligation that so many of us overlook. How often do we go to church and sit next to the person sitting alone? or go introduce ourselves to new members? or ask people how their doing? and follow up? and be their friend?
There is seriously nothing worse that going to church (especially in a singles ward) and sitting all by yourself and feeling alone.


Church is supposed to be the opposite!

Don't be the person that goes to church to get together with your little 'clique' and gossip and dress to impress and be a dunderhead.

I just said dunderhead.

What have I turned into?

But seriously. People need each and every one of us. So be the person that God can rely on to help His Sons and Daughters. All of them too. It makes a difference.

We met with G. again. He is pretty sweet.
Needless to say I'm a bit jell (jealous) bro.
Honestly though.
It is kinda funny that 9/10 of the people we work with are guys. But then again it makes sense. Like God Prepared ME.
I grew up with 4 brothers.
I do dumb things.
I like fast cars.
I can skate and skim.
I know how to throw a punch (I think)
I mean let's be honest....

No but seriously. I can't tell you how many guys I've met that drive Mazda's
and skim board
and longboard
and surf
and like soccer
and play guitar
and enjoy rock music
and mac miller
It gets me into houses. k?
Ya do what you gotta do.
But no. This guy we met last night is so sick. His name is M. and he is a Fire Fighter. He does all those things above ^ so we were instant Homies. He was impressed to hear that I have a scar down my side from longboarding / bailing out of a rhino..

and he was in the marines.

When he was there he had some friends that taught him about Jesus Christ. He ended up reading the whole Bible. All the way through. It helped him through everything he had to go through while he was there. Since then he hasn't really picked a specific faith to belong to. He lives with some roommates who are big into skimming down at VA beach. So that was sweet. And he invited us back over this week.
Super cool story.

God prepares people in the weirdest of ways.

Gotta love it.

Sister Rossi is doing awesome out here. She is such a sweet missionary. Like sick sweet. We get along way too well. She is cute. I feel bad for her that she has to deal with me but it is whatever. Her Dad emailed her and gave us a celebrity couple name.


It's fine.
He also said its cruel and unusual punishment for the men in our ward.
Too kind. What a great fella. Her family sounds great. I like them already.
Anyway, we also found out she goes home from her mission on December fourth (which is when I came out) sweet eh? So like if she's gonna make it to my wedding were gonna have to pull some strings ;)
but not?

Also guess what?????
We caught some in a jar. and they are in our room. shh.
no pets of any kind
white handbook page 44
or something.
but yeah.
they are fun.

This week somebody slammed their door on us and said they only talk to Catholics. Sad life.


J. called us and wants to 'have a discussion'
some fun facts for you.

But hey! My companion and I were talking. about this blog thing. and we came up with some great advice for Future Sisters. it's called:

(....actually I just came up with that)

1. Rearrange the apt and make it cooler than the ppl who left it made it
2. Use your Pinterest ideas that you looked up before your mission because we all know you did it.
3. Title your address in your GPS 'Sister __ & ___'s Crib' and turn the volume on every time you pull in. 
It's the best thing ever.
4. Make your companion milkshakes (Oreo)
5. Compliment them 5X a day (-Pres. Riggs)
7. Let them shower first.
8. Practice teach on your balcony to the world.
9. Sing them the "Sunshine Song" ;) (in honor of Sista Mitchell)
11. Do the dishes.
12. Take out the trash.
13. Create inside jokes.
14. Force them to workout. (thanks)
16. Tell them when your on your period. So they know when shark week is.
17. Don't get grumpy.
18. Take lots of pictures!
19. Always talk about things! Don't be THE Companion that has to
and you are set.
we thought those were great ideas.
take 'em as they are friends (:
Companions ARE a Wonderful thing!
And its been a wonderful week.

Hope you all are doing great back at home! Email me and write me. I love hearing from you all! I pray for you everyday! Make good choices, Feed the missionaries things other than LASAGNA and love everyone! Be a missionary and teach people about the Gospel, it's important and everybody needs it.

Doctrine & Covenants 18
16 And now, if your joy will be great with one soul that you have brought unto me into the kingdom of my Father, how great will be your joy if you should bring many souls unto me!
17 Behold, you have my gospel before you, and my rock, and my salvation.


love sister Madison stucki 

(Via email June 23, 2014)

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