Giving some Thanks

"Day by day, minute by minute, second by second 
we went from where we were to where we are now." 
-President Monson

It's weird to think that I was once a ten year old girl, 
with big eyes and even bigger aspirations. 
When I was ten I only wanted to be...

 13, you know, a teenager. 
Middle school. That whole scene. 
And when I hit thirteen...

I wanted to be sixteen. 
To drive, to date boys, high school.
And when I hit 16...

I wanted to be 18. 
An adult, graduated, college student.

Always longing for something more. Time has passed right by, it doesn't get any slower paced.  What I didn't stop to think about while constantly longing for more, was that each moment of my life made up my past. And each moment of my life has brought me to where 
I am now.

Don't let your little moments slip away. In fact, don't waste them away. Dreaming for something else or something more. Make it the best moment, with what you have right in front of you. Create memories, create friends, influence people, become whatever you want to be but become it right now with where you are at.

Day by day
Minute by minute
Second by second
I went from where I was
To where I am now.

It's the same for each of us you know.

This week,

Perfect time for a discussion on being GRATEFUL for what you have right now.

I'm incredibly grateful. For each moment of my life that has brought me here.
To become who I am right now, I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else.

But hold that thought... Because first of all:


Service with a smile

and a laugh...

we rearranged

my space...

we get tired...

the District

Sister Techser & Sister Gray

Sister Gray's Polaroid Book

Volleyball with the President

I love this whole holiday season thing. Even if it is 20 degrees.
And freezing rain.
And ice.
And wind.
And frostbite.

Bring it on.

We need some snow tracting. It builds character. Good mission stories.
Am I Right?

We got transfer calls this week and... WE ARE STAYING HERE. 
Surprise. Surprise. 
We will be running around Burke for the holidays. I'm stoked for the thanksgiving festivities. It's perfect timing because it's right before I gotta start my new six month work out plan....


(Fit into blue skinnies)
Because if I don't fit into my blue skinnies anymore, my life is over.
KIDDING.but srsly I haven't got my money's worth out of those things yet.

(wish me luck) thnx.

Funny Story of the Week:
We were teaching our friend MD, he's an older guy. and he asked us if
our church had 'confession' and we told him how when we repent we ask
God for forgiveness. However if we broke a commandment or did
something we felt was pretty awful, we have Bishops who can help us to
work through it and they can find the help that we need to overcome
our addictions or challenges or struggles etc.
And then we were talking about some commandments that we have. And we
were talking about the word of wisdom. And he was like well that's a
cool suggestion. And we were like no...  it's a commandment. 
And his face just dropped.


and we were like .......ya.......
And he was like oh.... Oh my....
And we were like......what
And he was like,
That means....
*dramatic silent pause*

I would have to go see the Bishop every day...

We died.

Big time "lolz"

I feel like these stories are a lot funnier in person.
Too bad you're all not out here being missionaries :)

(Okay not Eli yet. He's like five)


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I was thinking about it today, and there's been quite the amounts of viewers. And I was thinking about what amazing story of faith and charity and trust I could tell, and my mom continually popped into my mind. Like a hundred thousand times.

About a week ago we were doing family history with some investigators.
And a guy in our ward said that he had been interviewing his parents
about their life stories, with a tape recorder. And he was documenting
it before his parents passed away (they're pretty old) but I thought
it was the most fascinating thing in the world. And I realized how
much I didn't actually know about my parents "stories" (so prepare for
the tape recorder when I get home, Mom. Dad.) But one thing I do know
is my parents have some pretty intense stories. From what I DO know.
Stories that should be qualified to be in a best selling novel.

So with that in mind. I think it'd be quite exceptional if my mom
wrote a blog post. Every time I think of an example of faith my mind
immediately portrays an image of my mom, and her story, and her
trials, and her faith amidst some of the challenges in her life.

