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Enjoy it.  Because it's happening.

Quick tip 4 the bloggies:

I literally got these boot socks at Walmart for $0.99


And a couple quick things to note...

If I have deleted you as a friend on Facebook in the past week.... Please, Please, Please don't take offense! We use Facebook regularly for our Online Proselyting and it is VERY distracting to see everyone and their great adventures as a missionary ;) I have been slowly but surely going through my FRIENDS list each day and deleting friends simply because we are using Facebook to FIND and TEACH, NOT stalk peoples social networking lives from back home. 

So if I have deleted you. I'm sorry! Feel free to add me on Instagram (@madstuhh), Twitter (same), Pinterest (madison stucki), follow this blog (click follow or join), friend my Moms Facebook page "Madipaige Mission" WHATEVER.  Because I won't be updating those PERSONALLY until I'm home. (However my wonderful mom updates them with the highlights so check it out) And when I get home you can feel free to add me on Facebook again if Facebook is still up and running by then ;) Thanks for understanding! Know that I love you!

Also General Conference was this weekend and it was Amazing! I hope you all had questions answered.  I would love to hear about your #GENCON2014 highlights and favorite quotes. So update me with your inspiration! (Madison.stucki@myldsmail.net) I'm currently formulating MY General Conference post so that should be up in the next couple weeks!

Transfers are this week on Thursday (the 9th) but I will most likely be staying here in Burke so continue sending mail ;) We are also previewing the new "Meet the Mormons" video which comes out this weekend! So if it is playing in theaters near you go see it opening night so it gets good reviews! (Family!) and take a friend! Go Check out what we are all about!

Also family! on Thursday the 9th is Spencer's birthday! He turns twenty! So if you want send a package write some cute letters to him and wish him a Happy 20th! I know he would appreciate it. 😘

Mom: I swear your Birthday letter is coming for you.  It just might take another week due to some complications. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. But it's coming in its own due time. Promise. love you!

This week was my TEN month mark. 😱 It's the downhill now. K. our investigator is getting baptized on October 25th, the day before my

birthday!! :) Usually I give our recent converts ties but uh... She's a girl! Could you maybe find a cute Young Women's necklace or something and send it so we can give that to her? That would be great, thanks! (She's in her twenties)

Keep praying for the people in Burke! My new companion and I are going to be doing tons of finding because all of our investigators are Young Single Adults and they need to go to the YSA Ward. (Shenandoah Singles ruined me...) So pray we will find old married people that need the Gospel! :) THANKS.

Well anyway, that's all the update I have for you right now.

Love Sister Stucki

(sent via email October 6, 2014)

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