I think it'd be incredibly beneficial to readers if the next blog post
was from my mom. About faith. Despite your circumstance, trial,
affliction or challenge. Because blessings come. Besides, she's the
mastermind behind this whole thing, she runs this blog. I think it'd
be THAT much better to hear her story. (Whattya say mom? :)

Just a thought.

Our friend K. is coming to Thanksgiving celebrations with us. We are
really excited. He's bringing his duck. Cooked, duck. Not a live one
mind you. Were going "home hopping" so bring on the stretchy skirts.
Mostly we will be at the G. home though.

Because of Thanksgiving I have a gratitude story for ya all.

Is what you call Glow in the Dark Stars. 
I'm five, I know. A lady gave me eons of them in my first area so they've followed me 
around and I've left them behind in all my past apartments. Originally it was intended
to be the #3 because

1. It's my lucky number
2. It's Spencer's jersey number

So why not? But it's evolved into a deeper meaning over the past
months. Because there was a slight time period where it was just one
of those "moments" ya know? Like the ones where you get into your bed
each night and lay there and think, man, if I have to go through one
more day of this, I'm sure I'm not going to make it out alive. And you
just sit there and appreciate your bed for the last time because you
know there's simply no way you're gonna come outta this alive. Ever
had those kinda moments?

Eh? For some reason I feel they happen rather frequently in my life,
but I'm just dramatic so maybe you're not following. 

Fortunately I still made it to my bed every night thinking the same
thing. And every time I looked up at my ceiling I saw this number
three. And for original intentions, it made me think of my very best
friend, Spencer. And one particular night I just sat there thinking
how grateful I am for him, and how great of an example he is to me. Of
a missionary. Of a selfless person! And I was counting my lucky stars
(literally) (that's a pun) because I was and am so incredibly blessed.
And that put a huge smile on my face, despite the fact that my
circumstances weren't currently ideal or in the least bit comfortable.

Gratitude is key.

I made it a goal, that each night when I looked up at my big THREE I
would think of three things I was grateful for that day. Whether they
were big or small things it didn't matter much, but the important part
is that I went to bed each night, Grateful. Confidently knowing
tomorrow would be a new day, a fresh start and a clean slate with
endless amounts of opportunities and options for good. 
New days. 
New memories. 
New moments.

"Day by day, minute by minute, second by second we went from where we
were to where we are now. Time never stands still; it must steadily
march on, and with the marching come the changes.

Life is brief. Opportunities come, and then they are gone. I believe
that among the greatest lessons we are to learn in this short sojourn
upon the earth are lessons that help us distinguish between what is
important and what is not. Find joy in the journey--now."
-President Monson

Find joy in the journey.. TODAY
Make memories that will last forever, by enjoying today.
And learn to distinguish what is important,
And what is not.

Wherever you're at in your life right now whether it be your tween
years, trying to fit in. Or your high school years, trying to figure
out who you are. Or college age years, trying to become something. Or
maybe your preparing to serve a mission. Or newly married. Or
wandering the world. Or had your first baby. Or had your last baby.
Maybe your a mom of six kids, or a mom of one. Maybe you've got grand
kids, or your kids are all grown, or you're currently working or
teaching or going to school. Maybe you're in a completely different
stage of life, whatever it may be, enjoy it. Enjoy today. Don't long
for tomorrow, yesterday's don't get second chances.

“You pile up enough tomorrows, 
and you’ll find you’ve collected a lot
of empty yesterdays.”
-Harold Hill

The term 'Empty Yesterday's' makes my heart shatter!
Make today worth something.
No matter what your current stress is. Stresses in our lives will
always come regardless of our circumstances. Make today wonderful
anyway. Look for what your most grateful for, and make it known.

4 Starters:

Smile at Strangers
say thank you
Give lots of compliments
Dress nicely
Observe, and listen
Be charming
wish others a lovely day.

Like my favorite anonymous quote says..
Enjoy it,
Because it's happening

I concluded that I have much to be grateful for. Too much to be
longing for something different or to be stuck with empty yesterday's.
I'm incredibly blessed. What I'm most grateful for however is the
PEOPLE in my life.

To which I attribute everything I am and ever will be.

So I gotta give a shout out to my people. Whom I love dearly. And I
challenge you to do the same. To find that which you're grateful for,
and give thanks. Make it known. To others, to God. It's important we
show our gratitude to those we are grateful for. Don't assume they know.
Tell them. Life is short. What if we didn't have another tomorrow?

"They do not love that do not show their love.”
-William Shakespeare

Shakespeare got it right.
As always.
I think that covers gratitude to.
Love, gratitude, thanksgiving, it's all alike.

Unfortunately, I will not be spending my Thanksgiving with those who
are closest to me. They are all either back home on the west coast, or
in foreign states and countries serving missions like I am. However, I
love and appreciate each one of them. And I'm so grateful for them in
my life.

For my beautiful mother who is always willing to hit up swig and listen to my rants. 

(Now it's all your job, via this blog. LOLOL) 

For my dad who is always willing to fix my flat tires, broken jewelry, broken electronics, 
broken heart... He's really good at fixing things. Both with wisdom, tools and food. 

To Dylan who always makes me laugh relentlessly, 
whether on purpose or because of his sheer absurdity.

Ethan for spending all those hours watching 24 then reenacting Jack
Bauer moves on each other at midnight, yay for LARPING (kidding)

 Ty for being my skim buddy all those summer mornings before work. 

Makenna for being my number one fan girl, best letter writer, and mini me. 

Eli for playing dead and being my pet brother, for eternity.


Like srsly are they the cutest or what? I'm so blessed. And to top it
off I have the coolest extended family. Who are extra supportive of me
and my decisions and my life. And I have some great friends who kept
me straight all throughout high school. And I have THE best, best
friend, on this planet. The boy who never gave up on me, who told me I
could do it, who made me do my best and be my best and supported me in
every choice I made. He's the kinda best friend you wanna keep around
for a while. Because he really knows how to make ya feel special.

I'm so blessed.

I really wish I could give them all the biggest hug in the world. But
that's gonna have to wait approx. 209 days or so. My point is, often
times we look ahead thinking we will be happy when our circumstances
change. But what about your circumstances right now? What can you do
today to show your gratitude for the life you've been given today? For
the people in your life today?

If you're in the position to give your loved ones a big hug, I'm quite
jealous. So here's a thought:

"Send that note to the friend you’ve been neglecting;
give your child a hug;
give your parents a hug;
say “I love you” more;
always express your thanks.
Never let a problem to be solved become
more important than a person to be loved.
Friends move away, children grow up,
loved ones pass on.
It’s so easy to take others for granted,
until that day when they’re gone from our lives
and we are left with feelings of
“what if” and “if only.”
-President Monson

“The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and
deeds left undone.”
-Harriet Beecher Stowe

Don't let another moment slip away.
Don't be left with what ifs
Or if only's
Words left unsaid
Deeds left undone
People left unloved
Gratitude unexpressed.

Do we realize what we have while we are living it?
Do you realize what you have? Your capabilities? Your blessings? Your
talents? The people in your life? The gifts you've been given? Our
realization of what is most important in life goes hand in hand with
gratitude for our blessings.

"Whatever hour God has blessed you with, take it with grateful hand,
nor postpone your joys from year to year, so that in whatever place
you have been, you may say that you have lived happily.” -Horace

Take this moment, and every moment, and use it to the fullest. Because
this moment is never coming back. But right now you have the chance to
live it and make the best of what you've been given, to feel joy,
express love. To have a heart filled with gratitude.

.....and every little moment makes up who you will eventually become.

"Day by day, minute by minute, second by second we went from where we
were to where we are now." -President Monson

Thanks for being the best.
Have a happy thanksgiving!
See you in 33 days via skype!

Love Always,

God still has a plan. Brief insider.
Before the MOM post.
(You'll do it right? Right? RIGHT?)

(.....dads next)

Sent from my iPad
November 24, 2014

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